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Skratar du (Translation: You laugh)
Förlorar du (Translation: You lose)
The rule is simple. If you laugh you lose do not laugh during this video
Cuz then you will lose, and if you lose
Then you laugh and if you laugh
You lose and let me know in the end of the video if you laughed or if you lose-did *inhale*
Now let's go uh this time we're not gonna react to
Any dank memes cuz YouTube just seems to
Be striking down extra hard lately that, the yellow
the yellow sign is everywhere, and I'm getting a little fed up, so we're gonna keep it nice and
family-friendly please
so I thought we're gonna do the
25 most viewed twitch IRL videos that will be a good time, let's go everybody
[woman] "I once had someone, who I was with, making out with him and I went to uh...
give them a hand job, and I just barely touched his penis, and he jizzed like all over my stomach
[Sodapoppin]: Okay, you can just say my name there Leah. Let's not try and hide it there. It makes it work. Okay? Let's just be real here.
[Felix]: good! *claps* Nice family-friendly! Thank you.
Good one. [Felix imitating woman] "I jUst oNCE HAd a GUy tOUch mY bELLy"
"anD THeN hE jUSt JIzZEd aLL OvER"
[Normal Felix] Why does she talk like that?
[woman]: "I once had someone who I was with"
[Felix]: "Relatable though, relatable story... uh..."
It always makes for a good laugh when you can be like, 'hah!' that never happened to me"
[woman]: "...those bot lane, and she's a marksman" [Paco]: "ah"
[woman]: "so if you were to play then we could go into the same lane together. It would be really cute and then"
[man]: "I'm... I like... I don't know if I would... I mean it'd be cool
but I think, cuz there is a champion that I do know, and he kind of looks quiet think I'd be a
Malphite player cuz he's pretty like he's edgy and such"
[woman]: "you don't want to go bot lane with me?"
[man]: "No, cuz you can be the bottom, and I'll be on top."
(smooth af, paco)
*akward umm*
"But yeah... so uh."
[felix cuts in]: *chuckles* "Are you kidding me right now?"
Did he just say?
"You can go bottom and I go top," in a MOBA that joke has never ever been said before!
and I can't believe how awkward it just became that is just crazy
[sarcastically] oh my god
Sometimes social interactions they just go like "woah!" what happened here?
[man in video]: "Besides video games, what are some of your hobbies that you have?"
[Felix]: "You try and change subject right away"
*woman laughs awkwardly*
It's not that... he even tried to help you! what do you mean? it's not that awkward
I'm super awkward, and I didn't even find that awkward, just joke about it and move on god dammit
Teenagers, teenage love, am I right you go bot and I go top
[officer]: "Oh there's a little kiddo running at me... Hi!"
[kid] "Hey there's a clown ovah there by dah park"
[officer]: "What is it?" [k] "a (unidentified) clown"
[officer]: "a clown?"
*officer acts surprised*
[kid]: "you got a gun?"
[officer]: "yeh"
[kid]: "Can you shoot that clown wit ur gun?" *felix laughing in BG*
[officer]: "I'll go check it out, uh I'l go see okay?"
*laughs in relatable Jeff meme*
[Felix] "It's a police officer livestreaming now? What the heck?... that seems kind of like a bad idea"
Did he did he film shooting the clown or what? I need to know
*man steals livestreamer's camera*
[Felix]: "Oh shit!"
*footsteps of thief running away*
Goddamn. I mean that was bound to happen sooner or later, right?
did he c- does he contin- does he get his subs as well? like does he...
If someone steals my computer, clearly they get my channel as well. It comes with it. It's a package.
[Reckful]: "ask the old ladies behind Nani if I could eat their ass... I think that's a little inappropriate..."
[Reckful]: "Nani, they want you to ask the ladies behind you... if you could eat their ass."
[Forsen]: "Hello!... they're British! will you stop?" *felix laughs*
[Reckful] *surprised* "Oh... they understand?"
[Nani]: "you guys are too loud, I have to leave."
[Reckful]: "wait, you're leaving? I'm not done... "
*Nani interrupts,* "They speak english, Reckful, they're British!"
[Reckful]: "I didn't know... wait don't leave... she's leaving"
*Forsen dying of embarassment* forsenE
[Felix]: "They seem like they're up for it!" *laughs*
*Reckful chuckles*
[Felix]: "agh... So painful!"
