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nice roster spot home with Rockets 34 running straight points to take their first lead to fix fires.
Shooting lottery pick out of Kansas is resurrected His career This year.
RJ double figures already might be it.
And just our entire crew in the truck.
It's It's a privilege.
The greatest.
He makes a well deserved.
That's a deal.
Pushing 735 He's got seven rocket bits.
Very inept, only seven points.
They're using his right.
He's already has 21 points.
Season seven.
So he's been cool and calm tonight.
Wheeling and dealing three point won't go hard now for seven.
He's had a couple of games this year.
I think he had won Warriors one for 17 from three.
Just brutal.
Barrett, 25 67 seconds.
Difference between shot clock and game 24 27 lady to preserve its victory.
Critics today.
Coming Westbrook against Villa Kita gets a victory on his first day as president of the next.
The next set the Houston Rockets.
Good way to start your 10 year R.
China's career.
I was 27 6 Knicks make that seven Knicks in double figures in scoring.
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RJ Barrett ties career-high 27 in Knicks vs. Rockets | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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