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Lila, I love you.
Arnold, I love you ever so much!
("Hey Arnold" theme song plays.)
Move it, football head!
You'll never guess who I bumped into?
Helga Pataki?
Is she still butt ugly?
Whatever happened to that weird head of yours?
I grew into it.
(laughs) Oh, Arnold...
Kiss me, stupid.
Crazy girls are fun, Shortman.
(dubstep music plays) Grandma Dubstep!
See? (laughs)
Have you seen Abner?
You remember Helga Pataki from P.S. 118?
Want some bacon?
You have to help me, Phoebe!
I haven't spoken to her since they put her in the mental institution.
(creepy music)
Who keeps calling you?
Stinky's missing, Harold is in the hospital with food poisoning, and Eugene is dead.
She killed Eugene?
They're saying it was an accident.
(screams) I'm okay!
Good bye, Arnold.
Don't act like this isn't your fault!
She's ruining my life!
I didn't want to share you.
(suspenseful music builds up)
Stoop Kid, help me!
I can't!
(Helga laughs)
Are you scared of me, Arnold? Because I'm scared of me.
(heavy breathing)
(creepy music) Hey Arnold...
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Hey Arnold!: The Movie - Official Trailer [HD]

1564 Folder Collection
Why Why published on April 1, 2013
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