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  • Lila, I love you.

  • Arnold, I love you ever so much!

  • ("Hey Arnold" theme song plays.)

  • Move it, football head!

  • Helga?

  • You'll never guess who I bumped into?

  • Helga Pataki?

  • Is she still butt ugly?

  • Whatever happened to that weird head of yours?

  • I grew into it.

  • (laughs) Oh, Arnold...

  • Kiss me, stupid.

  • Crazy girls are fun, Shortman.

  • (dubstep music plays) Grandma Dubstep!

  • See? (laughs)

  • Have you seen Abner?

  • You remember Helga Pataki from P.S. 118?

  • Want some bacon?

  • You have to help me, Phoebe!

  • I haven't spoken to her since they put her in the mental institution.

  • (creepy music)

  • Who keeps calling you?

  • Nobody!

  • Stinky's missing, Harold is in the hospital with food poisoning, and Eugene is dead.

  • She killed Eugene?

  • They're saying it was an accident.

  • (screams) I'm okay!

  • Good bye, Arnold.

  • Don't act like this isn't your fault!

  • She's ruining my life!

  • Lila!

  • I didn't want to share you.

  • (suspenseful music builds up)

  • Stoop Kid, help me!

  • I can't!

  • (Helga laughs)

  • Are you scared of me, Arnold? Because I'm scared of me.

  • (heavy breathing)

  • (creepy music) Hey Arnold...

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Lila, I love you.

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Hey Arnold!: The Movie - Official Trailer [HD]

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