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I want to get back, though, to the Philly Raptors game, because the Sixers we were wondering Patrick why it took them a long time to figure out that you do want a double ply in.
The post is only 35 36.
He did still manage to score 29 points, but the Raptors backcourt dating green cholera, weren't able to take advantage of being open as much as they hadn't a couple of the previous games, and obviously sections were able to bring it on home.
Do you think this is still going to work in Game seven?
Or do you think that the Raptors they're going to adjust?
Plus home teams?
As we discussed Game seven, world players feel good.
I feel like if calorie doesn't step up to be calorie that we know he can be, they will always have a problem, no matter what you do quality.
And no matter who the other pieces are like, we need to see cow become.
Yeah, um, shot out.
So six is doing something different in terms of guarding Kawai because he was killing you guys.
You did this early in the series.
You probably won't be going to seven games, but I think it's a little bit too late, you know, as a great players do.
We go back, we watch for him and see how these guys guarded us.
See what a double team is coming from.
See, what countered that we can have for the next game is gonna He's gonna have an answer for whatever double team that they throw at him.
And I think you know them going back home, having Game seven on their home court, they're going to feel more comfortable and try to close these guys out.
I really think they Philly waited a little bit too late to start doubling.
What is it about Kyle Lowry?
Because there's so many little things he does to affect the game that people who know basketball, you do see it.
He has helped them in so many ways.
Even this year's he's taken even serve a more step back world to Kawai Leonard.
But in those big games, what what teams know about facing him in those games?
I think I think people don't really understand, like uh during the regular season, numbers are kind of plated up a little bit you know, and he goes to the free throw line doing a record season.
I think seven or eight times and you're not really going for that in the playoffs.
So you take seven points off for that.
And, you know, I kind of, you know, the dark cloud behind you have not performing the playoffs before.
Mixed all that in.
You know, it's tough one, but he has to play well.
But really, this as well he has to be.
Where's the pressure in the regular season, where is the pressure?
In a regular season, you could get away with plan, you know, loose in the regular season, you can't get away with plan that style and the playoffs when a team is preparing for you and it's a great team and great defenders that will see you every possession every single night, over and over, over and over.
What is it?
And let's take it away from Kyle.
But look, we talked about the pressure in this building and guys tonight, knowing if things don't go well, they could get tight.
What do you do is an opponent because you are the best in the league.
This of working on a guy's weakness is where the little things you say or do to him during the game to get that mental thing to get in his head.
I'm a If it's someone struggling, I'm gonna say it loud on I'm to make sure all his teammates here and I'm gonna make sure, like, you know, it's no offense to anybody, but, you know, drink migraines, not a three point shooter, right?
I understand that.
I made that known when we played them.
So what do you let him shoot right now?
My stuff like that, You know, you shoot the next time you kind of pumping is just the mental things.
So we used to do the same thing.
I got it, but not let him shoot start to break.
That's what we used to, Yeo.
So I may give you that start to bring I like that, like that messes with you.
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'It's a little bit too late': Tracy McGrady not buying that 76ers have figured out Kawhi | The Jump

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林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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