"oh my god"
Come on
They we're totally up for it. I'm glad the girl left, they... they could have a good time with those old ladies
[Kyle]: "There's got to be a game where like you-- everyone sssslowly, loosens the cap, the cork.
and then puts it right up to their eye"
It's like Russian Roulette but with... a bottle
*cork nails him*
Thank God he wore glasses Jesus Christ, dude"
*laughs in terrified*
[Paul]: "...to twitch and we're gonna we're gonna watch right now"
*streamers and Felix laugh*
[F]: "what the f***"
Thank God man. Damn! That could've- could've really---"
"I like how they just have a laugh about it. I'd be terrified."
[Anisa]: "...um yeah. Throw me in a basement- okay, shut the lights off and play Nickelback non-stop for hours on end
I will want to die. I guarantee you."
*Ian bursts in, Anisa screams* [iDubbbz]: "YOu tALKing SHit BOut NICKelBacK, BItcH?"
*iDubbbz repeats*
[Felix]: "Is that iDubbbz?" *yes Felix*
[Anisa, quietly]: "You're making my hands tingle- oh my go- oh my-"
[Felix]: "What the f*** is that fanart in the back?" *Felix imitates iDubbbz about Nickelback*
[streamer]: "4skinTim {foreskin} donated $10 you said shoutout to all my young fanbase(?)
"Thank you Tim, we appreciate that." [2nd str]: "Don't read that...
[2S]: "I knew- I knew better, dude."
*1st realizes* *Felix laughs*
[1S]: "I thought he was like- doing it FOR Tim..."
[Felix]: "ah- that makes sense actually."
*streamers bickering*
"He wrote- he typed the letter- he wrote the letter 4 instead of- come on Zach"
"alright- I'm sorry"
[2S, mocking]: "You fell for the oldest trick in the book- one dollar donation from 'Jenna Tools'"
"no no no!"
*realizes and laughs* *Felix laughs*
"I'm not alone!"
[F]: "He was so salty" *replays clip*
"He wrote he typed the letter yeah, where's your heart? He typed the letter he wrote the letter four instead of-"
[felix mocking]: "you fell for the oldest trick in the book- shout out to genitals?"
[woman]: "Go away please"
[streamer]: "I was here first"
[w]: ???
[s]: "Well listen, i was here first, right?"
"I'm... Let me finish my workout"
"You can't tell me to go away"
[w]: "You use it not..."
"You use it wrong"
"Your exercising.. Is bad f-"
[felix]: "What the hell? Is this russian mom?
[w]: "...mirror. Not this"
[s]: "What are you talking about?"
"But i was here firs...Hey, listen"
"Let me finish my workout"
"And then you can do yo-"
*arguing* [w]: "...Why are you standing and talking?"
[w]: "This is not workout!"
[F]: "I mean she was really fit so I- I- I- do understand what she was saying"
*some drunk Russian teenager*
[liz, in Russian]: "I didn't drink even a whole bottle but i feel really stupid and drunk"
"some men are standing over there... bikers..."
*unexpected pole*
*laughing stupidly*
[woman, in English]: "you didn't- see it!"
*continues laughing stupidly*
[F]: "ahh- the pain- I feel the pain my gosh"
"Ohhh! That's gotta hurt man, damn. ugh, oh my god"
*felix cringes and makes weird noise*
"Oh my god, I've seen this too. What're they Korean? or Japanese"(They are Korean, Pewds)
*drunk girl falls*
"What is he doing?... oh my god"
Why did it take him so long to react?
He's like- whatuahah- he's too shit-faced to understand what just happened.
He's like do I pretend that that's my friend or not?
[man]: "Hey Cho, I got donation for you... here you go"
[Cho]: "who are you?"
*laughs in Korean*
"It seems so different when you get money on the street rather than people paying you-"
online, it does seem like you're an actual beggar."
"oooookay, that was this week of 'skrattar du förlorar du'
Family-friendly edition, you know how I know it's family-friendly? Cuz this fckin video has ads on it.
So if this video doesn't have stupid ads I'm gonna be really angery
Leave a like if you laughed
leave a like if you losed, and let me know in the comments if you laughed or if you losed
and remember to have a happy day.
*Christian channel piano music*
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69 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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