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are you buying that, Masai, you dearie, would leave the Raptors to run the next.
This is a Marc Stein report, and you've got a lot of conjecture out there that basically the Knicks have targeted this guy and that this guy might be restless enough to go to New York.
And what I would say to you, is this one of the great consistencies of my sports lifetime?
One of the great joys of my sports Lifetime has been laughing at the New York Knicks.
One of the reasons I've been able to do that so consistently is because they always think they're getting this guy, and for so long, they never get this guy.
Or when they do get this guy, it's Phil Jackson who doesn't want to do anything other than fall asleep on buses in New York City.
So, no, I do not think the New York Knicks they're going to get this guy because I never think the New York Knicks, they're gonna get their guy.
It's been a long time since they've gotten anybody worth mattering.
Definitely one of the top five sitcoms in all of sports, the New York Knicks.
And this is absolutely laughable.
Now I don't know what Messiah Jerry wants.
I don't know if this is his dream job.
Big Apple.
Who knows?
But in terms of what it does, prestige wise for any executive to go from Toronto, win a championship and then don't forget this year what they're still doing and him getting plenty of credit for that to go to the Knicks.
Where is the Prestige in that wears that pride in that you can build them up to something, but you build them up from the ground floor, where they've been for years.
You could have that much success and be thought of as a king.
But where is the fun in that?
You're not winning anything?
Kevin Durant already told you.
Hey, the Knicks aren't cool anymore.
And Brooklyn next year will be the coolest team in the city, regardless, because Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will be there.
I just don't understand the appeal.
It reeks of desperation, obviously, for the Knicks.
But their G M is not the problem.
Their owner, the fans will tell you, is the problem Well, and that's the point, right?
If you think of this as a Theo Epstein going to Boston to get them their title and then going to Chicago to get them their title.
And that's what someone wants to do for the Knicks.
It only works if the ownership isn't going to stand in your way from helping them achieve the things they want and until James Dolan is gone.
I don't see anybody who could have their pick of jobs in the NBA's choosing to go.
Their understanding, the type of power that Dolan wields and how unwieldy he is.
It has allowance of you making decisions that you think will benefit the team.
Listen, Messiah, dearie, and he doesn't want to be in Toronto, which by all accounts, he does.
He's under contract.
They just won their first title.
He's doing great things with the team now, even with Kawai gone.
But let's say he did want to leave.
If he put it out there, he wanted to be somewhere else.
Guess how many teams in the league would be interested that aren't the Knicks.
The Knicks don't have anything going for them.
I don't know how many times I need to say this to people.
No one cares about Madison Square Garden.
None of the players wanted go there.
The owner is difficult to work for, and that is about the nicest way you could say something about James Dolan.
Why do we need to keep yelling at Knicks fans and anybody who says this?
No one wants to go there?
There's only one yelling, I am your right of way e.
I've been saying this for years.
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Would Masai Ujiri leave the Raptors for the Knicks? | Highly Questionable

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林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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