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*Reversed laughing from Twin Peaks*
*Reversed talking ("But can you do this?")*
Have I mentioned by the way about this chair, I know probably some of you have seen it before but
You know the rundown Italian leather well designed I?
But, I never really showed like the bottom of it like if you show down at it.
*evil laughter* (gotcha)
If I got you you have to leave a like on this video right now, guys if you're new here
We like to have fun on this channel. We're just laughing around. wer- it's nothing serious, so there's no reason to be upset.
We're just having a good time everybody. That's wh- that's the spirit of LWAIY,
just having fun and like, embracing life and such, it's great
"Mom, no it's a horror game"
If I was the mom, I would send that kid straight into rehab-billtation
Rehab is what I'm trying to say, 'CAUSE THERE'S NO WAY
My son my own flesh and blood would pick Natsuki's favorite girl, disgusting
From a hot dog seller to a chair seller. Isn't it great following my journey here on this channel guys?
Not just my channel growth, but also my personal growth as well. It's fun to look back sometimes,
how things were better- I mean worse.
"When you see Pewds' mouse pad."
"It's so f**king big."
*creepy pause*
That's right a lot of people have been calling me out saying,
"Oh pEwDs, I BeT uR moUSePaD IsN'T RlLy ThAt B1G"
OH REALLY? Oh really? Then what is this. (ha gotcha again)
*scary laughter*
Du- guys, we like to have fun on this channel, it's all about having great t-time and just, having fun.
It's all
"He predicted it"
"we are all goin-" oh no.. oh no
ohh. *small blow*
Sumimasen, Hawking-sama... Sumimasen :'(
"He has no legs, climbs Everest. What is your excuse?"
"His legs won't hurt, mine will."
*braincells thinking*
"Brad #1. WHAT. IS. THIS? TREASON!!"
This is Italian l-leather, that is some..
Czechoslovakian bullsh- *error*
"Brad doesn't get paid enough by PewDiePie so he can't afford the chair!" That is right, that's right he doesn- I mean
Yeah That's Right
So he has to settle for the uh.. The cl- the, the class underneath, instead of getting a
"ferrari hegotta nisawn" (real car btw)
2012-2018 it took me 6 years to grow a f**cking pube beard.
Cuz Poopie is swistian viking god, thats why he grows his beard so effortda- effortlessly.
Yeah, yeah this has definitely been completely without any effort whatsoever..
*burps* It has not been a psychological challenge looking in a mirror everyday thinking, "why is there a dead cat on my face?"
*wheeze* So many people asked-
uh like what is that thing in the reflection of the glasses and THERE YOU GO.
Flat-Eartheners needs..to be wake the f**k up.
'Cause the Earth is a donut. And the donut is in my office.
OH MY GOD...*wheeze*
Don't worry we're just- we're just having a good time here, we're just having a good ti- fun laugh 'n.
"And under no circumstance should you ever hit a woman."
"Spank me Kenny."
"I'm proud of you, son."
respekt wahmen.
"Fort-diepie" what is this a video, oh my god-
*hot 4 bois talks*
AHHHHHHHH *laughs*
"Look what I have here in my hand-
I bet you're jealous haters"
"Well guess what,"
Pewds: NO!
"I got two of them, BIT**" (coins)
The dropout was the best.
"AHHHHHHH" *laughs*
Five minus siix??
*deeper, satanic voice* DAHHHHHHHHHHHRe
After all I've done.. After all I've done for you.
You will pay for this..
"You mom gay",
"no u"
"ur dad lesbian"
"ur granny tranny"
"ur sister fister" (u even read bro?)
"u brother mother"
"Science has gone too far" I-
No, I think that's- that's far enough.
Is the right..
way to put it.
"I posted this 2 days ago-
and it got a bunch of upvotes but it didn't get on LWAIY so I reposted it"
Okay. "Come on, we gotta get up"
"baby baby baby baby " (no respekts for the wahmen man?)
*woman laughs*
"I keep thinking about this story."
"There's this video."
"That kills you seven days after you watch it"
"The second it's over, the phone rings, and this boy says"
"FIFTY MILLION LIKES *abusing recorder*
"We've opened up a door."
