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Pewds: How's it going bros? My name is
*awkward laugh*
that was perfect.
??: No, it wasn't!
P: And I am here with, Anime man.
Anime Man: Yep, that's my name *wheeze*
P: And now we're gonna watch some
Anime (WOOOWWW (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧)
A: Are we?
P: No...
A: Oh *disappointed laughter*
P: Damn dog. Have you done this?
A: No.
P: So you don't know what this is?
A: No, but I can kinda guess from what--
Pewds: shjdjdhufhwuej
It's a competition.
A: Okay, I'm sorry.
P: Okay, whoever wins is The King of Anime.
A & P: *laughter*
It seems fair.
A: Yeah, that's-that makes sense
*more laughter*
P: Okay. So the point of this game... uh, is that...
It will show a random picture from WikiHow, right?
A: Right, yeah.
P: You know WikiHow-- yeah, they always have those strange out of context--
A: Like that?
P: Yeah. A: (laughs)
P: A lot of that, like that, and we have to guess
Which one it's for, and we'll keep (clap) score and the one (clap) that wins (clap) is The King (clap) of Anime ヽ(^◇^*)/
A: Okay. *laughs*
Because we all know, The King of Anime can find every wikiHow article that exists on the internet.
P: It seems fair.
A: Yeah.
P: And the loser is The King of Hentai. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) A: I think I'd rather be a *unintelligible*
P & A: *laughter*
P: Moving on!
Alright, how to..?
A: Okay. So that's...
Shaggy and a cat with a mustache.
P: That is Shaggy, actually
A: That's Shaggy!
P: *laughs*
A: It's like a cleanly shaved Shaggy!
Oh wait, or is that a clue?
P: What do you mean?
A: No, cause... Shaggy-- he looks like a druggo
Oh, well not in this picture .
P: Don't diss my boy Shaggy.
A: I'm not dissing my boy shaggy (SG: He is. Get him, Pewds)
P: We have some options that--
A: *laughs*
P: I feel like I should tell you-- we have some options.
*Pewds reads*
A: Mhmm
P: What does that mean? A: It means how to...
- It's basically how to satisfy yourself--
P: --with a cat
A: --With a cat with a moustache
I mean, I'd be very invested in that, to be fair.
P: Alright, this is why you're the Hentai King
A: *snorts* P: *laughs*
A: Already!
P: *reads* A: Don't be PewDiePie (so sad)
*angery music*
P: *goes through all 5 stages of grief*
P: *laughs*
Why would you say that?
I though we were having a good time!
A: Yeah, we are! I'm just being real with you.
How to respond to sarcasm, clearly I need to learn that one.
A & P: *laugh*
P: *reads*
A: *rereads* like..?
FTB? For The Boys?
P: what? A: That's the thing we used to say in Australia
P: Oh okay A: For The Boys.
P: Well, we're not in Australia now. A: Tits out for the boys.
P: (looks genuinely disgusted) EW!
A: Okay. Well, clearly, it's not how to respond to.... Okay, uh actually could be *laughs*
P: I have my guess
A: Really? P: yeah
A: I have no fucking idea
What--? How does Shaggy have to do with any of this?
P: I don't think it's shaggy *laughs*
A: That is shaggy. I'm sticking with Shaggy.
P: okay
A: Uh, I'm gonna say--
P: Okay, well you have to say it.
A: Okay, I think it's how to respond the sarcasm. P: Okay, good. Because, I think it's how to be interesting
A: really?
P: Yeah,something you don't know anything about. I said the joke first, go.
P: This is born by the uninteresting-ness. Just take it, you lost.
A: Oh my god
P: You suck
P: (chants and claps) King of Anime King of Anime
A: (joins in, offbeat)
A: Well, that's alright 'cause I'd rather be The King of Hentai
P: *akward silence*
A: But, I'll do my best *laughs*
P: Yeah you better
A: *laughs* I'm not gonna purposely lose.
P: Another one
P: Oh God! What the... *laughs*
A: Oh, how to--
P: *more laughter*
A: How to be a good artist..?
P: I don't think so
A: That-what is happening? How to make your own death mask?
A: How to..? (confused)
A: How to-- P: *interrupts*
A: How to escape your own body? P: exactly
P: *reads*
A: alright.
P: that was kind of what you were saying. A: H- kinda *laughs*
A: *reads*
P: How to have fun without Friends?
P: *inhales deeply* Is it working?
A: you can't-- *laughs*
A: *reads*
P: (sarcastically) That's the one! (x2)
A: 'Cause, when you get that RIGHT TEXT you just escape from your body.
P: That relatable moment when you just get the best text. (RELATABLE)
A: That HEYYYY with four y's, was just *motions* a--
out-of-body experience
Both: *groan*
A: What does how to channel, mean? How to channel what?
