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...is full of challenges.
Some you might win.
Some, you might lose.
But life''s not all about the challenges you face.
Nor is it about winning or losing.
Life...is about what you make of it.
It''s about the right attitude.
Setting your own goals, and show that you can live up to them.
To dare to face your boundaries......
...and conquer them.
And whether you are a professional, dealing with the pushing it to the limit on a daily bases...
...or you''re a guy or girl, just looking for that one moment you surprise yourself.
...It really doesn''t matter.
At the end of the day , the only difference between being a professional...
...ever chasing that victory and you pursuing your personal goal...
...is the audience.
So, remember no matter who''s watching...
...make sure you can be proud of yourself.
In the end... it''s all up to you....
It''s your perseverance to overcome what you''re up against.
It''s your imagination to see your own abilities...
...even when no one else does.
And it''s you... standing up countless times...
...just to start all over again.
Don''t let the pleasure in life depend on the opinion of others....
...make it depend on yourself.
Go out there, do something amazing and surprise yourself.
Celebrate that little personal victory, no one might even know of.
And we know it takes strength and courage...
...especially when all the odds are against you.
But moreover it takes belief.
A lot of belief.
So, believe in yourself.
Believe in your abilities.
Believe in conquering your own goals.
And let there be only one thing that can hold you back.
Let that one thing...
...be you.
This... is a tribute to the ones that believe.
To the ones that help people believe.
To the ones that never lost their belief.
This is a tribute...
...to an attitude.
A tribute...
...to life.
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54042 Folder Collection
Precious Annie Liao published on May 6, 2014
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