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  • As you can see, I was born without fingers on my right hand.

  • And also, my right leg was several inches shorter than my left one.

  • They broke the bones in the leg, then they screwed metal spikes into the bone.

  • It has not only spikes, but wires that go all the way through the leg to stabilize it.

  • I have to walk on it.

  • I have to stretch it out so that my muscles don't just get all atrophied.

  • People always ask me, "Does it hurt?"

  • Yes, it does, but I focus on what I can do, not on what I cannot do.

  • I wanna talk with you guys about overcoming obstacles.

  • Everybody has obstacles, a disability, a hurdle.

  • We face a choice: let the obstacle overcome you or overcome the obstacle.

  • Maybe some of you have heard of Jim Abbott.

  • He was a Major League Baseball player.

  • He won a gold medal in the Olympics.

  • He played for the Yankees, the Angels.

  • But he threw a no-hitter, and he only had one arm.

  • When he was a kid, he came home mad one time and told his dad, "The kids won't let me play baseball because I only have one hand."

  • His dad replied, "No, the kids won't let you play baseball because you stink at baseball."

  • "You can't change the fact that you only have one hand, but you can change the fact that you stink."

  • So, his dad began to practice with him, and he got good.

  • He overcame obstacles.

  • Teams would try to exploit his weak side.

  • They would try to bunt to the side that he had a missing arm.

  • But they never succeeded because he practiced and practiced fielding bunts to that side.

  • There's no dishonor in having a disability, and I won't let anyone diss my ability, but I don't want anyone's pity either.

  • I will not use the obstacles I face as an excuse for having a pity party.

  • I will practice harder, play harder, and push myself harder to keep getting better.

  • Last season I started on my varsity high school basketball team as a freshman, and I won Rookie of the Year.

  • I was one of the top scorers on the team.

  • One of the things that I find funny is that people judge me by appearance.

  • They say, "Oh, look at this one-handed whitey with the limp. I don't want him on my team," you know?

  • But what they don't know is that I don't just have a disability, I have an ability.

  • One of my favorite moments from this last season was we played a team that we had never played before.

  • And when the game started, you could tell that they were dissing my disability.

  • I mean, they double-teamed our tallest player.

  • They just were playing really soft on me, and they just, you could tell they thought, "What can this guy with one hand do?"

  • So, they left me open for a three.

  • I made that one.

  • They left me open for another one.

  • I made that one.

  • Then, they started to get frustrated, so they actually fouled me.

  • I made both free throws.

  • And they called time out.

  • And as we were in the huddle, I could hear the other coach yelling at his players about me.

  • They went from not covering me at all to double-teaming me.

  • It's all about overcoming obstacles.

  • It's true, I have a disability, but so do you.

  • I also have an ability, so do you.

  • Everyone has obstacles to overcome.

  • Some are visible like mine.

  • Some are less visible.

  • Maybe your obstacle is that you come from a poor neighborhood.

  • Maybe people say you'll never amount to anything.

  • Prove them wrong.

  • Maybe your obstacle is that you have a learning disability, and people think that you're dumb.

  • Prove them wrong.

  • Maybe people judge you because of the color of your skin or your family background.

  • Prove them wrong.

  • I know a lot of people who take one look at me and judge me.

  • They say, "Oh, that kid can't be any good at basketball. One leg, one hand."

  • If someone thinks you can't overcome the obstacles, prove them wrong.

As you can see, I was born without fingers on my right hand.

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