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Hey guys, what's up? Welcome to another video *dab dab dab dab dab dab dab Mhhhhhhhhhh
(7th most handsome man of 2017, ladies and gents)
I'm sick
Which is okay, because I wanted to make this chill video for quite some time showing off my figurine collection
Yes, that's right. Who doesn't want to know about my
Manchild hobby? Who doesn't care about toys. I know you do
Hmmm MMMmmmmmmm
...Mmm. for real, uh you may have seen in the in the back
I usually have some figurines there, and I got a lot of questions about them, so now
I'm going to tell you and start off right away with the ones I typically have: the Kawz figurines
Ba Da Bup!
buh dup babowww
got got all three of them, baby
Marzia my **lovely** girlfriend gave me these for my birthday
I'm very happy with these. These are probably one of my favorite
and that's why they just look so good. Now Kawz is an incredible artist..
I... Uhh..
I've been following his stuff for a couple years
These sort of figurines would go for like 50 bucks(50$) back in the day
And I think now they these just one range from like $200 to
(only $399, pewds?)
500 maybe I don't know. it's insane how popular they become they've sort of became a hypebeast
Symbol almost which is really strange
I got this Kawz tattoo you a couple years back
A one-in of one of his figurines my favorite one which I actually don't own. It's fine
I haven't I have the tattoo
I don't need that... and I saw it in the background of like a DJ Khaled video
And I just cringe so hard maybe it's unfair for me to judge
DJ Khaled's opinion on art
But I just I think a lot of people just want these
For the not for the sake of the artist and the artwork just because they're... they're a symbol now. They've sort of become a symbol of
The hypebeast culture we it's a shame because I think Kawz the artist has a really interesting history. He started off as a
Graffiti artist just scribbling on top of ads
in New York City super cool stuff
but then I think he got promoted a lot by really big celebrities like Kanye West and
Pharrell Williams and
DJ Khaled, and I guess me now if you want to get one of these
I recommend watching out for fake ones
Make sure that the bottom has
Medicom TOI China, so it's signed if it's really cheap, it's probably fake
I've seen a lot of these go for like 20 bucks on eBay. It's fake. You don't want to get fake stuff
That's not cool. I love this one this so this is the version that has the intestine
exposed and the why I rub that so essentially it's a the Mickey Mouse undead version
I don't know. I don't know what it is to be honest. This is an amazing piece of art
Let's put them on the show. I mean come on. They look great. They look great
next one you probably haven't seen
It's a figurine
Custom-made from Japan. I bought it in this store called Mandarake (Mandarake Mon) which is in Tokyo Shibuya?
they sell a lot of custom toys and figurines and
Vintage toys as well, I thought this was a vintage toy
Marzia gave me this one as well, so Marzia paid for half of these my head screws. It's..
It can move its leg
This one is from KIKKAKE toy. They do different versions of these like different colors
Different stuff like that. I think they are about 23,000 yen, which is like
$215 or pounds which is a bit expensive?
Yes, but I always like to get one of these from Mandarake when I go to Japan as a memory of that trip
And it's worth it like I know
For some people it might be outrageous to spend that amount of money on a figurine, but I'm I'm very pleased with it
It's a fine piece of art, and I would never get rid of it.
Collectible type of figurine is this brick bear
You've probably seen these they do a ton of different variations of these. This is the Mount Fuji version
It's very cool. It's another thing I bought because I wanted to get a memory from another Japan trip
I've been five times now, and it never gets dull. I know it's kind of a...
*"sexy" voice* He's a dweeb. He just loves Japan, but how can you not?
It's so much fun. Every time I go
and I want to get a memory of a figurine so I got this one this one is probably like 50 bucks 20
Bucks some variations of these I swear like a thousand or five thousand they're insane
I probably wouldn't get more of these even though they're... You can technically collect like a bunch of different ones
(Who turned off the lights?? Hold meh!)
It's a bit too simple for me
I don't I don't really see the mass appeal of these to be honest as much as I do with the Kawz
This feels more like a collectible
figurine toy. Kawz's work seems more like
Artwork to me at least that's how I see it.
And speaking of which another gift from Marzia *timid chuckle*
I'm paying for (OOF dog?)
a Gary Baseman porcelain
figurine careful not to drop this
extremely detailed
Extremely beautiful. This is number...
224 out of I think 815
I think this one is like 500 pounds.
Pretty expensive , but it's made together with a porcelain company Lladro. I love this art
I love Gary Baseman's art. He's another very underrated artist
I would say compared to Kawz definitely check him out if you want to get some like cheaper
But still really cool figurines. This one is more expensive because it's a special edition, but I love this one
I just realized he has the eye that actually looks like that tattoo that I have
Hey, I got tattoos of my figurines how about that?
Gary Baseman does just like Kawz?
Incredible piece of art and paintings I mean, but then he got into 3d art
And I think that's where he really shines. I think this sort of stuff is just so cool
Again, this feels more like an art piece of art, then then a figurine or something like that.
I don't know
Next up we have--very proud of this one!
It's Gundam of Zhu ku, I don't watch Gundam, I just loved building them
I don't know if that's a shameful thing to admit or not
But typically I would say building models so basically I built this myself
Just putting all the pieces together
You have to build the skeleton and then from all the exterior it took me a couple days at least
it's not very well, built because
Pieces tend to fall off. I'm gonna try to be careful, but like it can go into rocket mode so we can
pull all these off, and then this should come off as well.
Does anyone care about this??
