B2 High-Intermediate 13 Folder Collection
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[Superman singing passionately Versace on the Floor]
Wow Superman, you have the voice of an angel.
Oh my gah..
Lemme touch you, my god...
[ Superman, in a deep voice]: I'M BATMAN.
OHHHHH I knew it!
I knew it, I knew you were Batman.
[ Superman continues singing in a high pitched tone ]
Hey, you're not Batman, I'm Batman!
I'm Batman!
[ SM in a deep tone ]: No, I'm fucking Batman.
No, I'm fucking Bat-
[ SM in a deep tone ]: I'll fuck you up.
No, I'll fuck you up. I'm Batman!
[ SM ]: I'm Batman.
He just left.
Hey. Hey, you. Take me to your leader. I could kick the shit outta you, alright?
D'you wanna die?
Stay outta this.
No, but you have to learn the way on your own!
Alright so I have a- ooh... How 'bout this-
I'll just go to Worlds, and I just search...
Hey, hey, hey! Put that away.
[ Knuckles ]: That will not teach you the way.
That will not teach me the way? Okay
[ Knuckles ]: That will not teach you the way.
You cannot teach me the way, though, that's great.
[ Other guy ]: I can show you, I can show you.
Okay open the portal for me, please.
[ Other guy ]: Why d'you sound like PewDiePie?
You sound like a lot of- full of shit, alright.
Oh, shit, he did actually open a portal.
Maybe I need to search for Uganda.
There it is, Uganda has four hundred people in it!
You fucking kidding me? They need to fix this fucking menu. It's awful. Oh, wow. It's- I found the Knuckles everybody
The skin of the- What happened? The fuck happened? Wow what a great place.
Skin of the devil... Hey- [ laughs ]
Hello fellow Ugandans!
[ tongue clicking noises from other players ]
Great communicating with you!
[ clicking tongue ]
[ Knuckles ]: Do you know the way? Are you da queen?
[ loud sniffing ]
[ Knuckles ]: You smell like Ebola.
[ laughing ]
[ more sniffing ]
[ Knuckles ]: You do not know the way!
[ Queen ]: I know the way!
She filthy!
[ Knuckles ]: Queen, where is the commander?
[ Knuckles ]: Where is the commander, Queen??
[ even more sniffing ]
[ Knuckles ]: Smells like Ebola. This is good! This is good quality of Ebola.
[ quietly ] No, you can't do this! [ laughs ]
[ Knuckles ]: This is Uganda.
[ Queen ]: Can you do this?!
She's the Queen!!!
[ laughter and chatter ]
[ Queen ]: Can you- can you- oh, wait, wait, wait...
[ Queen ]: Can you do THIS!
[ Knuckles ]: Why you- Why you do not-
Why you do this, eh?! Why you do this! [ laughs ]
[ clicking tongue ] [ laughing ]
[ all loudly clicking tongues ]
[ loud and violent sniffing ]
[ Knuckles ]: Stop! Stop.
[ sniffing ]
Huh? Can you do this? [ slurping noise ]
Show us the way!
[ Knuckles, distantly ]: Let's go to the volcano.
Okay, well-
[ Knuckles ]: You have to go to the volcano.
[ chatter ]
[ quiet laughter ]
[ Knuckles ]: This is the way. Follow me.
[ clicking tongue ]
Wait up, please! You guys are too fast!
[ Knuckles ]: This is the way to the Devil(?)
[ other player, quietly ]: This is the way of the Devil.
Oh my God, that's the way of the Devil, guys.
I can't believe it.
[ Knuckles ]: Oh my God, why are- why are Pewds here? Get the fuck out, Pewds!
No, please! It's- I'm Knuckles! [ clicks tongue ]
I'm from- I'm born and raised-
[ Knuckles ]: Okay Pewds, you are Knuckles!
[ Queen ]: You are Knuckles!
[ laughs ] That's right!
Born and raised from Uganda, 2017.
[ Knuckles ]: Ohh..
[ Knuckles ]: 2017? But, we are in 2018 in Uganda!
I was b- Aw, you're right, shit. Shit, they discovered me.
[ intense music ] Shit, run... run... run...
Oh, look! Hey, where is everyone?
[ Queen, out of tune ]: Na na na na... la da da da da da da!
[ Knuckles ]: Where is- Where is the brothers?
[ Knuckles ]: Wh- Where is the Queen, the commander, and the high priest?
[ Knuckles ]: Now we have to find the commander.
And the high priest! It says there's 400 people on this island, where is everyone?
[ Knuckles ]: I dunno. I do not know!
[ Knuckles ]: They die in the volcano.
[ Knuckles ]: Can I- Can I show you the (???)
Show us the way. [ clicking tongue ]
[ Knuckles ]: The blue Knuckles is here.
Oh my God, but that's not Knuckles, that's Sonic!
[ Knuckles]: That's- that's- the BLUE!
