B2 High-Intermediate 16 Folder Collection
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Are you interested, in the PewDiePie channel?
Biggest channel, on YouTube!
Much Better, than Jackspedicy- d *poods having editing error*
Just ask this random person!
♪ HeRe I am HerE i am How dO u Do? ♪
See? *laugh*
Subscribe today, for FREE!
You can become, a BRO!
For... for this price!
Why do I feel like Marina Joyce....
We're gonna go through... Some commercials...
I know.
Great idea.
I've looked for the worst, and weirdest commercials on the internet
I thought we'd check them out to see uh...
How bad can it be? How can it be?I think we all watched...
Just some random.. the-ones-you-call-in commercials...
During that place, during the day
You have nothing to do, you're just sitting at home
There is nothing to watch on television
And you're just watching this fucking thing on TV and they are trying to sell you some shitty product
And you are like " I don't know why i'm watching this, but i'm watching it and you know what, it's actually kind of entertaining
"I'm not gonna bu--
YOU KNOW WHAT? I might even buy that shit!"
And you buy it and use it once
and the rest is history.
Well, those kind of commercials we're going to check out today
so "HeRe We Go!" as I always say.
"Millions of women like yourself suffer from--"
Just like me
thank you for--uh not excluding...
"a poor night's rest."
"sleeping on your side without proper"
"breasts support..." *ZOOM ON BOOBS* "...can be a major culprit"
I will say yes, actually, it is a-- it is a big
problem for me to sleep on the side for
My breasts... uh... as a man, thank you.
"Introducing KUSH"
*Reggae Music plays*
Introducing weed... no?
"The comfortable nighttime companion"
"anatomically (what is it?) contoured to gently support and cushion the w-"
She just happened to have
that little bag right there?
"weight of a woman's breasts, Kush maintains a more natural sh--"
*Reggae Music starts again* OOOOOOOOOOHH
*Reggae Music continues*
"and no garments needed!"
"The slip resist-"
How did you not see what was wrong with this?
Sticking a long object between your tits
How did you--
Did no one just think,
"Hey, maybe...
"just maybe that's like...
"it looks a little weird?"
"[slip-resistant] surface helps keep KUSH in place, even as you roll from side-to-side!"
PEWDS: "Wow."
"KUSH offers comfort and proper spine alignment for side-sleepers.
"pregnant women, nursing mothers
"and post-operative recovery..."
I want to ask right now,
it's a little awkward question but--uhh--
if you have a C-cup or larger
is this a problem? is this a problem??
I'm genuinely curious uhh
as a D-cup
*oops* I-I mean as a B-cup! I don't...
I don't know what to say
Holy shit...
I guess they went out of business! NO!
Not KUSH Support!
GOD damn it!
"Over 100 years we've been"
"scrunching and folding toilet paper"
A hundred years, guys!
We've been wiping our ass
with toilet paper
"finally there's a better way"
*claps* YES "Comfort Wipe!"
"the sanitary paper extension arm and holder"
"the first improvement to toilet paper as we know it"
"since the 1880's"
"it e--" The first improvement since the 1880s
What happened in the 1880's?
"Extend to reach a full 18-inches--"
LOOK HOW LONG IT CAN EXTEND if you have your....
"It's as easy to use as a shower brush!"
Ugh, that's disgusting dude.
Why you---
you're not gonna use it as a shower brush
"Pop on the toilet tissue and when through"
"just press the release button and the tissue drops right into the toilet"
"Think about it toilet paper is really archaic and disgusting!"
I have never thought about that.
Danny, have you thought of---
EMMA, have you thought about that?
How chaotic and disgusting
*unintelligible sounds*
It is actually she does make a point
Like it is kind of gross have how--how near your hand is to your anus
but I mean you do...
you do wash your hands afterwards you--
you do.. do that
Do you?? *always wash your hands, kids*
"That's right!"
"Never touch another dirty toilet tissue"
(Yep) "Bein' a big guy certainly has its advantages... and its disadvantages..."
Ugh, dude, no.
Wha--what did you say?
"BeIn' A bIg GuY cErTaInLy HaS iTs AdVaNtAgEs...
...AnD iTs DiSaDvAnTaGeS."
*disgusted pewds*
"Comfort Wipe!"
Dafu--- "the solitary paper extension arm and holder"
"the first improvement to--"
Raise your hand
*points to Danny*
I think I got like, the budget budget version of this..
Oh, I got the--the "the standard bottom wiper"
I guess we didn't get the "the deluxe one"
but whatever we'll... *burp*
We'll try it. We'll try, see if it's good...
it could be good!
Could be good!
You gotta remain optimistic
this is an anatomically designed
Oh, That's strong.
Its strong like a Swedish man...
Don't wanna break it
Alright so, I have some...ah...toilet paper
So let's...
I guess
I guess I have to wipe my ass?
I mean...
that was the point, wasn't it?
to wipe your ass
Okay so...
Don't look, don't look
Danny, don't look.
Alright, Danny
Go crazy
*proceeds to wipe ass*
it's a little.. it's a little hard but...
*RIP PewDiePie Channel*
Drank a lot of water, I really have to go
people are waiting to tee off and there's no restroom out here
*awful squidward impression* I drank a lot of water and now many echo echo room and shit man
"Don't worry, I've got the perfect gift"
"for you.."
A gift? Oh, it's free... "Introducing the UroClub the discreet sanitary solution for your urgent relief"
"Created by a board-certified urologist.."
UH uh.... What?
A board-cer....A board-certified??
"created by a board-certified urologist.."
