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  • when I was a kid, I was taught there are eight planets in the solar system.

  • But now that I am a grown up, I realize there are nine planets in the solar system and one of them is hiding here on planet Earth.

  • It's cooled planet.

  • It's a planet country that's literally the most different place I've ever been to in my life.

  • Here is what I mean.

  • You go to the kitchen in Iceland, over in the sink, turn on the hot water and smell it.

  • It's disgusting.

  • This is an entire country with hot water that smells like rotten eggs because this sulfur water comes directly from here.

  • Instead of keeping water like the rest of the world, Iceland naturally takes this hot water and uses it in the shower instead of killing the environment with fossil fuels, Iceland mix electricity from hot water to grow vegetables, water them and light up the entire country.

  • But I'm not done.

  • Iceland is so different that 11% of it is just ice.

  • This is what people call relation.

  • As you prepare to hike these glaciers, you realize that you're walking on top of water from hundreds off thousands of years ago.

  • It's the cleanest water you could possibly have because it's frozen in time and when it melts, it mix of Iceland's cold, clean water in the sink.

  • I'm not the only one who thinks this planet is different.

  • This guy does, too, because this is where NASA and Armstrong came to train for their moon landing.

  • Because Iceland's lava looks so much like Booth, humanity is a small step was here and humanities Giant step was on the move.

  • Unlike most of the world during the summer, it never gets dark.

  • It's midnight and I can't sleep.

  • So you're living 24 hours while it's light and the opposite can be true in the winter.

  • Unlike most beaches in the world, in Iceland, they have a black beach.

  • Unlike most museums, Iceland has a Penis museum where hundreds of mammals are on display.

  • Unlike most horses, Iceland has this horse, which is shorter, more beautiful and runs different, and the people they are the Vikings, one of the strongest people in the world.

  • To be able to live in such conditions and build houses in such environments on speak in a language that is untouched up good for thousands of years, just like their cold water.

  • As the rest of the world deals with conflicts.

  • Planet Iceland lives in peace far away from all of us, with no wars, no measure crime, no measure corruption, no measure, sexism and no riel army.

  • This is more than just a travel video.

  • It's a way to look into places that do things differently that makes you wish all off planet Earth can be as developed as energy efficient, as beautiful as peaceful planet.

when I was a kid, I was taught there are eight planets in the solar system.

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