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Welcome back to English at work.
Anna is acting up Aziz boss.
Because Paul had an accident with a biscuit.
But her and Tomur in a panic after finding a note in Paul's diary that said Socrates I p c final Could it mean bad news for tip top trading?
Let's find out.
It's very odd and it can't be good, but Socrates must mean Mr Socrates.
Yes, but I P c What's that mean?
Final sounds very final.
Oh, I've got it.
I p c.
It must be code for imminent post closures.
They can a sack.
Keep your voice down.
Don't tell everyone.
Let's check things out first.
Don't say anything yet, Okay?
Mums, The word your mom knows it's our little secret.
See you later.
Everything OK, Tom?
Oh, yeah.
Everything's cool, actually.
It's No, I think we're going to be sacked tomorrow by Mr Socrates.
No, I've got a hairdresser's appointment on Saturday.
How am I going to pay for it now?
What am I going to do?
I know.
Call Marge.
Hey, Brian paid.
We're gonna be sacked tomorrow on a You've got a problem brewing.
Tom spreading rumors about job cuts.
Everyone's starting Damanik.
Oh, no, I'd better do something.
But what should I say?
Cool meeting Quickly.
Tell the team there are some rumors going around that are not true.
Say, I'm trying to establish the facts and I'll let you know as soon as I have some information.
You could say I would be grateful if you hear any rumors not to pass them on.
This could be a tricky situation and you need to handle it.
Well, good luck.
Gosh, this is hard, but here goes.
Excuse me, Could everyone gather round, please?
Is this about the sackings?
No, Dinis, any rumors about sec ings are not through?
Yeah, that's right.
Who told you that?
Teunisse, Please don't listen to rumors.
I'm trying to establish the facts.
And if I get any information, I will let you know straight away.
But I heard Mr Socrates is coming tomorrow.
Surely he's going to sack us.
Ignore the rumors and police.
Don't pass them on.
Anna, tell them to carry on with their work as normal, right?
Could you please just carry on with your work as normal?
Thank you.
So I don't know how you gonna find out the facts?
I'm going to have to call Poland in Private.
Tom, I don't want any more rumors getting out.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, absolutely.
Um, you need to establish the facts, right?
Paul speaking.
Oh, hi.
It's Anna.
Sorry to bother you.
Are you feeling better?
Much better.
Thanks, but keeping clear of biscuits for a while anyway.
Is everything okay?
Not exactly.
There are rumors spreading about job cuts.
Tom Sullivan, Note in your diary for tomorrow.
That said Socrates I p c.
Oh, yes.
I mean Oh, no, it's not Job cuts.
Its I p c The International Plastics conference tomorrow on Mr Socrates is flying in for it.
Oh, God!
Oh gosh.
I'd forgotten about that.
I see.
And why did you write Final?
Because there's an award being given for the best plastic innovation.
And we're in the final with our imperial lemon.
It was a reminder to me to write an acceptance speech.
Golly gosh, I haven't written a thing.
Oh, dear.
What are we going to dio?
What are you going to do?
Indeed, But thank goodness those rumors of job cuts are not true.
Tomorrow could actually be a good day for tip top trading.
Here's a reminder of the phrases and they used to try and control the spread of some office rumors.
There are some rumors going around that are not through.
Please don't listen to rumors.
I'm trying to establish the facts.
And if I get any information, I will let you know straight away.
Ignore the rumors and please don't pass them on.
Please just carry on with your work atthe normal.
Thank you.
Tomorrow is going to be an important day at the international Plastics conference.
Socrates will be there and tip top trading could pick up a prestigious prize.
But who's going to write the acceptance speech?
Okay, and discord for some urgent action.
I want you and Tom to meet me at the Princess Diana Conference Center tomorrow at nine Rights and was about the speech.
Well, I've got quite a lot on my plate, so I was wondering if you could give it a go.
Please me?
I've never done it before.
What am I going to say?
Don't worry, Anna.
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Clearing up confusion - 47 - English at Work keeps things clear!

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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