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  • Stephen A.

  • Let's shift away from the finals for a moment to a team that just can't find its way to get there the last two seasons, and that would be the Houston Rockets.

  • We all know that.

  • Daryl Morey, the GM says he's obsessed with beating the Warriors.

  • They've had two chances the last two years and been bounced in the semis in the Western Conference finals.

  • Adrian or Danowski put out the article yesterday that basically Daryl Morey is looking into it, almost everything with that team to finding White, finding a way to upgrade the roster.

  • I know you spoke to a lot of people in the Houston organization and a lot of the players.

  • What are you hearing about what they're expecting in terms of changes this offseason, to try and finally find a way to get over that hump for them, that has been the immovable object of Golden State.

  • Well, as usual, although Zurawski is on the money in terms of them looking to make some changes, good luck, and find somebody to take Chris Paul contract at the age of 37 he would be getting paid $47 million.

  • Eso I find it very, very difficult to believe that that's a movable contract, at least at this particular juncture with three years remaining on it.

  • But obviously, you know, you've got to make you gotta make moves.

  • And I think that Daryl Morey is right to take that posture.

  • Because in speaking to the owner, Tilman Fertitta, which I have on many occasions, especially during the conference semifinals against the Golden State Warriors, this guy was absolutely livid when they lost.

  • He felt like, You know, he told me before the game, we cannot moves on our home court in Game six, he said.

  • Percival, with Kevin Durant out, we should be able to be there.

  • But if you're gonna move, at least push it back to a Game seven at the Oracle.

  • That did not happen.

  • They got bounced out in Game six.

  • This is after holding Steph Curry school.

  • It's in the first half.

  • He gave up 33 points to him in the second half.

  • He just ran roughshod all over you.

  • And even though James Harden was not awful by any stretch, he certainly wasn't James Harden that we saw at the top two league A V P candidate during the regular season.

  • So when you look at it from that perspective, this is a guy that you know what I'm talking about, the owner, I can tell you, this guy's he don't play.

  • I mean, you know, I've interviewed a lot of owners over the years.

  • I've talked to a lot of owners, you know, every single year.

  • He's one of those guys.

  • I won't exactly accuse him of being George Steinbrenner, but he's definitely George Steinbrenner esque.

  • He's going to be demanding.

  • There's a level of accountability that he's absolutely going to demand and if you know, if he doesn't get what he wants, heads going to roll.

  • I'm surprised that Mike D'Antoni is still there as the coach, particularly since he put out that he wants a three year extension.

  • I'm really shot that that happened because this man is not playing, and when I look at Mike D'Antoni, I consider Mike That's going to be a really damn good coach who belongs in the NBA as a head coach.

  • I just don't think he die.

  • That's going to propel you to a championship level.

  • You can make arguments at the wide didn't happen in Phoenix.

  • But it didn't happen in New York.

  • Obviously, it didn't happen in L.

  • A.

  • And he had two bites at the Apple over the last couple of years against the Golden State Warriors when they were considered for one reason or another, more born available.

  • Then they had been through the dynastic run, and still he wasn't able to get it done.

  • And so when I look at it from that perspective, I think that's the change that you might be looking to make.

  • But since they haven't made it yet, chances are he'll survive.

  • Who knows what changes are going to take place.

  • But I think the only person that is safe is James hard, and I think everybody else is up for grabs right now.

Stephen A.

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