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The guys you see next to me are solving one off the least sexy problems in the world.
Hi, my name is he do Hi, my name is humanly, But first, let me tell you what the problem is.
Not many people know this, but concrete.
This rock solid gray boring structure is great to build houses, but it's terrible for the ocean.
So if you look into places where there is concrete in the water, you'll see that marine life is summer.
Fish is no longer around, the oysters and corals are disappearing, and the concrete is lifeless for decades.
And guess what?
Concrete is the most consumed material in the world after water.
And that's where these guys come in to sold the lifeless concrete do and shame read to marine biologists spent in the majority off their lives research, studying, diving and learning about the oceans.
And after many, many years they came up with what that turns concrete.
From this to this, it's a unique unit built with new added materials.
It's designed with tiny holes for the small fish to live in them.
It's equal friendly, and it's even stronger.
The normal concrete So when you put this new concrete in the water for months, the most amazing thing happens.
Small fish live around it.
Seaweed grow on top of it.
Corals and oysters appear around it.
And marine life along this brings the concrete to life.
You see, oysters are growing on the designs years of algae that grow on the concrete and it actually make the conference stronger.
And it's called buying protection.
Lifeless oceans could turn into an amazing equal system for humans and animals alike.
That's why these guys are designing ports, breakwaters, seabeds and sea walls that are built with the ocean in mind.
It's also good for the environment and for the concrete.
Concrete is not a sexy problem.
Solving it can be tough, expensive, challenging and takes decades.
But so far, Edu and Shimmery installed their concrete in five different countries in five different waters, and the results are amazing.
Way cast them and designed them, and they're placed in that broken bridge park in New York, where they bring life to this orbit environment.
How did you bring life by retaining water at low tide, they create hot spot for biology.
So is the design that makes all the difference.
It's the design, the material on the composition of the surface that is make all the difference.
And when they installed millions more off these around the oceans, they will change the world one block at a time.
See you next week.
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How They Save An Ocean!

44 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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