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  • it was during the show, just making sure.

  • Ben Simmons.

  • It's a great talk about, and he's agreed to a max extension with the Sixers.

  • The deal's reportedly for five years, $170 million.

  • A lot of baby rattle.

  • That is a lot of money when you consider how much money Philadelphia has locked up with the four players on his roster.

  • Take a look to buy us.

  • Harris, Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, Al Horford All have contracts more than 100 million.

  • So this is their team for the next 4 to 5 years.

  • I mean, unless anyone asked for a trade for never, never, never happens, do the Sixers have a championship roster going forward to me?

  • Um, I wouldn't put him as a favorite, but that's certainly formidable grouping right there.

  • Especially now.

  • The big thing is, who are the other nine toe 11 people on the roster?

  • Because you look at that right there in the first thing that jumps out is not a whole lot of spacing, right?

  • Tobias Harris is a shooter, but and beat, although we call him a space a stretch big, not a great three point shooter.

  • Simmons very well publicized.

  • Al Horford is a good shooter, but again, not the volume.

  • Find, by the way.

  • I want clarify.

  • I'm fine with Oil as a three point shooter for Big Man.

  • He's just knocking.

  • I just I don't think even within the context of the great shooting bigs in this league, he's not in the cat categories sub 30% in the low thirties.

  • That that's not good enough.

  • We're talking about people 36 37 38% or higher.

  • He's not that Al Horford is but on a limited number of attendees, more of those YouTube.

  • So you look like you're sitting.

  • Is that what you call that?

  • A couple years ago, the Bucks had to make a decision on ya Satanic Temple.

  • They gave $100 million even though he'd never been an All Star, said, This guy's gonna get better.

  • And then the Timberwolves had a decision on you and your wig.

  • Since we give $100 million Yes, we're gonna get $100 million.

  • You think he's gonna get that one of them like this and became the M V P.

  • Which one brand?

  • I believe it was Yang.

  • The other one has flatlined that has generally not gotten better.

  • This contract is a bet that Ben Simmons is going to become a M V P candidate type of player.

  • And if he becomes that of a player, which means he's gonna be a more dominant perimeter player, have more dynamic score, then they have a championship roster.

  • If he does, if he plateaus, they got a problem.

  • What I think as a problem, as constituted.

  • But I think he's gonna play up to that value.

  • Unlike Wiggins, I think even if he if he just stays at what he is right now, that's still a productive player on a on a decent contract.

  • I would bet on Benson.

  • Benson has been an All Star.

  • Yanis hasn't been an All Star when he got his, but if I was making a futures bet on Ben Simmons, I would bet I'm trying the Wiggins you candidate, cause that's just a hard bed to make.

  • But yeah, Wiggins had so much unfulfilled potential when he got that deal.

  • Everyone's kind of looking at it like this one.

  • Simmons, on some level, has fulfilled someone up.

  • Don't you remember ownership at that point was like we give.

  • We're giving Andrew Wiggins this contract because we really expect him now you're you'll get better now and oh yeah, you promise didn't work so well.

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it was during the show, just making sure.

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