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free tickets just gone- thousands and thousands of free tickets just gone with the wind
I just haven't had time to sit back and really like sob about this sh*t like- as you can see that's definitely gonna be tonight."
like- as you can see that's definitely gonna be tonight."
Jesus Christ
We all know by now TanaCon was a disaster. It was failure.
*continuous chanting of "Refund"*
*crowd chants refund*
But we haven't really been told why, why did it fail? Why did Tanacon go so badly?
Why did Tana Con go so badly?
How did it get so out of control?
Well the message that we were told initially was that...
15,000 people just showed up. They just showed up magically. That's right.
*fans screaming*
You guys I just found out that there are twenty thousand people outside!
*inaudible + more screaming*
Oh my gosh...
twenty thousand people. It started off with twenty and it started off through something really cool.
Like guys you won't believe this.
But then the chaos broke out.
f*cking with me, I didn't expect fifteen thousand people to show up
...Like it's not *inaudible*
"I DiDn'T ExPEcT FifTeEn ThOuSanD PeOpLe", she, she has to say this to everyone, I never heard anyone say a message...
reiterate a point
so constantly as
"15,000 people showed up."
It's as if she would get paid every-time she said it or something.
I never seen anyone say anything so liberally
"fifteen thousand people"
15,000 people,
all fifteen thousand of you, I f***ing lOvE you.
But 15,000 people showed up to MY event. Can you guys believe what a big success it was cause so many people showed up?
Can you guys believe what a big SUCCESS it was cause so many people showed up.
As it turns out, that wasn't really what happened.
that wasn't really what happened
We have now a statement from the city of Garden Grove Police Department, saying that they sold
they sold 4,000 tickets
four thousand tickets,
Tanacon had sold approximately
4,000 tickets at the time of the event,
and the hotel ballrooms where the event was scheduled can hold a maximum of
1,150 people.
So 1,000 people got in and and three or four thousand people were outside in the sun
and- and three or four thousand people were outside in the Sun
and people were already speculating that this was the point.
Shane: I don't think there was 15,000 people there, I think there was 5,000 people there. I think they sold 5,000 tickets.
Shane: "I don't think there was 15,000 people there.
I think a thousand people went inside the building and I think the other
4,000 people were waiting outside and they couldn't get in because there wasn't room.
And it's pretty clear that that was the case.
*Inaudible yelling*
*Inaudible yelling*
*Inaudible yelling*
"Put that in your vlog!"
But how did we get to this mess and who is truly
Well. To truly understand Tanacon we must go deeper. *Laughs*
I understand no one cares.
Trust me, there is a juicy stuff in here that you wanna know about.
But I will only reveal if you smash that like button right now and hit the bell button!
And let me know if you will be attending Tanacon 2018.
I sure, I know, I will.
If you look at the invite for Tanacon,
it literally says in all caps, bold font
F Vidcon, F the current CEO, F everyone who created Vidcon! And if you want to know why Tanacon became a thing, that's why!
"F Vidcon, F the current CEO, F everyone who created Vidcon! And if you want to know why Tanacon became a thing, that's why!"
The whole point of TanaCon was to just point finger at VidCon.
So, you're already setting off in the wrong motive.
Tana wanted TanaCon to be at the same time as Vidcon
so it would rival VidCon,
but if you really cared about just doing an event you would have been more
responsible and done it at the right time when it made sense, at the right venue for the right amount of people.
And the more I find out about TanaCon the more annoyed I get.
I sort of gave her a pass in my last video,
but she should be banned from holding any event in the future. She should go to jail *laughs*
because this whole event was just
selling lies. It's an actual con, and not the con- you know what I mean.
VidCon is bad,
so you should come to TanaCon.
Tana: So this company is parading themselves as, you know, meet your favorite creator
interviewer: You're not gonna meet the creators
Tana: You're not! You're not! 200 people are gonna reserve a meet-and-greet from refreshing the page and
the rest of you are gonna wander around because
So at VidCon, you're just gonna have to wander around,
unlike TanaCon where you will have a great time meeting all your creators.
That's the premise of TanaCon.
Tana: F*ck you VidCon.
So now that all that is being said
*nasally voice* F*ck you VidCon
"(Bleep) you, VidCon."
screw you, Vidcon
What's wrong with her? Jesus Christ..
So, there was supposed to be free tickets,
but also tickets that you could buy for sixty-five or seventy one dollars -
I don't know
And if you bought the tickets you would get to skip the lines,
you would get this cool goodie bag, which would be four times worth the ticket.
276 dollars - That's what she said was going to be the price of the contents of this goody bag.
Stickers from PETA
Gucci princess
plus a free shopping guide
Whatever this is *laughs*
And then a condom - a TanaCondom
Well, as we know now there was no separate line if you had paid. There was really no difference at all,
if you had paid for a ticket or not.
It doesn't matter if you have a VIP
This some girl that was in front of me, she got two of these
She could walk outside (cameraman saying, "What?") to any of these 20,000 people, gave em this and they could have got it
Oh my God
And a lot of people saying there were no free ticket people there.
Everyone just had the stat - the VIP pass, but it would be worth it because you could pay
$65 for some stickers. *giggles*
But the other lie that annoyed me
even more is the fact that other people were gonna be at the event. There was gonna be Shane Dawson at the event.
