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never tell me the odds.
That's what I've been saying my entire life.
When people said be your YouTube channel not to work, I go.
Odds Don't say it.
Yeah, that's what I do.
Remember that.
Remember at one time?
Well, today we're gonna highlight and honor some other impossible odds here.
For example, we were second away from Oh, my God.
Losing our home to tell aboard a fire.
Thank you.
Told a firefighter that saved our community chases.
That's right on the border Fire.
Be like I had this hill.
Can't do it, man.
When your bus had been working there forever What it is Subway.
What is happening?
That man is gonna become a sandwich kicker one day.
Trust me.
Oh, my God!
Holy Molly Keck.
A Roni pony.
Jesus Christ, man.
Onley realized he was signed in front of me halfway through the game.
Yeah, this is a dick.
Come on.
69 with 16.
96 home.
This is the most epic moment recorder in history becoming number one Subscribing though this is a for May.
This is a imagine.
If all their shirts said 69 it's well, I'll be flipping losing a What you doing?
Ah, uh, that's sweet.
I like this.
This I like full heart.
I feel my heart not cracking here, Lee.
OK, what?
We got putting some cheese on my burger Bruh.
That man deserves a Nobel price.
And you know, we come on, that's not that hard of a shot.
I've seen dude Perfect.
Do that shot at least 50 times.
Cringe down, Vote small pp.
Yes, I convict takes more people on other websites.
Thank you very much.
Imagine, like, always looks like this, huh?
People always say, Ah, society, whatever.
This is what I want.
This is what I really want.
Miley inconveniences dis curing themselves.
That's all I want.
Curing old problems in the world.
No, thank you.
Not interested making things.
I dropped full pack into my hands.
Yes, Yes, yes, yes.
Oh, hell yeah.
I'm not gonna lie.
I think that was more impressive.
Props to the hat, man, if you're watching, let me 11.
That we might bring around for member of You're something alright?
Eagles player collapse at a perfect time in order to accidentally catch the ball.
Why did that?
Funny Damn!
See this is what I want.
Imagine It's like, What's that guy in the, Uh Oh, God.
What is it called in English?
Donald Duck.
Isn't Donald locked the comic book?
His cousin skill.
His only scale is that he has insane luck.
That's all.
I want luck.
10 basically Blood 100.
That's always what I go for in the stupid games.
Because that's all they want.
Calculated way to avoid a ticket.
Did he try him off?
Did you do that on purpose?
Some G th pub, G stream.
It randomly shoots one sniper Bullets just has a bug.
Accidentally killed enemy 400 meters away.
What sets the meters now?
Chief says I don't know.
I've seen a few knives.
Talks in call of duty.
Way more impressive.
Why am I laughing?
That's awful.
But also very funny Cats.
That Katyn was thinking is amazing.
I have superpowers.
My God.
Oh, well, better clean myself.
Catch this kid made was amazing.
That was not amazing without Theo last stumble to But he added it.
Whoa, Look!
Okay, now I have it.
What the hell is this?
Is that it?
Oh, my dog.
Does Jesus pigeon as a pigeon pea.
Pigeon poop portrays itself.
That is amazing.
Jesus Christ.
I believe all religions Now all of them simultaneously holy, counted.
I used the tree to build the tree.
Oh, yeah.
Don't hit me whenever this is baseball from this angle, I'm like, Oh, God isn't Uh oh.
Uh huh.
Uh, say, I wouldn't even be impressed cause I do this old time.
Watch, wash, Watch you see my bottle Flip video.
This is not a coincidence.
This is not a coincidence that make sure it's trying to communicate with this.
Red Cross team accidentally captures meteor.
They didn't even see it.
Holy counted.
That's so cool.
Not impressed.
Not impressed.
Not impressed.
Was that it?
Not impressed.
What about you guys?
But I was not impressed.
Not impressed, Not impressed.
I've done that in many times in video games.
Not impress.
Still not impressed what bacteria be like?
