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he's review from BBC Learning English.
Hello and welcome to News Review.
The program where we give you the language you need to talk about the news.
Hi, I'm nail and joining me is Sean.
Hey, what's our story?
Today we have a story about an area in which women are becoming equal with men.
Women becoming equal with men.
Sounds like it's a positive story, but let's find out more from this.
BBC World Service News Bulletin.
A global study of drinking habits has shown that women have nearly caught up with men in terms of the amount of alcohol they consume on analysis of four million people born between 18 91 and 2000 and one found that women's drinking has increased due to a number of reasons, including falling prices and successful marketing.
The study has concluded that public health efforts must focus more on women.
Okay, so a study around the world has shown that women are now drinking nearly as much alcohol as men, and they think this is due to cheaper drinks and also drinks being marketed at women.
OK, so Sean, you've been looking at this story on the news websites one of the words and phrases expressions that people are using to talk about this story.
Okay, So as it's a story about alcohol and drinking, there are lots of expressions to do with drinking in these stories.
So I've picked out four and they are out drinking wine.
Oclock knocking back Andi Boozer Eso out drinking?
How's that appearing in the headline?
Okay, so first of all in this headline in the Telegraph, we have this headline so women may be out drinking men thanks to the march of wine oclock.
Okay, so out drinking meaning drinking mawr than And this prefix out quite common, isn't it?
S so we can add out to mean more than greater than longer than, for example Out number means a bigger number then.
Yes, out to live.
Live longer.
So, for example, women often outlive men.
Yes, Um, can you give us an example of outnumber outnumber?
So, for example, if you're a football match and you are supporting the home team generally their fans from the home team will outnumber the away fans.
So there's mawr off them, right?
And ah, we now have wine.
So in the same headline in the same In the Telegraph we have Women may be out drinking men thanks to the march off wine oclock wine oclock.
Now this is a sort of humorous, funny expression meaning an appropriate time of day to start drinking wine.
Yes, exactly.
There's no set time.
It's just when somebody feels that it's appropriate to have a wine is not on the clock nosed after the numbers?
No, it's not an actual time.
We also have the expression beer o'clock in the same way, so to be used for beer also.
Okay, these are quite new terms, but they've been added to the Oxford English Dictionary recently, I think last year.
So they are official.
They are official now here.
So beer o'clock, wine oclock.
Willett's about 25 past 11 in this studio in the morning.
The morning That's really one.
No, Generally, it would be around 56 after work that people would start saying It's wine O clock.
Okay, so next we have flocking back.
Yes, So in this story in BBC news, we have women have all but caught up with men at knocking back alcohol.
A global study of drinking habits shows.
So knocking back, drinking something quickly or in large amounts, particularly alcohol.
Yes, almost always with alcohol, Isn't it?
You don't say knocking backwater very often.
It's more.
If you say, for example, he or she's knocking back the wine.
That generally means they're drinking it quite quickly.
Quite a lot of it.
Yes, Do you knock back the wine shall never, ever Let's move on CNN's one, which is boozer.
Okay, so finally we have boozer.
So in the sun we have wine oclock again.
It says wine oclock.
Young women are bigger boozers than men and risk drinking themselves to death.
Okay, well, boozer eyes Ah, word that means a person who drinks a lot of alcohol.
And it comes from the slang word booze meaning alcohol.
So if someone says I'm going to buy some booze, it means I'm gonna buy some alcohol.
Yes, it's very informal, OK, and there's also an adjective.
Eso boozy eso.
You often hear expressions like a boozy lunch or a boozy brunch, meaning a lunch or brunch with alcohol.
Yes, on and in the UK you can also use the word boozer to describe the location where drinking happens generally, which is a pub.
It's a slang word for a pub, a boozer.
So I'm going to the boozer or there's a nice old fashioned boozer in the countryside.
Ah, now we have a bit mawr information about this story.
Dr Tim Slade, lead the study.
Let's hear what he has to say.
Increased exposure to alcohol also increases the physical and mental health risks associated with drinking too much.
And so that's something that we really need.
Teoh continue to look at and do something about Dr Tim Slade.
They're talking about the health impact off women drinking mawr alcohol.
Next, we have our Facebook challenge.
Eso in the program.
Today we've been talking about alcohol and alcohol related vocabulary, and the question that we put was when we describe someone as t total what do we mean?
So what does tee total mean?
Is it a people who drink too much alcohol?
Be people who never drink alcohol or C people who drink a lot of tea, but it must be see sounds like total amount T.
Unfortunately, it doesn't mean that, and it's a different spelling of t t e rather than t e a drink.
A few people did say See, though.
And actually quite a few people said a as well, but they were both incorrect.
The correct answer.
His base.
If someone is teetotal, they don't drink any alcohol on.
As Alex Liu says, it's B.
I learned this word from six minute English, so well, you could listen to six minute English to find out more about that word.
Okay, well, before we go, Sean, let's have a recap of the words that we learned in the program.
Okay, so he had out drinking, meaning drinking more than we had wine oclock, which is a humorous way to say it's an appropriate time of the day to start drinking wine.
And that could also be beer o'clock.
We have knocking back, meaning drinking something quickly, particularly alcohol and often in large amounts.
And we have a boozer, which is a person who drinks lots of alcohol.
Okay, thank you.
Well, it z not one o'clock that it is time for us to end the program.
Thank you for joining us.
And for any more help with your English, go to BBC Learning english dot com.
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BBC News Review: Study into women's drinking habits

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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