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Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Where's the anime avatars?
"Uh.. I does she count as anime?"
Quick. Quick where's the ani- anime?
"Oh my god no nO."
"Just give me a second mate."
I need the anime avatars.
"You need to move o-"
Hurry up! "Can't take you there..."
"Cant take you there!"
Hey hey hey, where's the anime girls?
Take me to him. *Creeper* "Would you like some help sir?" Yes, please, I'm stuck help. Oh.
Thank you. Thank you so much Finally. OH, sorry.
*Creeper* "I will take you to the light." Okay. Can you pull, pull god damn it? Pull. EGH
*Creeper* "I'm trying."
PULL IT OUT! EHBLEGHEGHEGHEEEEEEE [Screaming] [Or being possessed by a demon]
I guess I'm stuck on the ground forever.
"You can do it." It worked everyone yaaaay! Now, where is the anime?
"Hey SaladAss."
*Puberty Pewds* What up man?
"What's your favorite whiskey?" It's none of your god *voice crack* damn business ok? [TRIGGERED]
Why am I so fucking short." No you're not."
"You're just falling...You, moron.." Excuse me?
"Why you crawling get of your fucking ass."
D-don't... "Get up." I'm trying. "Get up." I can't!
"Are your legs failing you? Are your real life legs failing you? Grab onto something. Here grab my fucking hands."
"No you're not getting that till you stand up." [Mouse talking indistinctly in background]
You know what.
Okay alright, okay, okay? "Ahh ahhh ahh" [Ear Rape Warning] EEEEEIIIIIIIII!
What?! "Why are you a bloody robot?" Help me. Please.
"Get the fuck up you moron!"
Hey, hey, hey hey no need to swear. "No." No need to be so. "Now get up." I'm tryYying...
"Now stop recording this nobody asked you to."
I'm not doing anything... please...
"I know you're recording because I'm recording."
Eehe no no no y no no no ehie...
"Step away from the vehicle."
I just want it to be an anime girl. Hey level. [Smoochy] hey [smoochy].
How ya doin, huh?
How ya doing level?
Huh? Cmon.
"I'm doing good how are you doing?"
Oh god it's another fucking trap! God daaymn.
You look good.
Can I...
Can I touch you?
Can I, can I, just a little flick on the nose, please.
Please I haven't found it in a long time.
Take me take me to your light.
I want to be just like you. That's right I'll follow. Is it- is it through there? Through there?
Yes or no.
What are you trying to do? Oh gohegethre (Oh God- can I go through?)
Hey, where's the anime girls?
Where's the anime girls? You. Where's the anime girls? Fast. "U talk to me?"
Yes I'm talking to you where the anime girls?
"I dunno bro... there's one right here, there's one right here!"
God dammit! Oh wow! Can I ride you? Hell yeah! Eh heh heh heh!
Noo! Goh-wa ha ha ha!
God daymn. Hey wonder lady. You want to snap me? Hey.
'Scuse me you mind giving me a whip? Just a little whip, please?
*Demon* "SAYPLESE"
Pleeeeease! *Demon singsong* "Noowaayyy"
Oh my god. What I gotta do here to just get a little whip on the ass. Eheh ts ts ts [snek laf].
There we go. Thanks.
Finally I'm an anime. Hey guys. Hello fellow anime fans. I am an anime as well.
"Are you sure-h?"
Yes, of course I'm sure. You didn't see my... anime?
"Yo guys guys guys guys guys, listen up, listen up please."
"This is for you my friends, this is for you." ['Gopnik' by DJ Blyatman plays]
[Gopnik continues playing]
[Suffer Music]
How did this game get so fucking cancer?
Oh my god, you can draw. That is so cool.
[Indistinct chatter]
Thank you
[Chatter continues]
[Manly Japanese speaking]
Hey! Give that back right now! Give it back! Give it back!
I'll fuck your wife. [Manly coward scream] Son of a bi-.
[At the same time] "Why hello there" "Well hello there" "Hello there"
Well hello there?
[Multiple echoing] "Well hello there" Well hello there" Well hello there"
Well hello there?
[Multiple echoing] "Well hello there" Well hello there" Well hello there"
Well hello there. *Siri* "Gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang."
"Gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci-" [Speaking gibberish over Siri voice]
Mah bitch love do cocaine. (Respect your WAHMEN Pewds!)
[Imitating Markiplier] HelloOo everybody my name is MaAaAarkiplier.
"Oh dno I can't believe... [indistinct]"
What the fuck? [Suffer music] "Why are we still here? Just to suffer?"
How much you bench, bro? "He benches me." He bench-
Oh let me show me that shit dawg. I bet you couldn't even bench more than me.
Aw you scaared now? You scayed? What is this all plastic?
