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the following video is a true story that happened to me two weeks ago.
I was shooting a video in an Orthodox Jewish community in Jerusalem when all of a sudden and Orthodox Jew walked.
Everything's okay with that.
He was intrigued by my camera and my job.
So he asked millions.
I told him the latest figure.
He was impressed after a bit more talking about how I make money, why I hate YouTube.
Why people follow me on Facebook instead.
And about me coming from an Arab Palestinian roots.
This happened okay, I mean Palestinians.
I need e.
I need a balmy.
This'd is a man who strongly believes that an entire race my race is stupid and barbaric.
That just left me speechless.
And after spending more time trying to respectfully change his mind, he wouldn't budge.
He even claimed that I was French and he fell asleep.
Before we go any further, I want to remind you of this.
I've had many private conversations with Arabs who just like that guy I couldn't believe that there are good Jews in the world.
To them all, Jews are bad.
And to him, all Arabs are bad too anyway, back to the story, his 15 year old sister randomly walks over, and he tells her this.
Her response was not surprising.
This'll is a bigger problem.
A 15 year old who lives a one kilometer away from Arabs has an incredible amount of hate for them.
It seemed like the whole world turned to hate a little.
Yes, yes, way.
Receiving hate from a grown up is understandable, but receiving hit from a 15 year old hurts a little bit more.
And it came from Jerusalem, the city where Jews and Muslims are literally neighbors.
Then it dawned on me.
The only people these guys know are the ones on TV.
There is trying to kill Jews and Jews trying to kill Arabs on TV.
They don't see this.
The majority of people who have no desire for war people like you on me don't get our voices heard very often.
This real life interaction made me realize that you and me need to be hurt more.
We need to take over your TV, your Facebook news, feed your mosque and your synagogue to show reality that not all Arabs are terrorists and that not old Jews are bad.
So the next time we meet in real life we talk about something as boring as the weather.
It's beautiful today.
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Jews VS. Arabs

22 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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