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  • really excited to be back home.

  • Really excited to see my friends, um, high school that went to, uh, really excited to smell the Chicago.

  • Where, man, I'm so happy to be back home right now.

  • Okay?

  • Yeah, it's like emotion.

  • I really can't explain.

  • Um, it's still surreal to me.

  • You know, I find myself trying to pinch pinch myself sometimes.

  • Like, I think the last All Star Game was 32 years ago, so I wasn't even born yet, so I mean I mean, you know, you know me, I represent Chicago, the Greater Chicago.

  • I'm just fortunate to be ableto, you know, represent the city the right way today.

  • I think a big influences for me was Ah, well, Bynum on, uh, you know, he's taught me a lot growing up and getting ready to be a pro.

  • So I would say that I think the journey is not was it does not stop, just definitely a marathon.

  • It's definitely a lot of things I want accomplish throughout my reoccurring first been MBA champion, but for right now, been a skilled champion are the best bass player in the world.

  • Oh, man.

  • It was a lot of parades going on during that time, City was on fire, literally on fire.

  • Um, so you're saying that it kind of kind of made you want to go out there and play basketball?

  • And I guess that was every kid's dream one on.

  • I mean, my Chicago good goes everywhere I go, it's embodying, You know, something that I tried going 1/4 represents.

  • So that's just a part of, you know, but part of my game.

  • No, I don't I don't root for anybody's Besides my teammates, I don't take anything like my message is simple.

  • Um, don't let outside distractions up.

  • Okay?

  • Outside distractions lead you away from your dream.

  • Keep working hard.

  • Anything's possible.

  • Uh, vis not giving up, Um, the underdog, the underdog type of film.

  • Kobe memories off court, um, his addiction to the game.

  • Um, I think that, you know, throughout the years he has been kind of lost, but has his eager to get better every single every single day.

  • And you know that transformed.

  • That's a great place he's made on the court.

  • Thanks so much for watching ESPN on YouTube from, or sports analysis and highlights.

really excited to be back home.

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