I care so shut up. You can open up the helmet you can take off the
*Pewds breaking stuff*
You can take off the the thing and then move this up
and you got a little dude sitting there, and he can go into his power mode and
*Power mode initiated*
There you go look at that
I think is like every single piece of this are just bits put together
So you're not really I guess unless you glue it
You're not really supposed to fiddle with it and has so many goddamn moving parts. It's ridiculous
I'm not making a great case for this, I... This is the only piece I broke, okay? Shut up
Someone's gonna make a 20 minute video explaining what I did wrong as a response
Listen! I'm proud of this be quiet. There you go. Look. he's fine.
He's fine
Zaku is fine. Anyway, I would love to build more of these
This is a perfect grade version, which means it's one to sixteen scale if you want to get one
I think this is like 150 bucks, but you can get a smaller version
I think like I said, I think building models is kind of lame (nice try, Pewds. Nice try), but just because they're so well designed these... so cool
It's like you get a cheaper really cool figurine.
Next up, we have this Godzilla figurine. Yes!
this is actually just a toy.
Uhm, for kids
I love Godzilla
I mean how can you not love Godzilla? You have a country that gets... that goes through two of the most horrific
Bombing of history and then out comes this metaphorical
That is just so badass
but what I love most about this thing is that a lot of people come over and they look at this and
If you move the legs, it does that! and it pokes their eye out
It's hilarious
Next up is another figurine for my second trip to Japan
Mandarake again; it's a custom toy. I love this one. I have no idea where it's from I don't know what its referencing, but
Illuminati, amairite? Look at that
I love how
asymmetric it is.Like all the detail it really feels like it's... it's
Personally just hand-drawn and made which I think is really cool.
obviously, that's not the case. That would cost I think a lot more, but I think it also has some Nazi symbols on it (Noooooo)
Which is a bit strange... and these titties? I just realized. But it's probably the Buddhism, but for the sake of ad revenue
I'm gonna put this one away now
Thank you
Remember what I said about the fake Kawz you gotta be careful because this was gifted to me as well. This is another gift
It's fake. It has no sign at the bottom, the plastic feels kind of cheap,
It's kind of squiggly
Like you hear that? *clacking and clicking*
Which is a shame, because I love this art. I love this figurine. I'm not okay with art theft
I'm very strongly against it, but since it was a gift it can't be helped
It's a shame, but I still love it. It's still it's still a nice gift
I can't... I'm still very happy with it, but yeah, be careful if you're buying
Figurines to make sure you don't don't get fake ones.
My third trip to Japan, I got this bad boy
Mandarake as well
So cool. I thought this was a vintage toy when I bought it
But it's a it's a custom made from Japanese symbols. I don't know what they are. I love the scarf detail
I guess it's some sort of desert monster
It's like a scorpion or something like that turning to a... I don't know. it's very cool
That's all I know: it's very cool.
Come on.
Got another original fake Kawz figurine
I love the design of this one
This one is real. I feel like they... Kawz literally
was like since these figurines got so popular. He was all just like you guys would literally buy anything
I put out
You know I can-- I can just mess up the figurine you guys will literally still buy it and
Lo and behold!!
This is worth hundreds of dollars. I love... it's still incredibly...
Well-designed for being just a mess and it stands up fine like
It's really cool. I really love it even though it's kind of kind of a statement. I feel like against
Against the consumers or its movement I suppose now from my latest trip in Japan
I didn't pick up any thing from Mandarake. I did buy this Blame! figurine
It's Killy. Blame! of course, he is the best manga of all time
It's a shame the anime wasn't that great, but at least you get some cool figurines out of it
And I'm very happy to finally own some Blame! merchandise, or
I also got the Safeguard which is hilarious if you want to pose it I
*pewds amusing self*
I don't think this is how this toy was intended, but it's very cool
I didn't particularly like the Safeguard design in the.. in the anime, but the figurine looks really cool, actually.
I also got this, you probably saw in my blog
It's not a Gundam. I'm such an idiot
It was in the Gundam section of the store, so that's why I got confused and everything is in another language
But it's really cool. It's got the little guy on top which is dope. I can open up here
And I think there's a guy in there as well. Yeah, it is so it is kind of a it's like a mecha
The eyes lit up as well
Which is pretty dope. Very happy with it, nevertheless. Even though it wasn't what I wanted.
I also got this golden Gundam, which is so cool. I built this as soon as I got home
It looks so sick. This is like 20 bucks
Amazing. How cool is that? Come on.
I don't know. Just a quick show, because I realized I probably have been going on for quite a while
I think the back comes out
Yeah, it does. I guess this is like his wings or some
So cool. Drink (water, kids) every time I say "so cool" in this video
My favourite figurine. It's not a figurine you can probably tell that it's Gary Baseman, again
I have a Gary Baseman tattoo as well, actually. I love his art
This is like his... his Icon figure, Toby.
And he sold this... I think I saw a tweet or something that he's selling these and I was like
I don't think I bought anything that quickly.
I got number 94 out of a hundred.
I'm so happy I got one of these. It's incredible
I don't know how much this is worth
Like I feel like this would be worth a lot at this point, 'cuz Toby is like his main figurine. This is so cool
I usually don't like plushies and stuff. I guess it's not a plushie, but
It stands up, because of his tail
I love the art
It reminds me of Monkey Bone. If you've seen that movie. It feels like a
Like a cursed item that you buy
You buy somewhere and then your whole life gets messed up
Just like mine did.
So dope! And that concludes my figurine collection.
Which one was your favorite?
Let me know. Do you collect figurines as well? Let me know.
I hope I will feel less sick tomorrow
I think I have a little bit of fever, so it kind of makes sense to do a shill video
I hope you enjoyed it, please leave a thumbs up if you do I would really appreciate it a lot
That's it for me for now. Have a great one. Goodbye
( Feel Better!!!
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4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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