A urologist is a physician who has specialized knowledge and skill regarding problems of male and female urinary tract
Well, if that's your specialty then I understand your boredom..
I real...I really do
"but it contains a special reservoir built into the grip to relieve yourself"
Ughh my god
"the URO club goes with the special towel to keep your privacy"
*The Rock's theme plays*
Well, the real question is...
Can you swing it?
You know
Can you swing that club after you dipped it in pi--
Does it add, you know..
Does it, will it cover my hook?
You know, I've been having cooking a lot
Will it fix that problem?
"arry, leak-proof easy to clean"
"And no more embarrassing moments in the bu..."
"bush... Dramatically improve your golf scores for only $49.95..."
How will that dramatically
increase my golf score
please, specify what the fuck you're talking about...
"The URO club!"
"The only Club in your bag"
"guaranteed to keep you out of the woods!"
*What the fuck did I just watch?*
*frustrated sigh*
If you are a guy...
you don't have this problem
because you--you could just pee in the bush...
you could just be in the bush
You just go off and then you fuck off in the bush...
And if you're at a nice golf course
they will have bathrooms
they will have bathrooms
just go at those..
Thank you
Where did I park my car?
Oh no
Man, finer actors..
You really have to look for where....
Ah, where did I park my car?
I am in agony
unsufferable pain because where d--
where did I park my car?
"Now there's an easy way to remember everything"
"it's called My Lil' Reminder"
"a digital voice recorder that records without tape"
Blue Section, Row 18
then reminds you later
Blue Section, Row 18
"Or slip one on your key ring and you'll remember everything"
That's left on main street then go to two miles at right...
"So easy e--"
Yeah, keep telling me where to go, bro...
See he's like,
Yeah, keep telling me where to go, bro...
left on main street and go two miles at right...
A note
a piece of paper, a paper, a piece of paper...
a piece of... a piece of paper have you heard of it??
a piece of paper, a paper, a piece of paper...
"What do all women look at when buying jeans?"
Oh my god you know this is gonna be good
"What do all women look at when buying jeans?"
"That's right!"
"Their sexy or not so sexy bottoms"
"Imagine being able to reshape your backside"
"and achieve that ultimate shapely lifted booty" WHOA
"instantly!" WHOA
"It's here"
"Hollywood's hottest new trendsetter, (NO WAY, WTF) BOOTY POP!"
"Just like padded bra enhances..."
"Booty Pop! Panties (BOOTY POP! *claps*) are now revolutionizing women's undergarments"
Where did we go wrong?
"Boost your bottom and jeans,"
"shorts dresses and more!"
"Introducing Wobble Wag Giggle ball" WOGGLE WAG GIBBLE
"an interactive ball that makes the most hilarious sounds"
Hilarious! "For just $14.99!"
Edgar, Edgar...
Here it is...
he's looking at it
Oh my god it's crazy I never heard him a
"to make this the funnest deal on TV we'll double it for free!"
"you can get two wobble wag (TWOOOO *claps*) for a low price for just.."
Edgar, Edgar...
Do you see this shit??
you're not going to be an annoying asshole anymore...
You're fucking asshole. I hate you shut the fuck up.
Here it is...
The--the wiggle, the wiggle ball
he's looking at it
Wobble wag giggle
*pug intermission*
Oh my god, he's crazy.
I never heard him make these sounds
What the fuck is happening with the stuff
*pug intermission*
Great, that's great.
Okay, alright.
Enough with the Wiggle ball..
That's right, good...
That's right.
Oh, enough with the--
Enough with the wiggle ball
You had enough with the--
You don't control me
"You can get two wobble wag giggle balls"
"for one low price of just $14.99"
"It's the problem in the marriage bed"
"that no one likes to talk about"
"maybe that's why they call it..."
"Silent but deadly"
"well now there's a real solution to a very real problem..."
"Introducing, The better marriage blanket"
yeah no I imagine you know the number
one reason for divorces the number one
cost is farting underneath the bed
iiiii divorced Frank because that
fucking asshole kept farting over 100
million Americans speak guns in their
own what home backup protection bed sign
shotgun Oh 1 million Americans keep
dungeons for protection the Second
Amendment to the Constitution guarantees
all Americans the where their arms but
these arms must be accessible if that's
a product than one is that the product
you've got at your bedside and is easily
hidden by blankets and sheets the
patented backup device clients easily
that's a terrible idea gun in a
nightstand there is a solution the
patent pending gun vet holy shit
there is a solution the patent can make
it a shit boy I bet is quite possibly
the biggest breakthrough in home defense
since the invention of the firearm hell
yeah and expensive introducing zooming
but there are very high power binocular
oh yeah like sunglasses don't look cool
three hundred percent met three hundred
holding heavy monoculars is tiring on
your arms and heavy on your neck but
zumiez binoculars yes look I call ever
get you even have them on yes my why buy
a big screen daily when you can just get
to zumiez the zoomies let's try out the
zoomies I'm excited for this one the
whole packaging really screams quality
up fuck did they say three hundred
percent magnification is three hundred
percent magnifications here's that's
four hundred percent did I get the
better version or four hundred percent
Well, those kind of commercials we're going to check out today
How did you--
Where do we go wrong as a species?
"Now you can have that super sexy booty just like the celebrities"
"to make this the funnest deal on TV we'll double it for free!"
"you can get two wobble wag (TWOOOO *claps*) for a low price for just.."
Do you see this shit??
you're not going to be an annoying asshole anymore...
You're fucking asshole. I hate you shut the fuck up.
The--the wiggle, the wiggle ball
Wobble Wag Giggle
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16 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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