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he's a review from BBC Learning English Hello and welcome to News Review The program where we show you how to use the language from the latest news stories in your everyday English.
Hi, I'm Neil and joining me today is Katherine, My Catherine.
Hello, near Hello, everybody.
So what's our story?
Well, today's story is about an Olympian rescue an Olympian rescue.
That sounds fascinating.
Let's find out some more from this BBC news beat report in Italy and Olympic swimmers saved a man from drowning on his honeymoon off the coast of Sardinia.
Filippo Magnini, who's an ex well champ, jumped into the sea after people shouted to some Babers for help.
So a man was on his holidays.
It was actually his honeymoon in Sardinia.
He was in the sea on an inflatable unicorn, of all things.
He got into trouble, he shouted on.
Luckily for him, there was an Olympian swimmer.
His name was Filippo Magnini, and he would.
He swam out and rescue this guy.
So it was a very lucky day for our honeymoon.
It was indeed and you have been looking at the headlines for this story.
And what have you found I have found a stroke of luck.
Newlywed on Goa.
Okay, stroke of luck.
Newlywed and go, Uh, stroke of luck.
Can we hear that in a headline, please?
We can So we will look at the mail.
The mail online.
The headline is a stroke of luck.
Drowning man is rescued by world champion swimmer who was holidaying on the same beach with his wife.
That is a stroke of luck.
Lucky event, which helps you achieve something.
That's the definition.
So stroke s t r o K e is a verb with multiple meanings on can also be unknown.
So it's got lots of different meanings.
You can often you can festival stroke.
A cat there makes contact in a In an affectionate with Iran, you run your hand over its fair or you can stroke somebody's hair.
It's lovely, pleasurable feeling for everybody concerned.
Yes, and it's a verb of movement in touch.
You can also stock a za movement in touch, which is very, very negative.
It could be actually to hit somebody.
So if I get a big stick and I hit you 10 times, I will give you 10 strokes off my cane.
which happened yesterday didn't really didn't also stroke em.
It can be there's actually a swimming meaning again, a verb of more movement.
The different the way you move your body when you swim is described as a stroke so you can have breast stroke on your front.
You can have backstroke where you lie on your back with Iran was going eso It's a swimming vote of swelling movement.
Um, armed.
It's also can be, in this phrase stroke of luck.
Now she just means a piece of look lucky event.
Something unexpected, which is good happens to you.
You don't expect it.
It's really good.
Give hard on the verb is to have a stroke of luck.
And in ah, this headline, we've got two meanings going on here.
Haven't way.
Well, yes, it's the swimming related meaning.
It's really means a piece of look.
But the headline is love to play with words, and the fact that swimming is also related to the word stroke makes it an irresistible headline.
Yes, and we say piece of luck in bit of luck.
Yes, we dio yes, and I would love to know about your last stroke of luck Well, I I had an incredible stroke of luck that the other day I was I was on a bike ride with Rob, and that was lucky in itself.
That was a stroke of luck in itself.
Going down the Thames River on Da Rob was went miles ahead of me because he he quite likes to ride fast.
Let's say on dumb I saw this blue piece of paper on the ground.
I stopped.
And what's that?
Picked it up.
There's a £5 note.
Wow, that's a strike of what?
A stroke of luck.
And I thought put that in my pocket is Rob finds out.
You know what her want Biscuit won't Biscuit kept that to myself.
You rotten thing.
You know what they say If you don't share, Look, you lose it.
Well, I look forward to that.
Cancel out your look OK on to our next headline, please.
OK, we'll look at BBC news.
Filippo Magnini, Italian Olympic swimming star saves drowning newlyweds, newlywed A person who has recently married.
Yes, it pretty easy and straightforward, very obvious meaning, but it's a very interesting way of putting these two parts of the words together.
The second part wet comes from wedding.
It's also reverb to wet somebody we had Ah, newly an e w l y, and you put them all together to get newlywed.
You can when we have newly where we often use it with a or the so you can say I am a newly wet I got married three weeks ago.
You can talk about the newlyweds to people who are married.
A married couple are the new the newlyweds.
You're only a newlywed for a short amount of time.
Doesn't last know beyond your first anniversary.
Probably don't know.
Yeah, and sometimes you see it with a hyphen, newly hyphen, wet.
Sometimes as one word newlywed more often like that, we don't say there's two separate words.
No, and it's a shame about this word.
Really, Because it's so simple, You'd like to apply this kind of rule elsewhere.
Yeah, it doesn't work, does it?
You can't say the newly born or the newly dead Will the newly graduated or the newly promoted doesn't work for babies.
Weaken, say the newborn baby.
But we don't use the l Y eso.
Newlywed is really just for people who have recently got married.
OK, congratulations.
All newlyweds Everywhere.
Yes, Congratulations.
Now, as fans off News Review, you are no doubt learners of English, and you have many, many questions, and we got a stroke of luck for them.
Haven't weight because there is a Siri's just for you called learners.
What can you tell them about that?
If you click on the link down here, we'll send you straight to the playlist.
You'll see down answering your questions.
If you want to send us a question, please do.
And you may have a stroke of luck and find that down answers your question just for you and on to our final headline, please Katherine.
The Straits Times Beachgoer who fell off inflatable unicorn in Sardinia rescued by Italian Olympic swimmer.
Go A person who regularly goes to a place exactly that.
Now go isn't a word in this sense.
We don't use it alone.
It's always on the end off known.
So we took taken on beach.
We are Goa, and it basically means a person who goes to the beach regularly regularly.
Yes, regularly.
We can use this for other activities.
We can use other other knowns theatergoer, filmgoer, operagoers, church go where he's affable.
No, not for full going on across the diggings.
Well, it's about sort of spiritually or cultural activities that you do for often enjoyment, pleasure or good high reasons to improve yourself improve.
Yes, sir, yes.
Now you may argue that going to watch football also improves yourself.
Unfortunately, it doesn't work like this in this sense.
So you're not really for sport.
We don't say football goal.
Go where it's cinema.
I'll go.
A film goes Oprah, go activities like that.
I'm now a time for a recap of our vocabulary.
Okay, so we had a stroke of luck.
Lucky event, which helps you achieve something newlywed piss.
And who is recently married Goa person who regularly goes to a place.
If you'd like to test yourself on the vocabulary in this program, there's a quiz you can take on our website at BBC Learning english dot com, where you can find all kinds of other videos and activities to help you improve your English.
Of course, we have a free app as well.
Thank you for joining us and good bye, good bye.
He's a review from BBC learning English.
Hi, everyone.
We hope you enjoyed that video on.
Thank you very much for watching.
We have so many more.
Just like it.
So if you don't want to miss a single one, make sure to subscribe and we will see you regularly hope to see you soon.
Bye, guys.
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Olympian beach rescue - News Review

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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