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Hello bros, in case you haven't notice
There's a subscribe button down there
if you want to hit it
feel free to do so just- if you like the video, of course
which you haven't watched yet.
Just want to remind you guys in every single video
I ever make about that
roll the intro!
Last Week I Asked You
♪ leave your entries in the ♪
Oh, sorry, did I forget ever tell about my merch?
That's right
If you want to check out the hottest merch in the game
go to represent.com/pewdiepie right now and check it out
keep the intro
♪ in the sub reddit bros ♪
♪ and i'll wa-♪
did I forget to mention A.S.S. is coming out on every single console ever in May.
please do check that out
Sorry guys.
You can actually play the intro now
♪ submissions ♪
♪ in the next episode of ♪
I was getting lonely ?
where did you go? ?
the intro is so long ?
There's not enough me in LWIAY ?
just- you know what ?
just roll the intro... I don't care anymore ??
just LWIAY
I am wearing silly glasses.
Let's review LWIAY memes from last week
I've been sneaking some and
giggling to myself softly
that's about as funny as you guys get just so you know
we're on the same level (laughs)
We attract each other- there's a balance there, okay?
We have the same humor
and we're a group of intellectuals
There's nothing more to it
Now, let's review the memes
I've never been judged by your skin colour
Just was.
Take back everything
I just said
Earth angel.
PewDiePie is Johnny D's earth angel
wait what?
hello everyone, im back
uh, it's Johnny D's wife, Hellen
A pleasant good evening to all of his supporters and followers
I am here for two reasons
one of that is to extend our sincere gratitude to PewDiePie
For all the help that he has extended to us
he was like a...
guardian angel to Johnny D...
Man, I- I can't take this stuff
I really really appreciate this the positive sentiments.
I didn't do anything okay
if anything
I'm the one that got Johnny D in trouble in the first place
You guys were the ones that helped Johnny D
I just delivered the message
honestly, like I genuinely mean that
I feel uncomfortable getting this sort of praise when I-
I haven't earned it
Does anyone still remember Doki-Doki?
Honestly it translates so much better with doki-doki than stupid
whatever the show is called
Pewdiepie Neon Art
Did not expect that
goddamn that sexy
I like all the fan art that people have been working on for a long time
they're just all outdated now because I shaved
That's very cool, though. Thank you very much.
Now back to the garbage memes
Easiest way to suicide
Oh, it's Google vs. Bing?
What is Bing say?
Oh, no
99% really?
Oh, that's brilliant
Well Done, Bing
Well, it seems like I'm gonna have to switch to Bing from now on
Alpha slav kid
I've seen this one
That's how you know you're alpha
if you're walking like- (laughs)
PUBG sucks
Fortnight too
Aw, they're best friends
How wholesome
When does the Battle Royale meme gonna die?
Honestly... like it's fun for a while.
Pewdiepie: what's the best thing in the world? Boi: me Pewdiepie: omg u so mean i haet you!
*pewdiepie commits suicide* *boi visits Pewdiepie's grave*
Boi: MEƎM review
Can we post another outdated meme?
That's right. I already reviewed it.
There's no reason to keep it going
The Adventures of Pew Pew
I'm not actually wearing the hat to promo my new merch (SURE)
represent.com/pewdiepie check it out. (plese buy my merch)
It's just because
I don't wanna show my hair..
aw, I miss edgar so much
This will be the LWIAY I'm doing in Japan, by the way
Top 10 anime betrayals of all time
Yeah, it went south real fast, honestly
all great memes must die
all great memes must come to an end
I'm not one of you guys that just linger with old memes
"Oh why does he not say barrels anymore?"
"I miss when he said the barrel jokes"
I realized when things have to stop.
I'm not the one keep posting about the chair meme.
Can you do this?
Can you do that?
Super cringe to me right now, okay?
Don't even bother with chair memes cuz I'm way past them by now, okay
I bet you still like chair means, don't you?
Wait what?
It's worldwide shipping, what are you talking about?
Look, Ships Worldwide.
Are we lying about that?
Oh shit..
I'll talk to represent see when I do
My god. I love all these water-cooled CPUs.