"And now no one is safe"
*passengers screaming*
*pewds laughs*
The Closet Man.
Alright fine that was actually amazing, I'm sorry I didn't see it earlier.
"too good to be in LWIAY" wow.
The middle memes, the middle man of memes, everybody. The second pageee..
"These spot the differences are getting harder"
"When you are adopted by a lesbian couple and someone says "ur mum gay" to you"
gad dammit..
"Hard to swallow pills" - "Pewdiepie's editors are funnier than he is"
oh really? When why don't we see them make a great joke then.
That's right, that's right my point proven.
What the hell is this?
What just happened?
Did he throw it at a closet that look like mine or something?
Great. *laughs*
"When Pewds gives a meme 0/10 but you think it's pretty dank and realize you're a normie"
I mean...
You're all normies. "this whole sub is Normie"
"85% of reddit is Normie"
"90% of memes are Normie"- "sayin Normie is Normie"
"I'm so cool, and dank I- if you think so, otherwise you're a Normie"
"XDD is Normie"- "gay is normie"- "ur mom normie"
I'm really proud of you guys.-"Yes, I'm vegan. Yes. I eat meat. we exist"- "yes i die. yes i have ZERO deaths" *laughs*
WE EXISTS!! - "Be a good editor"
yeah well i dont know. - "Edit videos for the most subscribed YouTuber" - "Getting bullied by
Pewdiepie and Brad" *Laughs*
ohhh, what are you going to do, Siv you gonna cry? oo booohooo noone cares about me im-
"YouTube 2016, all good, normal ad revenue"
"Youtube 2017, all videos are demonetized, bad ad revenue"
"YouTube 2018, videos become negative-
monetized, users have money force taken from them"
"Youtube 2019, all revenue is-
distributed equally *small laughter*
"Among all creators, users that break community guidelines are sent to gulag" *laughs*
"Imitating someone in a high-pitched tone"- "then shtttffffckkup" I wish I could just say it.
Do you know how frustrating it is to not be able to swear? "Pewds uploads a gaming video-
"It's only 4:25" - Have we really gone so *table slamming* farrr-
that we've gone from complaining that the videos are too long, to now complaining that they're not 10 minutes.
Is that really where we are in this community, really? - "I'm black"
No you're not. I'm funny, No you're not. I'm original. Yes, I am
Your MCM says, "but can you do this" but does he ever say, "but can I do this for you?"- **Inhales**
"Imma delete this before it ends up on Reddit and pewdiepie reacts to it and bullies me again"
Oh, no. No. Why would I bully you, that was such a great joke. Everybody give him a round of applause.
"Long time fan love your toy vid. Used to design toys, so I thought I'd make one of you." - THAT IS SO COOL!
That beard is beautiful *laugh*. "the three pain levels painful, very painful-
No bonus meme," - The truest suffering of them all. Maybe next week guys.
"Upvote to have Pewdiepie react to Pewdiepie reacting to Pewdiepie reacting to a Pewdiepie video" (creative)
Stop.. all right just stop.
That's all I'm gonna say. "I solved the ad pocalypse, make the video 5 minutes long-
slow down the video half speed so it becomes 10 minutes, upload, make everyone watch the video in 2 times speed on YouTube."
I actually want to try this should we do that? Do it right now, see if this works all right.
Brad is slowing down the video.
**So its ah slower but it's faster for you if you select it two times right now**
**is this..is this working, how long should we keep this up?**
"When you hear a Japanese word and you understand it without needing subtitles"
I sent this to Marzia because it's so true. - ah "When you win the lottery and your girl says 'we won'"
*high pitched, irish voice* "Your twitter is now the equivalent of a-
shitty facebook meme page" oh woww what a great burn..
I really stinked isn't- that it's obvious.
It's obvious that that's the case, Jack and it's obvious that you want it to be your case as well, so stop crying
I wish my setup look that good, damn that looks tight.
Boomcake! *claps*
one million points, you will get one million bro coins. enjoy them. - "When Felix hasn't made it to ten minutes"
Alright guys leave it like if you enjoyed this video and remember. Can you do this? *sad break in the chair*
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8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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