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hey welcome Felix here. I have found
the strangest fetish online *somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed*
sneezing videos
that's right everybody sneezing videos
sweeping the nations. Is your kid watching
sneezing videos on YouTube? you better
watch out, YouTube is dangerous place
apparently it's really popular
really really popular so popular that
from now on big announcement I have
become a sneezing Channel let's look at
some sneezing people
Holy shit
that's a lot of sneezes how does she do it
incredible how does she do that thing
with her nose. I- I've never seen anything like it
you can follow her on Instagram
* chuckle* Sneeze girl
how did you come up with that?
I'm gonna be sneeze girl- ah shit it was taken
it's private
come on man come on I need to see them sneezes
n- now the favorite part of these
sneezing videos it's the comments
they're absolutely fucked up nuts but
horribly horribly hot no name but very
very pretty awesome sneeze this really
sexy Rick Sanders okay he just liked a
couple videos he liked this one and
another sneezing one all these like
videos are related to sneezing and
allergies 10 hours of sneezing this is
weird dude this guy is weird
that's her 150 fourth C's what are these
are these cam girls? I like apologetic sneezers
what's the most viewed sneeze beautiful
girls quadruple sneeze my god must see
they love this one because it's just a
guy trying to play guitar but he keeps
sneezing and it's just getting genuinely
pissed off about it that's so pissed he
just gave up sneezing can change lives
it's not just a fetish but it's also a
fetish bless you for all your sneezes
handsome cute sneezes by the way even
girls like sneezes wha what has happened
to the world please make sure text me
can you make a shit me bleep so hot
bless us so handsome are you telling me
right now that all I have to do is
sneeze and women will like me my
declining female demographic will
finally return if I sneeze well the
choice is obvious I need to figure out
how to sneeze some demand what what
what's that cute with that deducting
real wait what why but what is that what
is that pewdiepie sneeze compilation
what's the 10,000 views you can thank me
Thank You of them
holy shit buddy like super old video I
love Kenan okay these are so old how old
are you what you sir
sorry Jesus
make him find a jacket it's me Georgey
ah that one was cute how do they find
all these they must go through like
hundred so much fucking videos so many
videos I have thousands of videos kind
of want that on my son boy wait jack has
one what the fuck I bet I have way cuter
sneeze than Jack by the way yes
confirmed hahaha that fuck with that
Jesus like sneeze almost killed me yeah
ah lame wait ken has a fucking sneeze
give it to dawn who holy shit a triple
sneeze not bad Ken I may have a bit of
respect left for you after all right cry
cry yes just just every fucking youtuber
ever has a sneeze in compilation shit
oh shit that you move down there they
definitely move down there yeah what the
hell is wrong with you
yeah I'd fuck that sneeze
I'd fuck it i Puckett sorry mines em
over you now wait you guys better not be
perverts over my destiny Singh no no it
was decent after we put no plans around
I can't wait
don't worry always do it was my chance
even her sneeze is sexy what the fuck
another what the fuck is this channel
there's even a whole science around
sneezing I don't know if you guys
realize this but it's pretty interesting
yeah I saw your hands like that did you
thank you good let's break down the
Tosh's call shall we
where they're testing what's grosser a
sneeze or a cough hell cops project
thousands of bacteria up to 7 feet away
yeah it's my face at 55 miles per hour
I can feel her phlegm drying on my giant
weirdo 38 38 38 me I'm kind of into that
I let garl sneeze on me sorry might say
I don't watch this video much I would
let girls sneeze on me please this video
has this video has converted me alright
how much is in the scene it was a weird
show now what's weird reason reacting to
this shit 25350 sneezing is gross get
this ride you've perverts stop looking
at my girlfriend sneezing I don't like
it that's right that's right daddy of
five you're so right
so if you ever have to sneeze in public
here's what you do the Dracula sneeze
now it's a DAB it's a DAB so if you're
spreading germs sneezing
even when covering your mouth and
sneezing into your elbow is there
anything you can do but let's grab a
tissue believe it or not with Marcus
sneezing right into the tissue we found
nothing getting through nothing
well I still stand by the dab
that's cool
wait what
twelve-year-old sneezes 12,000 times per
day there's always some weird fetish a
little girl who can't stop sneezing she
sneezes about are you ready for this
12,000 times per day Gio Benitez has her
story for us oh shit
are you kidding me for twelve-year-old
Katelyn Thornley this sound has become
painfully familiar whoa whoa whoa whoa
well ago Katelyn began sneezing and she
hasn't stopped I was walking out as I
feel bad for her learn a lesson all of a
sudden oh just it kind of started and
just like little spurts you know it was
like just a few sneezes here and there
but by the time I went to bed I'd sneeze
30 times that night Katelyn now
averaging about 20 sneezes per minute
what I can control it sometimes but it's
really painful and so far doctors the
Texas Children's Hospital in Houston
haven't been able to figure out exactly
what is causing yellow my time using
referring to the Lotus whoa whoa whoa
whoa whoa whoa iris oh my god that so
many stays read well I'm going to hell
after I die but she sounds like it well
it's time for you and III know it's time
to pull out the sneeze I realized all I
need to do is to pull out a really good
sneeze I don't know if you noticed but
it back Oh they've all been fake sneezes
I know I can fake them really well but
let's do a genuine sneeze here together
I see if we can both do it together I I
came prepared I have one of these I'm
going to stick it up my no wait my nose
thank you
yeah what yeah I'm gonna come back
oh yeah motherfucker
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13 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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