P: Like, chi? (confused)
A: Just doing the opposite of that, right now.
A: *reads* That could f---ing apply to anything
P: Well, that's the point of the game.
A: Okay.
P: I'm picking how to channel A: I'm gonna say how to channel, as well
Both: WHAT?!?
P: How to-- Oh, how to channel
No, correct answer is how to have fun without friends... P: What?
P: WHAT???
何 the fuck? (LOL)
- Wait, is the face the friend, that doesn't exist?
P: Just make a friend out of yourself *laughs*
A: Is this like a really odd way of saying,
"Just look in the mirror!"
P: Did anyone guess that right?
A: No, well... clearly, if they did they clearly have fun without fri-- *laughs*
P: Yeah, well done to you.
A: Yeah, well done.
P: Alright, next one.
P: OH!
P: *yells again* A: How to..?
P: Get demonetized.
A: Yeah, how to get a colonoscopy *snickers*
P: How to seduce? (try again, Pewds) A: *reads*
P: Why would you make that? A: Is the smell coming from the butthole?
A: Is that why she's like *(╯ಊ╰)*
A: *reads second option*
A: Well... clearly, she's doing it wrong; in that case.
P: No, that one's right. You lay down on the carpet, floor, thing, bed.
A: Spread your butt cheek.
P: *reads third option, correctly* A: *reads fourth option*
P: That one! A: That face! (x3)
A: That makes sense.
P: I'm picking that one!
A: That face will definitely do it. P: *laughs*
A: I think it's the cervx-- cervix-- the thing I can't pronounce. Cervix--
P: I don't know how to pronounce it either. Okay--
A: *still trying to sound it out*
P: You go with that one
A: Yeah... P: I think I'll go with...
P: It can't be how to perform a lap dance.
A: If it is... I'm reading this article. (ew.)
P: Well it has to be this one.
P: OHHhhh thank god
A: *cry of defeat*
Can we look at what Cervicitis is? (cer·vi·ci·tis /ˌsərvəˈsīdəs/noun MEDICINE inflammation of the cervix)
P: How do we get that right? A: Well because, I just guessed because it kind of sounds like cervix
P: Oooooooh
P & A: AHHHHHHH *yell franticaly while trying to close the tab*
P: Don't Google Cervicitus.
A: *is scarred for life*
P: DO NOT DO THAT! A: Why did you go to images? *chuckles*
P: *in squeaky voice* because I wanted to see
P: I kinda need to see it again; just to know what I saw.
A: no, I don't.
P: I need to see it again, just so I can forget about it. *laughs*
A: You know, like--
P: It looked like the alien--
A: AAHHHHH *yells in terror*
A: ooh stop, stop. It looked like the alien coming out of the...
P: Let's just move on. Let's just move on.
P: Let's forget about it. This never happened. We're okay
P: This is us right now.
A: Yeah, that's me on the right being like "WHAT THE FUCK?"
P: Okay
A: Why does it have a tongue sticking out?
A: Also, why does the woman look like a man?
P: I don't know
A: That's a strong jawline for a woman.
P: That is a strong jawline
A:*reads first option* wait, why is there two of those?
P: Is it 50/50? *laughs*
A: One of those is correct
P: *rereads*
P: How to become FAMOUS ON THE INTERNET!! *laughs*
P: That's all you do!
A: Yeah, you just-- you just do one of these. Give 'em one of these.
P: *more confidently* Just give 'em one of those. that's how I started my channel
A: *badly imitates Pewds*
P: *tongue reading* my name is PewDiePie *laugh*
P: *reads last option*
A: I mean, it's not.
P: okay, I think it... it's, uh...
P: How-- warning signs. Because I think the sign here is that... he's drunk.
A: Oh, is that what it is?
P: But, which one? I'll play-- I'll click this one, but that's yours.... A: Yeah... P: Okay.
A: (clap) HELL YEAH!! P: *Angery noises* A: WHAT'S GOING ON
A: Yeah! Look how chill but look how chill back the woman is.
P: He's not chill! A:*giggles*
P: He's not chill at all!
P: Goddamnit
A: what's the score? P: I think we're equal.
A: Okay, okay. P: Goddammit this is so intense
P: I really wanna... become--
A: The King of Anime?
A: *reads shirt* or is it eim honest? P: It's eim honest
A: it's eim honest *laughs*
P: Or it's I.. on.
A: It's In ho-nest
A: *reads first option*
P: *clap clap clap*
P: I don't think that's the shirt you want to wear. A: No.
P: *reads section option in confusion*
P: *reads third option in amusement* *reads final option* Why does that one keep appearing?? *chuckles sadly*
P: I think how to love yourself. A: I think it's how to love yourself too.