OK, I'm used mildly amused.
You win.
I've seen enough high.
Cute to know if I should be impressed.
Uh, that was a terrible smash.
The center did not set that up properly.
He's barely over the net.
The blockers should have done a simple one touch.
Cringe is going to steal the camera.
Ah, uh, see what luck?
It's important.
This would never happen to me.
10 luck, Leif Ulsan.
All right, let's see if we can impress me yesterday.
Yeah, that's the way to do it.
Is that so?
Skill calculated.
Calculated who?
Uh oh, my God.
Thumbs up.
Saver of lives?
Yes, the power of God's.
This is what I want.
This is the superpowers.
I waas dammit, It's not fair.
I have no talent.
O que e, uh, e feel like next time we have to do when people just mess up or something to contrast this because it is not a good reflection of the world.
All right, let's see.
It says wait for it.
Not impressed.
Not impressed.
I think this is why you need 10 luck.
I bet he got women later.
Yeah, Yeah, he got women.
What is resisted this move fortnight.
Danes, uh, got a member fortnight Dense.
Told your kids aren't impressive.
Rubik's Cube.
Not impressed, Not impressed.
That's funny.
President will give you something Decibel doesn't cow.
But boy, does they do.
What a beta.
What a loser Whoa!
It even went this direction.
I want that.
That could be me.
I can't backflip.
I can't do anything.
I never felt so insufficient watching this.
Another Rubik's Cube.
Okay, that's way more impressive confusion.
Nice noise, dog for the way.
Poor dog.
It's a dog.
Okay, It's a dog.
Need to check Comments.
Okay, Dog, find.
I read it.
Set the fire.
Drug fire!
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Why is that funny?
When realize gets some title.
What wise?
That's impressive.
Whoever packed that, though.
Come on with the hell you got to go on the news for it.
It was the happiest day of my life.
Not only did the band's ones, but it bounced twice.
That's unheard of.
Just wondering whether you remember the Darby much in 1967.
It's an F A Cup fifth round.
It was shown on the big screen.
I remember it.
Do you have played in it for Louisville?
What stroke?
Let me meet tonight.
Can you remind me of your name?
Tell me, Lawrence, Tell me.
Nice to meet you.
What would you remember about it?
Great game.
Both going to win Yeah, Yeah, I e I don't know why I enjoy these more.
I don't know why.
More wholesome.
Yes, Yes, that's a wizard right there.
So he made fun of me.
If we're gonna get fucked in the face and then he gets it, what are the odds?
That's insane.
Why am I so impressed by that?
That's amazing.
You did that too.
May is always that something?
Now that's comedy.
I don't care what anyone says.
That is the funniest thing.
Except the 69 shirt from earlier.
That was almost as funny.
Whoa, where safety guises.
Kids, she says.
Holy moly.
I don't even know those things were sharp is not just sandpaper Chase s.
Oh, God.
Uh, the anxiety this gives me, uh, don't like it.
Oh, Rocket league.
Hell, yeah.
Let's get it.
They're gonna bounce it into him.
What's happening?
He's a Okay.
Yeah, It would have gone in any way, but yeah, that's funny.
Amazing golf shot.
I'm down for it.
Did he go straight in jam?
On the flag.
While incredible, not impressed.
A man taps another man's show there, not knowing that would save his life.
00 ah oh That's That's God right there.
What the hell?
Oh, my God!
That gave me shiver suit.
Holy cow!
You might have still lived, but still that's incredible.
I can't watch this anywhere.
It's too much anxiety If they give you watching, Never tell me the odds.
Now remember, kids always say not the odds.
Thank you for watching subscribe and all that epic nous.
And I see you guys tomorrow, Children of nine, it's time to raise what was once for a doctor.
Creatures Fox spells and prove troops away is coming dio dead No sway.
And remember, it has a very big KP preorder promotion.
I mean, way.
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NEVER Tell Me The Odds! #68 [REDDIT REVIEW]

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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