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he's a review from BBC Learning English Hello and welcome to News Review the program where we show you how to use the language from the latest news stories in your everyday English.
Hi, I'm Shaan and I'm here with Katherine.
Hi, Katherine.
What story do you have for us today?
Today's story Shawn is all about the end of a partnership.
Oh, dear, let's hear more from this BBC news Bulletin.
The US President elect Donald Trump has said that on his first day in office, he will issue an executive action to withdraw from the Trans Pacific partnership trade deal.
In a video message outlining his plans for his 1st 100 days, he said he would rather negotiate by natural trade deals that bring jobs and industry back to the United States.
So Donald Trump, who is soon going to be the president of the United States, has said that on his first day as president, he will stop the United States involvement in the Transpacific Partnership, or tpp.
On the TPP is an economic trade agreement between 12 countries in Asia and Australasia.
All right, so what kind of words and phrases air coming up to talk about this story online.
So we've got a great group of words that we're going to look at today.
All of them are verbs on.
These are them.
We have pulled the plug on scrap ditch on did dump on.
We're also going to look at the word, renounce their will.
Very related words Sunday.
They are very similar meanings.
Okay, so has the 1st 1 appearing in the headlines.
Okay, so we will look up.
W i o n.
On the first line of their story is US President Elect Donald Trump has said he will pull the plug on the Trans Pacific partnership TPP trade deal.
Okay, so if you pull the plug on you, stop something continuing or happening?
And it comes from that little object in everyone's house.
Everyone has plugs.
If you're doing washing up, you put the ways in the sink.
Or if you're having about the blood goes in the bath, it stops the water from flowing out so that you can have continual bath.
If you want to watch television, you plug the TV in to make the electricity to make your television work.
So if you pull the plug out of the television or the bath.
You can't continue all over.
Game over.
Okay, so it's an idiom.
But it makes sense, doesn't it?
Really was.
Pull the plug on means make something stop.
And it can also be make something not happen.
So, for example, if I pull the plug on my party yeah, I'm not gonna have my party anymore.
Council plan?
Yeah, that's another good use pull.
The plug on a plan is to cancel a planned Parents often pull the plug on their Children's parties.
And now the next three verbs are very similar to this Sunday.
What you got next yet?
We have scrap ditch on dump.
So look, let's look at screw up from the Australian US election.
Donald Trump to scrap trans Pacific partnership trade deal Moving on to BBC news.
Trump to dump tpp trade deal.
World leaders react on.
Then if we go to u p I.
Trump announces plans to ditch TPP dump energy restrictions in 1st 100 days.
Okay, so we have their scrap ditch dump and they're all informal verbs and they mean stop doing something or get rid of something that you No longer want or need you scrap it?
Yeah, most definitely.
And they're really popular in the headlines because short and their snappy Yeah, they're quite nice was to use.
And you can use in the very informers over example.
A couple of weeks ago Dan from BBC learning English wanted everyone to go for office.
His idea was we could all go bungee jumping.
Great idea.
I love that idea.
Nobody like very few people late it.
So Dan had Teoh dump that idea grasps the plan, ditched the digital bungee jumping.
And now we're all go for a nice meal in a restaurant.
How boring eso.
We often use it with plans.
You scrap your plans, but you could also scrap or dump objects if you don't need them anymore.
Yeah, most definitely wants amusing ones.
We've used all this paper Will scrap ist yes.
Oh, we recycle it.
Scrap scrap paper him.
Okay, um now the next one or the final one is very similar.
What's the final word?
Meaning quite a different style.
I have to say So this is the Financial Times.
The headline is Trump vows to renounce Pacific trade deal on.
First day in office.
On renounce is a much more former way of saying pretty much the same thing.
Scrap ditched.
Um, yeah, yeah.
So you it's formerly to say that you no longer support or accept something.
So it's basically to formally give up something, isn't it?
And we use it.
Informal contacts.
So, for example, if a king decides he doesn't want to be king anymore units say the king renounced the throne.
The user in your essays, using and former writing in everyday speech.
Now, we didn't renounce our Christmas party way didn't renounce the bungee jumping, just scrapped it.
So it's a good way to find out about different formality of words, isn't it?
Using different headlines, different styles of newspaper?
Now, before we pull the plug on this conversation, we're gonna have a look at our Facebook challenge.
So today we were looking at the verbs dump, ditch and scrap.
Now two of these verbs can mean end a romantic relationship.
One does not.
So which of these sentences is not correct?
Anna scrapped.
Liam, Anna ditched Liam, Anna dumped Liam.
What kind of responses did we get?
Well, quite a few people said Poor Liam.
Yeah, fully.
I'm here for Liam.
Yeah, but them half circle soon asters.
Is it a BBC?
A was scrapped.
And yes, you're right.
A scratch was a correct answer.
We don't use scrap talk about ending relationships.
So and as and it's I said, scrap can be used to get rid of people.
So well, don't to humor Mohammed William Mendez and everybody else who said a scrap.
Okay, so poor Liam has been dumped.
He's being ditched, but he hasn't Bean sprout being scrapped.
Okay, so can you recap the words and phrases we've heard today, Please?
We had pulled the plug on, which means to stop something from continuing or happening.
We had scrap ditch on did dump which all mean to stop doing something or get rid of something that is no longer wanted or needed.
And finally, we had renounce which means to formally say that you no longer support or accept something.
Okay, then we hope you're not gonna ditch.
You'll dump your English studies s o.
You can practice these words and phrases on our website BBC learning english dot com.
Thank you very much.
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BBC News Review: Trump to withdraw from TPP partnership

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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