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  • Well, you spent the last year covering the Golden State Warriors.

  • I cannot wait.

  • We have a full segment just getting your insight on that year and what the future is for the Warriors.

  • But we start with the latest from our colleague Adrian Ward, nor asking All of the dominos have fallen in a very exciting free agency period in the MBA.

  • But there's still one domino just teetering there.

  • One star who's we still feel like it's going to change teams, and that is Chris Paul.

  • Well, both had an update.

  • Trade talks have stalled with the thunder, and perhaps he will start the season in Oklahoma City uniform.

  • My question for you, Mr Friedel.

  • You've covered the league for years.

  • You know how this works.

  • Is this a real possibility, or is this negotiation through the media?

  • It's a real possibility, because Jacoby look at the numbers on the deal.

  • They're horrific.

  • They are terrible.

  • Who?

  • What's the take back All that money for a player who is not living up to that contract.

  • The worst thing that could happen in the MBA is that you sign a superstar and they no longer play it.

  • A superstar level.

  • So now Oklahoma City has to live with Chris Paul in the moment, hope they can find something to work out in the future.

  • But absolutely, I think there's validity of this because who wants the deal with all that extra space on your cap for a guy who's not gonna make that much of a difference anymore?

  • This doesn't seem to be according to plan for Sam Presti.

  • I mean, if you look at sort of the sequence of this Paul George asked for a trade, he gets a bunch of picks, He gets off of Paul.

  • George.

  • You know Westbrook.

  • All right, we'll get some pics back and we're gonna take on Chris Paul.

  • But then we'll flip Chris Paul into some or assets, and then look at us.

  • We've got a young core to build around and a bunch of picks, maybe conflict that for another star.

  • We feel like that's the right thing to do, but I think the entire plan waas to trade Chris Paul.

  • But it doesn't seem like they now have leverage to trade Chris Paul because these talks have stalled.

  • Like how do you see this playing out?

  • Moving forward and If he does start this season in the uniform, say impressed, he's gonna look in this mirror on a nightly basis during the start of the season.

  • Kobani's gonna go.

  • What the hell was I doing with this deal?

  • I've got all these pics.

  • I don't know what is gonna happen in the moment because Chris Paul just doesn't have value anymore, and it's kind of sad.

  • It's somebody who watched Chris Paul growing up and really like this game.

  • Jacoby watching in the last couple seasons watching him in that series against the Warriors.

  • He's flopping all over the place.

  • He's just not the same that he once was.

  • And if that was part of the plan to get something back for Chris Paul, even if you have to include a pick, you know the problem is, if you're the thunder, you have all these picks.

  • The draft has never been more of a crapshoot than it is in the moment.

  • So how are you sure that you're gonna land somebody or our several assets that's gonna get you back over into to contention?

  • So I didn't really love the deal when it happened.

  • I know everybody wants to love on prestige and say, Oh, he knows exactly what he's doing and he's gonna make it work.

  • I don't see it with this Paul deal because Paul is not close to the player that he wants was.

  • Well, I also think there's another Paul deal that perhaps it should have made.

  • And that's the Paul George deal like Paul George walks into his office is Look, I don't want to play on the team.

  • And the narrative is, Well, they don't want to have an unhappy Paul George in the locker room on the roster.

  • That's could be bad for business.

  • Bad for the team, moving forward.

  • But he still got three years left.

  • Do you think Presti considered?

  • You know what?

  • I'm not gonna acquiesce to this trade request.

  • I'm gonna bring him in the training camp.

  • I'm gonna keep Westbrook.

  • I on a basic keep the same team we had last year.

  • We won't have to deal with the Warriors in the West.

  • May we could make something happen.

  • Do you think that was a real consideration to think once, Paul, it made a trade request.

  • He was traded.

  • Here's the problem.

  • The thunder aren't as good as everybody hoped they'd be.

  • And so if you're president and you know that, that's when you kind of look a at your staff and you go all right, let's just hit the button now on and I'm with you, Paul George, When he's healthy, he is an unbelievable players still, and you know he's going to feel like he's reinvigorated in Los Angeles.

  • But the problem with the thunder was that pairing Paul, George and Russ that everybody thought was gonna push in the West and potentially give the words a little bit of run, can't even get out of the first round and that teams badly needs a hard reset.

  • The problem is, when you acquire a deal like Chris Paul and nobody around the league wants to pay that kind of money, you just kind of stuck in place.

  • You're waiting to see what happens next and the thunder who have been on the precipice, it seems of title contention for years and years or and they've always made moves to get him closer.

  • They are nowhere near that and now they're like so much of the rest of the MBA and they've got a start over and feel like they have some kind of a chance of resetting and getting back to a level that we're used to seeing.

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Well, you spent the last year covering the Golden State Warriors.

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