[ Knuckles ]: This is Maui!(?)
No that- [laughs] that's Sonic!
[ Knuckles ]: No it's- it's not Sonic!
Alright. Skin of the Devil it is!
[ Knuckles ]: [sniffs] It smell like Ebola.
[ sniffs loudly ]
[ Knuckles ]: Ohh.. I like Ebola!
Me too.
[ Knuckles ] Ebola is good for you!
[ sniffing and exhaling loudly ]
[ Knuckles ]: Ah, yes...
[ continues ]
Oh yeah...
That was getting a little weird.
What happened to this game, man? Where did it go wrong? How is this a thing?
[ other player ] ...they be sayin' shit, I don't know, I don't wanna hear none o' your problems!
[ same player ]: Just go! Get the fuck out my way, get the fuck out my head
[ now rapping ] I don't care if any o' you bitches drop dead, because my grind is my own damn shit.
[ still rapping ] Imma pass the mic 'cause I just gotta quit.
[ different player ] Swap, swap!
[ distantly ] Ohh, god damn!
[ different player ] Those are some good bars, bro.
[ chatter ]
[ player ] Skrrr!!
[ more overlapping chatter ]
[ rap music begins ] Uganda got that MMA flow, ay, here we go
[ rapping continues ]
Hello everyone, it's me, your queen! Amy Winehouse! I have finally come! I am the queen.
[ Knuckles ]: You are not the queen.
Yes, I am, shut up!
[ Knuckles ]: No, you are not the queen.
I will beat the shit out of you, alright?
[ overlapping ] You are not the queen!
NO, I AM! I'm Amy Winehouse!!
[ overlapping ] You are NOT the queen!
Hey, listen!
[ continuing ] You are not the queen!
I will beat the shit out of- Huh? Yeah? Come here, come here!
[ Knuckles ]: ...I will see if it's different. Lemme check.
[ loud chatter ]
Huh? Hey! WHAT? [ incomprehensible ]
I am Amy Winehouse! [laughs] Please!
[ garbled voices ]
Stop spitting on meeee!
Hello everyone, it's your queen. I have finally returned, as the prophecy foretold.
That's right, I am Amy Winehouse the Queen of Knuckles.
You are welcome.
[ Backstreet Boy's "Everybody"playing ]
Oh, wow.
Back street back- [song changes] god damnit!
[ music ] Backstreet's back~
Well that's the most annoying fuckin' place I've ever been to..
That was definitely worth the half hour loading to get a copyright strike. [laughs]
[ banging noise ] Ow.
Do you know.. the way?
[ other player ] Anybody else lagging?
It's lagging like craaazy!
This game is so popular!
AYY AH SKAA DAAHH [laughing]
Are you my father? ...Please accept me.
Did someone touch my spaghet?!
[ other player, slow and dramatically ]: Ohh noo did someone touch my spaghet..?
[ different player, with Russian accent ]: WHERE IS ZE RUSSIA, MOTHERFUCKER
No, no, no. Brother. Uganda!
It's Uganda, we're straight in the jungle, look around!
[ same player ]: Do you know ze way to Russia?
Follow me, fellow gentleman!
[ same player ] Okay, lez go, lez go..
Let's go.. Let's go to my- Moscow, everybody!
Follow me.
[ clicking tongue loudly ]
Ah, shit. I'm- I'm sorry, I got lost.
[ bass boosted & garbled from another player ]: HOW'S GOIN BROS MAH NAMES PEEEWDIEPIE
Oh, my god. [ laughs ]
[ same player ]: Look bruh I ain't tryna throw no shade, I'm just tryna help you, dude.
[ different player ]: Bro, I miss the old PewDiePie, bro! I miss the old PewDiePie..
Yeah, yeah, me too, alright? Old PewDiePie was better. [ laughter and chatter ]
[ same kid ] Bro, play more Call of Duty, play more Minecraft, bro! Play more minecraft...
[ different guy ]: Minecraft, man! I miss it..
[ same kid ]: Yeah, bro... what happened to that??
I'm gonna start a Roblox series!
[ same kid ]: Yeeesss..!
[ overlapping voices ]
I think it could be- really taken up. (???)
[ more vague chatter ]
[ different player ]: Quality content.
[ another player ]: PewDiePie can you buy me some Robux?
I'm poor, okay? I got nothin'.
You've all- You've all been trolled, okay? I'm not actually PewDiePie.
[ same player ]: I know.
[ another player ]: Well that's a pretty damn good impression.
Hey! Oh my god, you're beautiful! [ tongue clicking noise in the background ]
Excuse me. No!
Miss Knuckles!
[ laughter ] Ohohoho... ohoho..
Very nice..
[ quietly ] Hey... Can I get a hug, please?
Thank you... thank you [ laughs ]
[ Miss Knuckles ]: Thank You.
I feel like I should stop.
[ clanging noise ]
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Problematic Meme VR Chat #0005

13 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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