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he's a review from BBC Learning English Hello and welcome to News Review The program where we show you how to use the language from the latest news stories in your everyday English I'm Dan and joining me today is Katherine.
Hi, Katherine.
Hi down.
So what's the story?
Today's story down is about sport on drugs, sport and drugs.
That's an interesting combination.
OK, let's hear more from this BBC World Service Bulletin.
Anti doping officials are investigating allegations against two men linked to the world champion sprinter Justin Gatlin, According to the Daily Telegraph newspaper.
In Britain, the athletes agent Robert Wagner, offered to supply performance enhancing drugs to undercover reporters.
Gatlin's coach, Dennis Mitchell allegedly said doping was possible because the drugs used could not be detected.
Both men deny the accusations.
So Justin Gatlin, the world sprint champion now his coach and his agent have Bean accused off attempting to supply drugs.
Now this is potentially a very serious offense.
If it turns out to be true, there will be a knock on effect for a lot of people around Justin Gatlin, including Justin Gatlin himself.
This was discovered by a British newspaper on the two men involved are currently denying these allegations, but nevertheless, it's a really big story in sport of the moment.
Okay, you've been looking at the headlines and have found three words and expressions that we can use to talk about this story or what have you found?
Okay, so today we have three words.
Embroiled, expose on bombshell, embroiled, expose and bombshell.
Okay, Can we have your first headline, please?
Yes, we can.
Let's go to the Telegraph.
The headline is exclusive investigation.
World 100 meter champion Justin Gotland, embroiled in new doping scandal, embroiled, deeply involved in a difficult situation.
Now this word comes from the It's the verb broil, which means to boil in water.
We often use it in cooking.
Now, if you're being cooked in water done, it's not a pleasant experience, not nice.
And it's the idea of this really horrible, difficult, dangerous situation.
If you're embroiled in something and we often use it in a passive sense, to be embroiled in something you're in a very difficult situation is going to cause a lot of problems, and it's difficult to get out off it because you are deeply involved.
I see So what kind of things might we connecting boiled, too?
Yeah, you can then be embroiled in lots of things.
In this case, Justin Gatlin is embroiled in a scandal.
According to this report, you can be embroiled in a dispute.
You can be embroiled in an argument.
You can be embroiled in a legal situation, so see complicated and dangerous, difficult situations.
So with the ongoing, you know, coffee stealing situation, coffee saw kind of, can I say I'm embroiled in an argument with Neil over the coffee stealing situation.
You can.
It sounds slightly sort of formal and very dramatic.
You other words that you could use instead of embroiled.
You could use a sin emblem a synonym like entangled or involved.
Okay, well, before we become too embroiled in our first headline, let's move on to our second.
Okay, so let's look at standard Media.
This headline says Justin Gatlin to be investigated for doping after media expose, expose public reports exposing the facts of a situation.
Now this word is a loan word.
It comes directly from the French language of English has borrowed it from French.
I don't know where we're going to give it back, but that affects the pronunciation.
So it is expose, and you will often see it written with an accent on the final E.
The word expose means to show something on an expose is a such as a noun, which means something has been shown or revealed.
Often it's something that people didn't want to be exposed or revealed.
And that's why it ends up in newspaper exposes.
Television exposes.
I see.
So something which is shocking or surprising media?
So could I go back to the coffee ceiling if I actually had the alleged sorry?
The alleged copies stealing thing.
But if I had some photos off of a said thief stealing my coffee, can I send them out for an expose by me?
But well, I don't know.
The Daily Telegraph would be interested.
It's very important, but you could send it to your colleagues of the mini expose, Okay, but it's more of a media type kind off.
Yes, you could use it in jokingly, in your sense.
Okay, well, now that we've done an expose of our second headline, let's move on to our third.
Okay, so going to Eurosport, The headline is new Doping storm erupts around Justin Gatlin following bombshell report Bombshell.
Sudden and unpleasant piece of news.
Okay, Yes.
So bombshell.
You can use it as a known or as an objective as it is in this case.
Bombshell report comes from the war weaponry idiom.
Um Bom cause is explosions.
The shell is the case that the bomb is in.
So a bombshell causes a lot of damage.
It's sudden, it's devastating.
It changes everything.
It's always negative.
So something sudden, unexpected and causing a lot of damage is a bombshell.
Now, isn't there an expression to drop a bombshell?
Yes, you.
If you drop a bombshell, it means that you suddenly give this shocking and unexpected news.
Okay, so if I would announce that, imagine I wasn't married and I announced to everybody that I was getting married.
Does that count is dropping a bombshell?
It depends on who you're marrying on whether whether we knew that you were in a relationship.
So if it comes out of the blue, nobody knew.
And it's really in your bride to be lived in the other side of the world on.
You're going to leave everything and change everything that would be a bombshell if you're going to marry someone that you were, we were expecting you to marry anyway, Not so much.
So before we recap our vocabulary, let's go to our Facebook Challenge.
Earlier on Facebook, we posted allegations of drug taking connected to world record holder Justin Gatlin.
Have Bean made by disguised reporters from the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.
Which of these word combinations forms a word which means disguised.
Is it a over cover?
Be undercover, See under wraps or D over hidden?
How do they do, Katherine?
Just about everybody Got it right this week.
Done so well.
Don't do everybody who did say answer be including Dallas, Somali, Valerie Merriman's High Corn Choi and Mohammed A.
Abu Hadid A Who said I'm going to go for be undercover?
Because it means work that involves secretly obtaining information for the police or the government and in this case, for the newspaper.
Well done, everyone.
Wow, What a good answer.
Okay, could you please recap the vocabulary for us?
We had embroiled in deeply involved in a difficult situation expose public report, exposing the facts of a situation bombshell.
A sudden on unpleasant piece of news.
Thank you.
Now, if you'd like to test yourself on today's vocabulary, there is a quiz that you can take.
It's on our website, BBC Learning english dot com, where you'll also find lots of materials and improve it.
Buddha, Allah and videos.
I'm so excited videos to help you improve your English.
Thank you very much for joining us and good bye.
He's a review from BBC Learning English.
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Gatlin team doping allegations: BBC News Review

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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