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  • How do you look at all those things?

  • Cool I, Leonard did, is that putting too much responsibility because they would need three more wins to get out of the Siri's.

  • No, no, he's obese.

  • He can take it.

  • He's a beast.

  • He can take it.

  • I mean, that's what great players do.

  • They want to run the whole race.

  • They don't want to be taken out, and that's what we're seeing in him.

  • And he knew the importance of that game.

  • That was basically the clothing game.

  • Remember, State if they didn't come through, so to defend your home court, to come in and fight through the struggles of injuries or whatever he was dealing with throughout that game, you know, he just laid it all out on the line and have a teammate like that.

  • I've had one like that.

  • You have those those guys elevate everybody else.

  • Obviously, it's probably his teammates knew that he was injured in that game, but the battle to stay in the game and to stay out there on that floor says so much about that young.

  • Our colleague Kevin Hart of it says that in the playoffs it's like basketball triage you just have to do whatever you can to get through.

  • And then you worry about tomorrow.

  • Tomorrow.

  • And this was one of the most classic cases I could never imagine of that.

  • This was an absolute masterpiece performance from Kawai, as Scotty was watching the defense of highlights.

  • You could you just love that?

  • I could see you reacted amazing.

  • I mean, I recall when I played my last game with the Bulls, I went into that game with two herniated.

  • This and no one knew that.

  • No, but I end up getting the easy play at the start of the game, dumped the ball, and that injury bothered me throughout that game.

  • But I tried to play it down as you seen Quad did, because you don't want to put it out of your mind.

  • You just played through the pain.

  • It is not about putting it out of your mind.

  • You know you're doing it for your teammate and you just hoping that what you're putting out there the results comes out as William.

  • It is worrisome.

  • No, because as you watch that game and you watch this Siri's, it's not a big gap, but Milwaukee looks like they're the better team and, if you are honest, was able to imprint his imprint that game, which he was not able to do what you'll learn from.

  • I don't know if Cole I would have been able to make it happen, but you never know what happens.

  • You never know if there's a turned ankle, you survive in advance.

  • And that's what Kawai let the Raptors do.

  • Yeah, absolutely.

  • Do you think he can play this much defense?

  • Onyango's the way he did study and still be effective at the other end.

  • Or he's gonna get worn down.

  • I think he can.

  • I mean, I think way saw something in that game last night that could possibly change this series.

  • And that's putting Kawai on Yonas and also, as he said, utilize his teammates.

  • It was definitely a team effort to stop Young is.

  • But I think physically he showed that he keep can match his physicality.

  • I think I think you just let him off the hook.

  • My fellow thinkI honest was involved at all in the game in the fourth quarter and overtime before he fouled out, he stayed in the corner a lot of possessions that I realized that one of the reason he was taken out was in school.

  • I was on him.

  • But you honest, you can't let a playoff game go like that is a player who's an M V p and not be have your fingerprint on the game.

  • And it was real failure from that standpoint.

  • For me, honest, that can't happen again.

How do you look at all those things?

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