Yeah, isn't it great?
Where is the Pewdiepie family? I miss them :(
That was a weird era of Pewdiepie
I don't know-
I don't know if we need to bring that back, to be honest.
I think the-the white walls really speaks for itself.
I don't need some flashy imagery and a bunch of distracting things in the background
to hide the fact that I'm-
I'm really not that entertaining.
i got the editors for that
Pewds Сука Блять notice me
ourcallboy- very cool, too bad it's outdated now
Honestly though, very dope.
I- I really appreciate all the fanart
thank you very much
This took me a lot of time
yeah, it sure looks like it..
That's funny, that's exactly what happens every time
Can we make ?
Yeah, we can make that joke
No we can't
Brad 2 will put it in-
against my will
that is so funny, you guys, honestly
this is- this is the top of stuff
I- I've been- we've been doing how many episodes?
20? 30?
and finally we have some really good memes here as you post it as
two thousand nine hundred of you upvoted so funnily
Good- you know what,
good for you guys
that is so great seri--
I'm so proud I am so
Proud right now.
This is a father moment that I can cherish
That's right, I didn't even have to shave I just go back in time
That's one of my many many super special abilities.
The thief is back!
I didn't want to talk about this, but it is true
Jack's film has stolen my forehead
One of many things he will steal
How far will this man go?
At what point am I supposed to stop joking about this and be serious?
I'm sick of it. I'm sick and tired of it
How about a nice cup of Pew News, anyone?
please brad one and brad two
please don't cut this out this is gold
who knows?
only Brad one and Brad two can tell
I'm merely just a messenge r
It's so annoying how its shaped
anytime I clap I'm like, now I gotta say it,
meme review
don't boost Brad's ego even further
Please, we don't need that
Proof of great handshaking skills
wait what
I remember that
He wouldn't he went in for a handshake, and I had to adjust myself, and why are you filming me?
Make me angry
We're gonna analyze every single moment of this okay, all right slow-mo way
Huh is he not going in for a handshake here, huh you see the angle?
It's like down. Not up. Huh look at that. He's trying to mess with me son of a garbage
Huh look at that. He changes I go in for the handshake as well. I'm like okay. All right. We're doing this
He changes, but I'm like not fam nah. I got you
Wait what oh my god, it's super detail let me zoom out a little bit they're disrespecting women I
See it I take off my headphones
Stop a respect wow man
What what are you gonna? Do I have this he is right. I don't have a gun
Jesus Christ that is terrifying
Looks like a blood-borne character or something
It's terrifying
some Uzumaki sketch or something
rpgomes very nice a-very nice
Jack got married time to copy him pewds
Nice try Marzia
oh that's good
what? Next (clap)
Hello, it's me from the future
ah, the video just stopped working
I don't know what happened so I figured
Something happened in the meanwhile
You may have heard about it
That's right
Me and Marzia got engaged
What took you so long, felix?
So I thought
why don't I just finish this video off by reacting to your reaction to the engagement
South Korea and North Korea finally got together
They saw my proposal and they-
they were just so moved by it
She said she'll think about it
What a beautiful moment.
She said yes.
Spoilers. She said yes.
Felix proposing to Marzia, leaked footage
I really wanted to do something cute like maybe, have maya involved
maybe like I could hide the ring in a little backpack or something like that but um,
Maya is there- the dogs-- the pugs are in UK
We're still in Japan
This is by the end of our trip
So I wanted to do it at the end of the trip cause it's been such an amazing trip
When Marzia says she's not gonna marry a bearded guy cause he looked like a terrorist
Come on,
if you're gonna propose, you got to look your best
Which is why I got the Zuck haircut, of course.
I planned this for a long time
There you go, everybody.
I don't know- this probably changed the whole mood of the video.
I don't know, but um, I'm just-
So lucky
I'm so happy
Like I said, this has been the best trip of my life.
I'm so thankful for everything
and especially right now..
I don't mean to get all mopey
I'm just very happy.
That's it for this video.
Don't forget to buy a merch
eight days left guys
Can we smash it good-
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1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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