P: Then should we just go with that?
*instant regret*
P: Alpha male? Does that mean we're not alpha male?
A: We're clearly beta, as fuck.
P: We are both a bunch of betas.
A: Yeah, we're not honest. That means we're beta. *laughs in beta*
A: oh, how to...
A: what the f--k is that?
A: Is that a vial of blood with five spoons? P: What you never use five spoons? (wtf)
A: What is happening? P: why the five spoons? A: Is that how to play the spoons? Please say that's one of the options (nope).
P: *reads first option*
What's that-- oh, the card game.
A: Oooooh
P: Is that the one? I feel like that's the one.
A: That has to be it
P: Because that's how they use it. my-- I'm told all the time
P: That's how you know, five spoons.
P: The old "Five Spoon Trick".
P: that's right
A: thank God.
P: I don't know if I'm happy or--
A: I don't want someone pouring their period [blood] over five spoons
P: okay...
P: Oh! A:That's how I feel right now, just...
A: How to stay positive? You know I saw it when I walked in the comments
P: How to make YouTube videos?
A: How to be a successful YouTuber.
P: How to make a thumbnail. That would actually be a good thumbnail. Should we do that? (??)
A: It's a terrible thing P: It's perfect!
P: How to...
A: *reads first option*
P:That seems about right
P: Get fired!
A: Like,
"Please don't fire me."
A: *reads second option* P: Okay...
A: Your crush is going to f-----g love that
A: *reads third option*
P: I like how that's a actual article that they wrote, as well. A: Yeah... Like it's not
P: *reads last option*
A: Oh, well, that's clearly not it because we-- we would have peed ourselves because we already did that
P: Oh.. (uh oh, I think Pewds had an accident)
A: Just, just false. Just be happy (laughs)
A: I reckon it is... How to get along with your crush. P: I think so, too. Because you-- you have you have to just fake it. A: Yeah
P: What is this saying about us, Joey? What does this say about us? (oof)
A: What does this mean? P: (repeats)
I need to see this article.
A: Where is the face? Oh, there it is.
A: Wait... Fake it 'till you make it?
A: That's horrible!
P: What the hell does that mean?
A: It means even if you don't like them just pretend you like them.
P: what da fucck?
A: that's f----d!
P: UHHHhh...
I'm gonna say it's something like... how to...
A: OH my GODD. What the f--k is that?
P: It reminds me, of like, in Sims when you have to talk to the mirror to increase your charisma. A: *wheeze*
A: It could be.
A: So, how to...
P: how to practice speeches?
A: Yeah, how to impersonate Nickelback.
Both: *laugh*
Both: *Nickleback impression* That is a photograph!
A: *reads first option*
P: that could be it
A: *reads second option*
A: Well, she's clearly enjoying herself.
P: Wait, what we already had that one didn't we?
A: *reads third option*
A: you know?
P: If they're holding a frame *laughs*
A: I've been there (haven't we all?)
A: *reads final option* I'm gonna say... how to have fun without friends.
P: Is that your final answer?
A: Final answer!
*Darth Vader Breaths*
P: (chants and claps) King of anime! King of anime!
P: *bitch lasagna dance*
A: Don't believe you- P: I can't.
A: What?
Hentai Man: I have to change my channel now to the Hentai man. I'm sorry. I'm sorry guys.
A: I'm so sad. P: I'm glad we got this settled here once and for all. Have fun being demonetized forever
HM: Yeah, I know if that already wasn't a problem. P: Yeah.
HM: Okay, first of all, how does what does that have to do with anything? (I am detected some high sodium levels)
P: It's wikiHow
HM: If you can't explain it, then you can get the point.
P: Well she's practicing to be from the frame of a television
P: Oh, you laugh.
HM: That weirdly makes sense.
P: You laugh (you lose)
P: Ah, they redid the photo. HM: Ahhhh! It doesn't count!
P: Ah, Come on
HM: it doesn't count. P: Come on.
P: Well, I guess we'll have to do part two in another year
Both: yearly for The Anime Olympics
P: All right. Hope you guys enjoyed this video check out Joey's channel called The Hentai Man, now A: It's called The Hentai Man now
A: So if you want good quality Hentai come to your boy. P: Anime out じゃね (See 'ya). A: (laughs)
P: Tuber Simulator is now so relevant
that is got a brand-new minigame!
Drop the crane and get fresh items only available on the washing machine-like game!
And you say there's more OF COURSE THERE IS!
New knowledge perks! New quests! And new Pixelings! And legs!
Guys..... LEGS!
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How to be famous on the internet! DamnDog w/ Animeman

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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