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That was close
(Finally speaking) I can't tell
I don't have to watch Tik Tok (right)
I can just watch DVD screens! (But the sub gab is getting smaller)
I have an actually working setup now.....so.....that's pretty epic
Allright, well, I guess
On episode 500 (confirmed)
It'll actually hit the corner
Goddamn, that is distracting
Is it gonna do it? (no)
Al right without further ado
Let's just jump into it! (finally)
For some reason ("some" reason) Tik Tok
Is still "very" much a ThInG
(Vox hand) yes, I'm talking right now
No one know why Tik Tok's still a thing (oh really?)
Tik Tok memes just gonna DESTROY humanity
seventy nine million subscribers!
Please subscribe as well
First off I gotta show you guys
I don't remember if I showed it before
But this is the best Tik Tok ever
*Hit or Miss Tik Tok plays*
He hit the dab
It's so accurate I love it it's so good
The 'Hit or Miss' meme
It's what's gonna kill us all
hiT oR mI$$,i BeT U nEveR
mI$$,hUh !1! g0T A bOifRiEnD
i GaVe hiM [email protected]
I bAKEd yOu A piEE
pIe PiE pIE
DADDD im hungry
hi hungry IM dad XD
why did u make me this way
really glad that tic TOKs have just become more injured
I cannot it's so fucking distracting Jesus Christ I need to know like it
always looks I haven't in my peripheral and it looks like it's gonna hit it hey
that's it I'm sorry guys this is too much what can I change it to how about I
put on my own videos in that way I can just copy strike myself
that'll is that less distracting for you guys
oh I don't even know if that was good or not but that drop though god damn and
the girl is good how about that teenagers were too much spare time
fantastic you know I just realize it's January I can put whatever I want in
this video it doesn't matter well I'm watching a tik tok meme compilation I
mean you just watching yourself normally I would just meme it and go like oh four
ad revenue but I mean it's January like why am I here
what is support am i pathetic I got nothing else to do I'm not addicted to
making shitty YouTube videos all right let's keep jumping into it guys excited
for the next tik tok where's it gonna be a hit or miss perhaps it's chuckle
worthy I don't know oh my god was it gonna be chugga-chugga chugga-chugga
chugga-chugga chugga-chugga chugga-chugga chugga-chugga
chugga-chugga whoa big chungus what an epic meme I laugh every time I don't
understand why it's a meme I still don't get it I don't understand anything why
am I here
I love these it reminds me of that a less sketch with a Kassem G where they
dance they have the dance you've seen that your kids to one okay mg he's old
school the hit hit send them in
so there's one more thing yes mr. Dempsey seniors here as well
your father but this office since his stroke he found in this morning himself
send him in >:(
first of all I just want to thank all you all right it's funny I want to see
like a whole movie like this I don't know why it's funny hahahaha and then we
go back to this congratulations everyone you did it
can we leave some memes behind in 2018 police I'm begging you this one
goddammit this is the point oh why don't I just watch this myself oh okay yeah
you want to sit through these do you know how many bad ones I go through
humanity bad cringy pathetic ones that I have to sit through trihard wanna be
funny kids you think I want to be here I don't I'm that desperate stop
complaining this is me two weeks of watching ninja you have a name your
shirt don't even pretend to me that you're not a ninja face this is me five
weeks on ninja I'm not seeing it up moving guys there's not enough MOVEMENT GUYS
please get it that was my impression ninja this one is great okay whoever
filmed it I need that church I need that church who filmed that i wanted a legit
like where is that jesus jesus confirmed with me
everyone on this app is saying that their gamer girls but they're actually
not I am a real gamer girl and I'm just I don't know I don't
oh wow she is a real gamer girl she's playing on an iPad a mobile game oh you
know she I knew she wasn't a real gamer girl from this moment I saw that she
wasn't playing Lords mobile the most epic video game of all time at least
play mafia city like a real gamer Jesus Christ
smh all these fake-ass gamer girls don't make me laugh Dora the explora
Oh whatever okay one day in Norwegian we Norwegian Norwegian Norwegian what is he
trying to do Norway Norway Norway this is my voice five weeks so Norway I am an
idiot cuz I'm from Norway I am a fake Swede I
am the bad version of a Swedish person that's right take the al-noor away you
suck I'm just kidding I'm kidding Norway legit the last conversation I had with
my granddad on his deathbed he told me was his plan on how we could invade
Norway so easily you just kept going dad they have no defense and they have all
the oil just in case anyone is wondering why I hate Norway so much
uwu ps if 6b is watching gen said hi
I love these they're so I love i frickin luck come on they're funny
where's that from by the way wait it's a movie I thought it was like a I thought
it was like a modern TV show or whatever
hey this brings holding you meaning to this this is great oh there's more lines
stop oh god please don't stop Jesus Christ what do you think was gonna
happen don't turn this into vine is exactly how
lily ponds was created oh let's do it for the vine guys let's do it for the
vine they got that little inch of famous that they should not have gotten
and they just clawed to it like a machine like a monster people need to
know mate but being real wanting you to stop it stop it tick tock none of this I
want to be in rewind YOUTUBE
yes this is what I'm talking about
has she reacted to this clip like I want them to remake it george w bush be like
no ain't having this none of this it will just get to
demonetized oh wait--- it's January it doesn't matter press
play that's right everybody it's January I can say what I want I can say the
n-word I don't want to okay I don't want to I've changed I see this is the
crossover a little too slow to really keep the same overlap but still it's
great nevertheless nine-year-olds everybody I don't know if I should be
prouder this is me one day on JOJO SIWA guys this is me one week on
JoJo Siwa this is me two weeks on Jo Jo Siwa are that was actually pretty
accurate that was pretty good how about that Wow well done you get a bonus point
all right so I'm in cole's I'm gonna see this just for men all right this 2018
you know this is a joke now but just give it a couple months they said
they're gonna have to remove this brand just for people for people what about
non people loreal men experts so you're saying women can't be experts
huh SMS L'Oreal check you privilege *****
there you go that's the best tick-tock of all time we found it everyone what in
the actual
what is that I want it I want it finally he's back making tic toc videos that's
awesome welcome back laughs look hey guys the
rest of this tik tok is for people who speak Turkish only so if you don't speak
Turkish you want to understand just keep scrolling
gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble holy shit
that's racism and I will not stand here and just listen to this I've said this
before tik tok is RACISM. WHAT is tik tok and is it safe???
the answer to that is no it is extremely racism now that it's
January I can finally call this out okay this is the level right now everyone
that's great you know it's January who cares it's in
January you know what I'm gonna say it's freaking January that's right everybody
it's fookin JANUARY oh my god
all right I'm gonna end it there that's great I hope you guys had fun I had fun
as well no one asked okay well I don't care shut up thank you guys for watching
remember to check out represent.com/pewdiepie (pls pewds needs $$)
we have merch 50% off go get that show your support
epic staff brofist
k bye gucci gang
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Tik Tok GAMER girls - TikTok - Part 9

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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