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  • In other news last night it won't was on ESPN mock draft special show, and he said that the Lakers, Mavericks and Knicks will be the teams.

  • That will be quote very interested in three time All Star and unrestricted free agent Campbell.

  • Walker, now in a recent interview with the athletic campus, said Charlotte was his first priority.

  • But Tracy, which team do you think will be the best for Camba?

  • Remember, he'd get a lot more money from the Hornets.

  • Yeah, and you know I'm all about securing that bag, Mal about securing that back, But, well, Charlotte, give him that Supermax contract, right?

  • We don't know for me.

  • I don't know what team best fits Kimbrel, but him giving his all 88 straight years for Charlotte and not having a team around him not playing with elite player.

  • I just want him to go somewhere where he has the opportunity to join forces with another league talent because he hasn't he hasn't had that in his eight years in Charlotte.

  • So let's say that the Lakers don't land one of the one of the top for three or four free agents, which come is not I mean he's a in a level free agent.

  • In my mind, he's not an A plus free agent at Let's Say they don't land Anthony Davis.

  • Let's say their attempts don't land.

  • Anthony Davis, Kemba Walker and LeBron James could be very, very intriguing.

  • Um, the question that Lakers have to make is with Rich Paul coming on saying, We're going to free agency with Anthony Davis.

  • Do you go for Kemba Walker?

  • Do you go for Jimmy Butler, tie up your cap and not have a chance to get Anthony Davis in 2020?

  • Or do you say, Let's take Let's roll the dice on that.

  • I think the Lakers were gonna have answers sooner rather than later if David Griffin does what Adrian's article a few days ago said, which was that he wants to make that.

  • Griff wants to make this deal not only at draft time, but before the draft, because he wants time to assess any picks that he gets and start interviewing those players and talking to them.

  • If that happens, the Lakers will know what they have on their hands going into free agency, even if it's Anthony Davis with, as we pointed out not able to sign an extension, they'll at least know how much of a possibility that possibility is.

  • My hope for Camba is this.

  • I hope he either does get offer the big bag in Charlotte because he has sown loyalty to that franchise.

  • And he decides, OK, probably not gonna go far in the playoffs, staying with this team the way it is right now and is constructed and sort of going forward for the rest of the prime of his career.

  • But I'm going to be the guy in Charlotte.

  • I'm gonna have my jersey retired in the rafters, Right?

  • Who did The Grizzlies retire last year was a Tony Allen's jersey, one of the great guy and guys in their record over there going to retire the other ones and just that idea of Hey, you were the character of our team and he can be Charlotte and also get a lot of money.

  • Or I hope he goes and signed somewhere to your point Mac, where he has maybe not just one, but a couple elite players around him, because I do think that if he's gonna leave, he should leave for a chance to really win and I worry about a little bit deep in the playoffs just because of his size, because of his play about other teams picking on him right defensively and things.

  • So I want him to be surrounded by other players where they can't do that.

  • But I just need to point out with him.

  • You talked about securing the bag.

  • He was one of the guys who fell on the wrong side of the cap spike at.

  • He just had a four years, $48 million contract, which is spectacular money.

  • But he was vastly, vastly underpaid by the by the horns last few years.

  • So that comes into effect when he, if the Hornets asking, take a discount like I've been on discomfort, I think, to stay in Charlotte.

  • They got off from the Supermax.

  • I think.

  • I mean, I I just don't know if they will.

  • That would be the reason for me and I don't know if its a smart thing for their franchise to do that.

  • But if I'm Camba, I would say this is what you need to offer me to stay.

In other news last night it won't was on ESPN mock draft special show, and he said that the Lakers, Mavericks and Knicks will be the teams.

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