You see this?
You see this? I kick the shit out of anyone. *Pubescent voice cracking* "Is that PewDiePie what the fuck?"
No it's MaaaAAAaarkiplier....?
"Oh... oh no it's Saladass, my bad I got confused."
Yeah that's right. That righ- its-.
"So-" What? Oh- Oh-
Oki- eh- I-
"Learn space-" I'm try- "Learn the way of the humans."
I'm try- I can- ehhhhhh....
They- they-
Someone touched mEH. Does any one of you wanna see me dance. "Yes, yes." You like this.
"I like to -- you..." [Indistinct chatter] [Choking dragon screeches]
You like this?
"Please-" "Yeah-"
Hey anime bitch get the fuck off this is my stage.
[More chatter] "We don't need no anime chIcKs we got box o piiiiiiiiddsss(?) right heeaer!"
That's right!
That's right!
[Many laughing] "We got got a can o beeeaaans!"
Hey don't touch! That'll cost you. No, no, no.
"Yeaeeh! Beaanns!"
Get away boi!
Fuckin' perv!
"Alright alright hr heh"
God damn watching you.
*British* "It's fuckin liiit!"
What the fucks this...
[Background] "Can we kill the alien?"
Who said that?
[Background] "I'm hungry! Hungry!"
How did this game get so fucking cancer?
Like out of nowhere.
Guys guys I'm a virgin.
Can someone, please help me.
God damn!
Look etch'u!
You're gorgeous!
Wow, what is your name lil' girl?
No its MaaaAAaarkiplier.
"Yo, are you touching an under-aged girl?"
No she's no- I'm not touching!
It's not illegal! [Pop] AHGHHHH
"Hey don't fucking touch an under-aged little girrrrl."
"Yeah, why are you doing that?"
I will touch as many under-aged girls that I want!
"Sounds like PewDiePie!"
No I'm MaaArkipli-
[Chattering about Pewds]
Oh my god, it's it's Maarkiplier...
Is- it's Markiplier here!
What are you talking about!?
[Losing it] No it's not! It's not fucking PewDiePie I'm the Maaarkiplier!
I'm done! [Laughing]
Okay, okay, all right. I won't touch any more anime girls. All right. I'm sor- What?! Put the gun down!
Thank you.
Hey, hey knuckles girl.
Show me how I can become like you.
Oh, my, fucking god.
[Loud Laughter]
"You're a fucking anime girl dude."
Why you got a problem with anime girls?
Hello there, I see you're an anime babe yourself. "Hello"
*Mystical man* "I'm a can of beans and I can look up at your existence."
Hey, don't look up anywhere don't all right? What the fuck are you?
"Oh yes."
Can I touch you? *Pervy sexual* "Mmm this is a good." Yes?
"This is- this is good" This is good?
"This is good. Pure." This is good? "Yeees." This is good? Yeah?
You like this?
"Yess." Uh huh?
"Deeper." Ah?
"Oh my god I can't see."
"But, it's good." [Background bear] "What are you doing Pewdiepie??"
Ey, ey! We not doing anything!
What the fuck is my character?
Ey ey ey ey you got it wrong I eat you, you don't eat me all right? I'm not stretching out my arm
what the fuck is this?
"I like eating ass."
So do I.
You like knuckles?
[French] Eh ben.. Les enfants on s'en fout.. Ah ! [English] Well.. We don't care of children.. Ah !
[French] Je m'a- je m'appelle knuckle. [English] I am- I am a knuckle.
[French] Je voudrais.. [English] I'd like to.. [French] Quoi, tu t'appelles qui ? [English] What's your name ?
[French] Je voudrais une knuckles.. [English] I'd like to have a knuckles..
[French]. Voulez-vous-
coucher avec Knuckle ? *Do you want to sleep with Knuckle ?*
Si ? *yes ?* Je suis sur le livechat ? *I am on the livechat ?
"Non non non." ("No no no.")
No. Oui oui oui. (Yes yes yes.) [French] "Non." ("No.")
Oui oui ouiii. "Non non." (Yes yes yessss.) ("No no.")
Ohhhh. Tres bein. (Very good.) Ohhhh... "Nooooo...."
Ohoohhh [Demonic French gibberish]
Coucher avec knuckles! (You sleep with knuckles.(?))
Cos- [Tiny Frenchman scream]
Heh. Ouiouiouiouioui. (Yesyesyesyesyes.)
[Demonic Pewds] Ehhhhhhehhhhhhh.
I got baguettes.
[Trying to demon French gibberish]
Mais c'est un enfant ? *But it's a children ?] [Also choking demon in the background?]
Cmon. [Laughing]
Okay, I think that's enough VR Chat.
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BAN THIS GAME / VR Chat #0004

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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