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he's a review from BBC Learning English Hello and welcome to News Review the program where we show you how to use the language from the latest news stories in your everyday English.
Hi, I'm Neil.
Joining me is Katherine.
Hello, Katherine.
What's the story you found for us today?
Story Neil is about the ceremony which will make Donald Trump into the world's most powerful person.
Okay, well, let's find out some more about this from this BBC World Service News Bulletin.
The number of Democrat members of the U.
S Congress, who said they will boycott Donald Trump's inauguration as president on Friday, has risen to 26.
It follows Mr Trump's attack on the Democrat Congressman John Lewis, who said he would not attend the ceremony because Mr Trump wasn't a legitimate president.
So a story about the inauguration of Donald Trump on inauguration is a ceremony that will make him the official president of the United States.
Now, a growing number of Democratic members of the U.
Congress are refusing to attend the ceremony on there, saying that the refusal is because Mr Trump was insulting towards one of their members.
Okay, well, you've been looking at this story across the news media on what are the words that you have picked out that people are using to talk about it.
Okay, so we've got three really interesting words today.
The 1st 1 is boycott.
Then we have legitimate and finally swell boycott, legitimate and swell.
So that start with boycott?
So the Washington Post tells us the trump transition, dozens of Democratic lawmakers to boycott inauguration boycott and here in this sense, boycott to refuse to take part in something as a protest.
But it has a wider meaning.
Let's stick to start with with the refusal to take part in something, yep, if you boycott an event, you refused to join in with it, and this can happen on a personal level, but most often you'll see it done in a kind of organizational level.
So in this case, a lot of people are refusing to go to the inauguration.
They're boycotting it.
You can have countries that refuse to send teams to sporting events.
So, for example, during the apartheid years in South Africa, a lot of sport teams wouldn't go to play in South Africa.
So the England rugby team for example, they wouldn't play in South Africa as a protest against the system of apartheid.
So they boycotted the rugby games.
Yep, it was a boycott.
And so that is connected to attendance or taking party.
Also used equally to talk about buying things or not buying.
Yeah, not buying things.
In fact, So you can have countries that boycott produce from other countries where you could do it on a personal level?
I'm doing a boycott right now.
Yeah, You gotta get into a fight with your fishmonger.
Well, I wouldn't say fight, but it was very impolite to me.
And he was so rude.
In fact, I've decided that I will not buy anything from his shop again.
I am boycotting my local fishermen ghabra as a protest against his luck of common politeness.
Okay, so that's an example of a personal boycott on a sort of a personal level.
Rabanne officially organized?
And that word could be used.
They're down there?
Anything refusing to by refusing to participate is a boycott.
Yeah, interesting note about this word.
It comes from a person's name.
Yes, Captain by car Captain.
Boycott Onda.
Well, it's a complicated story from Irish history, which we won't go into.
But people refused to do something connected to Captain Boycott, and therefore his name came to mean the action of refusing to take part in something or buy something.
That's right.
OK, your next word.
Next word we're looking at The Chicago Tribune.
The headline says, that some Democrats are criticizing John Lewis is legitimate job trump.
That means it worked on job.
There means a broad attack.
Yeah, so legitimate in this case, Meaning allowed by law.
A very literal meaning.
Yes, absolutely.
And a good tip is the words L E g.
At the beginning of a word often has a relationship with the law.
So from legal legislate on dhere legitimate.
If some things are just a legitimate, the law says it's OK.
So, uh, John Lewis, this Democratic member of Congress, is suggesting that Trump isn't the legitimate, won't be a legitimate president because he feels that this business with the Russian hacking means that he isn't the right person to take up this position.
But it can also be widened out this term legitimate meaning in a more general sense, fair, reasonable, acceptable Yeah, it doesn't always have a strictly legal sense, and something is just okay.
It's all right.
There's no problems with that.
It's legitimate.
Now I've got a bit of a problem, haven't I?
You're late.
Nous Neil.
I know it's too.
It's happening too much.
Yeah, I've been late a couple of times.
Yeah, the the first time I had an excuse for both was a legitimate excuse that Well, let's see.
Let's see.
So the first time I was on the London Underground transport system, the train broke down.
I'm underground.
There's no way of informing anyone.
Eso I arrived late, right?
Yeah, on the boss said, Okay, that's a legitimate reason.
It was out of your control.
It was a good reason you tried Everything couldn't be helped.
Legitimate reason.
Yeah, Meaning acceptable on the second time.
Well, I'm addicted to Scandinavian dramas on.
Are you really?
And I would stay.
I stayed up till about far for more 30 in the morning.
Watching episode after episode, right?
I miss my alarm and I Yeah, I came in late.
And what did the boss say?
He didn't think there was acceptable offer.
He didn't think that was a legitimate reason for being.
Well, I think I would agree with your boss about that, and you'll get yourself to bed early.
Yeah, stop being stop using illegitimate reasons, which takes us on So the opposite of legitimate is illegitimate, really has a slightly different kind of meaning.
It does, I mean the most.
The most common use of the wood illegitimate is used to describe a child whose father is not officially recognized.
Often the name of the father isn't on the birth certificate.
This means the child often doesn't have the same legal rights as a child whose father is recognized.
It's slightly old fashioned use.
We don't you don't hear it so much in the UK, at least in the these tunes.
But that's the most common use of the word illegitimate and our next headline and next word we have in The Telegraph.
Donald Trump purges Obama appointees on luscious out at critics ahead of inauguration on in the story.
It's telling us that the boycott would swell as a result, swell meaning get bigger, the protest will get bigger.
They're expecting more than 26 members of Congress from the Democratic Party to boycott this event.
But swell has a number of meanings.
It does, yes, I can convene in numbers of people or quantities more and more and more of something.
It also means that if you're late again, Neil and you make me feel angry, I might get a big stick and hit you on the head for this.
Hit me on the head or nose or knows as a punch in the nose.
Yeah, thank you.
What will be the likely result of that your nose or your head would swell.
It would get bigger as a result of an injury, and we often use the word swell to describe this physical reaction to an injury.
The now is swelling.
You would have a swelling on your head.
It's often used to mean in to do with liquid that we can talk about water, the water, the oceans swelling, um, on beacon.
Sometimes you in the positive sense in a metaphorical sense.
So, for example, if you were proud you were watching your child performing on the stage of yes, the Rangers singing beautifully my today my heart would swell with pride.
Let us recap the words that we've looked at today, but before that, we have, as usual, our Facebook challenge.
Um, the word the big word that we've been looking at is Inauguration.
The inauguration of Donald Trump is US president.
Quite a difficult word to say, even for a native speaker.
Let me.
Yes, I've been saying all morning and I still have to think about it.
Inauguration, Inauguration.
So our question was, How many syllables are there in this world?
How many were there?
Well, we look on Facebook.
Quite a few people thought it was four.
But in fact there are five syllables.
A nor you Ray Shin so well done to everyone who said answer c including Dylan, Turk, Cody, You, Andi, Alex may well done.
Everybody who got that right.
Five syllables in inauguration.
Great stuff.
So now if you could just recap the words we've looked at today, please, I can.
We had boycott which means refused to take part in something as a protest.
Legitimate means allowed by the law on swell means get bigger.
And if you would like to test yourself on today's vocabulary, there's a quiz you can take on our website at BBC Learning english dot com, where you can find all kinds of other videos of materials to help you improve your English.
Thanks for joining us and good bye, good bye, He's review from BBC Learning English.
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BBC News Review: Build up to Trump's inauguration

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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