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Tell me what's going on.
Some of the issues that I'm having
because I'm home during quarantine is that
I have more time to think, which means, like,
a lot of my old OCDs are coming back to me.
I'm very stressed out because
I just need my space. I need to go outside.
I usually go outside to distract myself
so I don't, like, focus on, like, you know
my problems and right now it's, like,
they're all coming back.
It's just hard. I haven't slept in 48 hours right now
because I've been too stressed out.
Nothing else to do but be on social media,
so I check every day, get stressed out
read some things I don't want to read.
What your saying is your OCD is more
focused on the old stuff. Everything that you used to be
focused on and it's not now worrying
so much about the virus. It's just about the old stuff.
The new stuff, obviously... stressed out...
My mom stresses me out so much
and she thinks one way and I just think another way.
My mom is like a clean freak.
Like, all she does is clean.
I'm not saying that I'm not cautious.
She's just a little bit too much.
But you understand that there's a virus, right?
And there's a reality now, which people
are trying to protect themselves from getting sick. -Yes.
What happens is that my mom is, like, overly obsessed
with what's going on right now and
I need my space because
she's okay with being in a house and, like, locked in.
Because she doesn't have the thoughts that I have,
but I just feel like I'm so, like,
I'm just so closed here and I just I feel like
I need to run away.
Like, I can't take it anymore.
Like, I'm going insane.
It's just me and myself and my OCD alone
and that's the worst case I could ever have
and I hate it.
Now everyone is feeling this way.
Like, a lot of people are struggling with a lot
of fear and anxiety, right?
So hear me out on this.
First of all you guys have to calm down
a little bit and work together better, okay?
Second is, Lele, there is a reality out there.
And I know that sometimes when it's real
it doesn't seem real to you,
but this one is pretty real, right?
So you have to follow the guidelines.
We don't know how long it's gonna take for
all of you and all of us to get out of the house,
but the entire world's going through this.
Everyone is afraid.
Everybody's anxious.
You guys are going to have to talk.
We have to stay safe,
but we need to work together.
You can't control what's happening out there,
but we can control how we manage it.
Use your strategies. Use your skills.
You got it.
You're gonna get through this.
All right? Hang in there.
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OCD During Quarantine (Bonus Clip) | The Secret Life of Lele Pons

29 Folder Collection
Heidy published on July 2, 2020
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