Shane doesn't really do VidCon or any other type of meet-and-greet and right now he's very popular,
so obviously a lot of people are gonna want to show up to TanaCon, not necessarily for Tana,
but to meet Shane Dawson and this message was pointed out by a lot of different people.
Tana: The ones that we have publicly confirmed
right now are along the lines of - there's so many seriously - but um me, Bella Thorne she's doing it, she's amazing.
We have Shane Dawson, obviously as you guys know, I am so insanely blessed to have confirmed Shane.
Not only Shane but Andrew Ryland and Morgan like that's- to have Shane and his friends supporting my convention is literally the most jaw-dropping,
tear jerking,
Okay we get it.
Shane didn't show up because it wouldn't have been safe for him to do so.
It didn't even cross my mind that this would be something that I would go to.
Shane Dawson who I made a song about said that he was going to support her - his friend Tana
I was like, oh that's really cool. You know like Shane Dawson doesn't really go out to conventions,
so this is like he hasn't gone out since the first VidCon and then the idea kind of just kept festering-
So you meet all these creators and your money will be four times worth. That's the message
But okay, fine.
You know, let's say let's still be nice here and say fine, but then TanaCon was supposed to be two days.
So they cancel the first day, maybe they'll make up for it for the second day.
That's what I thought at least in my first video. It's clear now that they're not going to do that.
They're not doing any more days. They just cancelled everything.
*Angry crowd member* Fly in for this, pay for hotel rooms and they stand in the heat for 4 hours (cameraman saying, "Yeah") and then say its cancelled,
I think thats ridiculous!
*Manager* Its not cancelled
Its simply postponed for a 2 hour period
*Crowd and camerawoman* For 2 hours
*Angry Crowd member* They've been in line for over 4 hours, -I'm aware of that
so no it's not postponed, it's cancelled!
*all talking*
*Angry crowd member* Because they sold too many tickets and they can't fit all the people in there,
and all the free people are in there and the people that PAID can't get in.
*Camerawoman* I mean... she has a point
*Angry crowd member* Oh I have SUCH a point!
*Camerawoman* Yes you do!
*cheering* * Camerawoman* Yes mom, yess! Yes mom!
*Angry Crowd Member* I'm gonna find who the guy in charge is, and if Tana's it, then she needs to give everybody their money back
I like how she says I'm gonna find the guy in charge.
She literally spoke to him three seconds before not realizing that was him.
Thats right
Thats the guy in charge. The guy riding around on a segway
looking like he's 12 years old. *giggles*
You go to Good Time, the company that issued this event, that did this event,
you click on Michael Weist. Who is Michael Weist?
Oh my gosh thats him
Wow I am a detective
So, lets say you sell 5,000 tickets for $65
A venue like a hotel to be very generous would probably cost 50,000 to book,
but lets say 70,000 just to be extra.
We're still left with $255,000.
Okay well lets say, you know what f*ck it!
A 100,000 to organize this thing.
No effing way it costs that much.
There's still a 150,000 and you have it run by this young kid,
obviously they're just gonna take the money and run. They're not gonna do another day,
they're just gonna cancel it.
And now uhhh
Tana has to defend herself against all of this,
saying everything would have been fine,
unless 15,000 people showed up
*Tana on the phone* Everything would have gone fine
The entire day would have been incredible
We had a f*king wedding and panels and Q&A's, meet n greets
Everything was a f*cking fully functioning convention.
A fully functioning convention,
which is why people literally had to go to the hospital.
*loud talking*
Wow, she looked like she had a great time at TanaCon.
And also, who doesn't wanna watch a wedding by a bunch of strangers?
But you know, safety is the most important bit.
*Tana* I want you guys to know that
safety and coordination is also a giant priority of mine,
seeing as I've been stocked my whole life.
Safety and coordination, a giant priority for TanaCon.
"...like crushed up against the table where they were doing the bag checks
Like crushed up against the table when they were doing the bag checks
And between like, the barricade - the barricade is the word I'm looking for so I'm getting like squished up against that
*Tana on the phone* VidCon holds, what 20 bucks, 20,000 people are at VidCon right now and 15,000 people came over
You know like-
Dude I saw
15,000 people guys
Tana also claiming, there was two lines!
Thats right. *laughs*
People that paid in lines and people that came for free right?
*Tana on the phone* There were lines for everything today there was a-
There were lines for everything. *Laughs*
I feel like I can nitpick so many things and so many lies,
but I think what annoyed me the most is just the gloating, you know, this event is gonna be the best.
This is gonna, yeah
Everything happens for a reason.
*Tana* The response
When the tickets went live in the first two minutes,
2,000 were gone.
Free tickets just gone.
Thousands and thousands of free-
Thousands and thousands of *gibberish* people just wanted free tickets
to see me. I'm Tana Mongeau. I'm important
I'm Tana Mangoose. I'm important."
At this point you know, I would suggest you should do a free event, for real and do it right and make sure that you do retribution.
Give justice to the- these people that came you know? Spent money to travel,
convinced their parents to pay for this event, to go there, for hotels, all these things.
Just don't, just don't do anything.
Just f*ck off.
And that's all I had to say about TanaCon.
Thank you very much for watching leave a like if you enjoyed listening,
and I will see you guys in tomorrow's video.
That was a cool outro maybe I'll stick with that one.
*outro music*
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5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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