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people you see behind me, We're all infected with Corona virus.
I can't show you all their faces.
But what I can do is tell you their incredible story.
This'd is a group of friends and colleagues who work at a church in Singapore.
Back in January, one of them got infected with covert 19 over a family dinner and without him knowing he came to church and had a normal day.
But little did he know that his virus was spreading like wildfire.
Two people got infected.
Three, 5 10 15 17 People got infected just like that in a very short time.
No one knows exactly how it happened.
It could have been a meeting, a sneeze, a handshake or a cough.
That's how contagious Corona virus is.
And that's how an entire church was shot down from headaches to fevers to intensive care units when I was infected and when was it was a confirmed case, the death thought came through my mind that I would I would die because of the virus.
Each one of them had a different response to the virus.
Some didn't feel it.
Others spent 31 days in the I.
C U and the story doesn't end here.
In addition to dealing with Corona virus, they had to deal with the stigma.
The cove in 19 stigma is huge pad school.
Their kids were called Covic.
Kids hotels didn't let their family stay and family weddings were forced to be canceled.
This is why we had to cover most of their faces.
This tragedy.
I was going to ruin their lives.
But here is what we don't hear enough off facts.
Corbett, 19 has a much higher recovery rate than we think, with over 98% off patients recovering and for this group of friends, 100% off them recovered, 17 out off, 17 off them, healed from Corona virus.
That is incredible.
In no time they went back to living their lives normally full off energy and gratitude.
As the days went by, I realized that I wouldn't I because I felt strong upon time, physically, emotionally, I didn't feud.
I was dying.
Is that I was feeling that was recovering and growing stronger by today.
Now they are donating their blood for medical research because off their donations we can develop vaccines to save everybody else.
If you're worried about Corona virus right now.
Tell your friends about these people.
They are not just survivors.
They are a source off Hope for a future without Corona virus.
See you next week.
What's your message to the world?
My message to the world.
Be socially responsible and have hope in your heart.
Hope off your faith.
Hope for your family.
Hopeful your country and hope for the whole world will overcome this virus together.
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How They Beat Coronavirus

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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