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Hello and welcome to the teachers room.
The show that's by teachers.
Four teachers.
I'm down and I'm sure yes, she is.
This episode's topic is so you don't correct every mistake in the same way.
Do you know?
Think about the purpose off your activity.
So if you're doing an accuracy activity, you might want to correct mistakes on the spot and do this quickly without interrupting the flow and get students to correct their own mistakes, if possible.
Yeah, because that would help them to learn where the mistake was.
And hopefully they don't repeat the same thing.
One thing you can do is use a visual method like using your fingers, for example, with a contraction, I might say I would like becomes ID like good, very nice.
And this is also good.
When the student makes an error, whether is a wood too many in a sentence or one word missing sentence.
I am agree.
I am agree.
I agree, Dan, I agree.
Yes, you doing a good job?
You can also use gestures.
Use your hands.
So like if a student makes a mistake with tents, so yesterday I go to the cinema to show them.
That means past or future thinks that we go to dance if they put the words in the room or Oh, how about that's that can show changed me.
We study always.
We grandma away Study Graham.
We always study grammar.
Yes, we owe why we always study grandma because you need it.
Yeah, And if you know your class really well and you know they're not gonna be offended, then you could make a joke about mistakes, particularly ones they make again and again and again.
The dramatic, uh, what are you doing that I used to get my students to hit themselves?
Not hard.
But when they made the same mistake three or four times in the same day, I said, That's it.
Give yourself a slap.
You've made lots of mistakes that they don't.
Your face is going red.
And don't forget that.
Also, if you have a good relationship with your class, it's a perfect opportunity to get them to peer, correct each other.
They can watch each other's backs and support each other in the learning process.
Teacher, my father is a strong smoker.
Your father is a strong smoker.
My father is a heavy heavy.
My father is a heavy smoker.
Thank you, Mario.
So would you correct all errors the same way, then?
So if you're doing a fluency activity, don't want to interrupt the flow, Break the concentration in the room.
I said okay.
I tell students I'm just gonna listen.
I'm gonna write down pen the right way.
I'm gonna write down some errors or language, deal with it at the end.
Eso then afterwards, you might use them for activity.
Like a game round up.
Play a game like a grammar auction.
Yeah, Or hunt the mistake.
You can set them for homework.
I used to give him 10 sentences.
These are the 10 biggest mistakes.
The classmate today is a whole.
Take them home and correct them.
That's a lot of homework.
So they're slapping themselves.
They're doing lots of home where you've got to praise them to You've got to say, Hey, that was a good example of language.
I heard that That was fantastic.
You should also keep them the stick as well as the camp or the other way around.
You've been really good today.
Thank you very much.
Okay, class.
Good speaking activity.
Well done, everybody.
While you were talking, I was listening and taking notes on the board.
I have put three pieces of language which you'll said I would like to know which one of these sentences correct Which two are wrong.
And why are they wrong with a partner now?
The tips.
We've mentioned only our ideas.
And we know that you have lots of great ideas that you could share with us.
The Siri's will be giving away some of these fantastic T shirts.
Could find out how to get one of these lovely T shirts and to get featured on our show.
You have to send us a tip.
Go to our website.
BBC, Lenny, English Calm.
That's enough mistakes for one day.
Don't want to hit me one more time just for the camera.
Oh, yeah, That was fun.
If they did the same mistake over and over and over again, did the same mistake.
Oh, made the same mistake.
You've made a mistake done again and again and again.
Slap you.
Is that how you do it?
You do that again.
It means I have slapped myself again.
getting again.
I'd be like, Hey yourself.
Show me.
How did you do this?
Like that?
Big A That.
I think we got it on camera.
So much fun.
Faces going.
How many times did that?
No more hitting yourself.
Made the same mistake over and over again.
Or each other or each other.
Oh, I know you don't interrupt the flow break, then concentrate leather.
If only you knew how difficult this was.
You want to hit me one more time for fun?
Yeah, You could have said no, you know, do.
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The Teachers' Room: Correcting errors

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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