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he's a review from BBC Learning English Uh, hello and welcome to News Review the program where we show you how to use the language from the latest news stories in your everyday English I'm Dan, and joining me today is Katherine.
Hi, Katherine.
Hi Don.
What's our story?
Today's story done is about taxes on air pollution, taxes and air pollution both very important.
Okay, let's hear more from this.
BBC Radio for broadcast Owners of the most polluting cars will have to pay an extra £10 to drive in central London.
From today, the T charge, or toxicity charge will apply to older diesel and petrol vehicles.
In what's being described as the toughest emission standard of any world ranking city.
It will be levied on top of the congestion charge.
Some health charities have welcomed the move.
Others say it doesn't go far enough.
So if you drive your car down in central London, you already have to pay a tax called the congestion charge.
But from today, if you're driving a car which produces a lot of pollution, you will also have to pay a toxicity charge.
This is known as the T charge on its and anti pollution measure.
Some people really like it.
Think it's great.
Other people think it's going a bit too far.
You've been looking around at words and expressions that are needed to you talk about this story and you picked out three fours.
Which three?
Have you go?
Okay, so today's words are kuhb template Andi, exempt Curb Template and exempt.
Can we have our first headline then, please?
We can So we're going to d w dot com on the headline is London introduces t charge to curb car emissions, curb control or limits something interesting word done.
It actually comes from the world of horse riding, So I know you're a keen horse ride.
I ride my horse to work every day basically, And if your horse is going out of control, there's actually a strap around it.
Chin on that you use it to pull on to control it.
That strap is known as a curb, but see, you are be so Curb means control.
Being an avid horse rider, I already knew that course you And did you know, though that you can use it in lots of other ways you can conquer but lots of things.
In this case, we're talking about curbing emissions or curbing pollution, and you can curb.
We often use it in sort of government speak.
You can curb taxes.
You can curb spending.
Very newsy word, isn't it?
I see a lot in newspapers.
We don't really say it much, but we do no exactly.
And then one of the reasons that it's a typical newspaper, then it's really short.
Four letters long and carries a lot of meaning.
It's very familiar in newspaper headlines, in newspapers stories.
So we hear it.
We read it a lot.
We don't use it so much in everyday speech, unless your curbing your enthusiasm, I get told that quite a lot.
My, especially by my mother.
She's like, Calm down to and curb your enthusiasm.
Yeah, and it's a popular TV show that a lot of people know, right.
In order to curb the amount of time we're spending on this program, let's move on to our next headline.
Okay, so our next headline comes from Business Green.
The headline is the T charge A template for other cities to follow templates, something copied to produce similar items.
Yes, Now, down.
I know as well as being an a keen horse rider.
You're also quite an artist.
I like to do both at the same time as it happens beyond.
When you're writing your horse, can you draw a complete a perfect circle Freehand?
No chance.
No way.
Okay, so how can you draw a perfect circle?
I would take something that circular, such as a cup, and I would draw around the cupped argues a perfect circle.
And in fact, you could produce lots of identical perfect circles by using that cup again and again.
And I see yes, and that would be the template right?
That cup would be your template.
So a template is a sort of design or a model that you copy lots of times to produce something very similar, identical or that you can adapt.
It's much like this program we have a template for.
Don't way.
We do.
Yes, it starts the same.
We have We changed the stories in the middle of the vocabulary.
Seriously, then we have the Facebook challenge, and we have this summary.
So the basic pattern is the same, and we repeated many times, so a basic pattern that you repeat is called a template.
Well, if we have regular watchers and listeners, they're going to know that in our template we go onto our third headline.
Let's move forward showing.
Let's go.
So in the third headline is from motoring research it and it goes like this London T charge.
My old banger is exempt.
No old banger down.
Do you have an old banger?
Not the moment.
No, but I did.
My first car was an old banger.
She was about 10 years old when I got her.
And her name was Matilda here.
So an old banger is a very, very old car.
No, that's not the word we're looking at today.
Word we're looking at is actually exempt.
Ah, excused from following a rule.
So ruled over everybody on that.
Everyone has to follow rules.
But if there's a particular reason why you don't have to follow this rule, you are exempt.
So no included or protected exactly.
That yet applies to everybody or everything, but not you for a particular reason.
Like like guide dogs like assistance dogs who help people.
Normally you don't allow meaning.
The BBC certainly were not allowed to bring dogs.
Yeah, in.
But if somebody was blind and they had an assistance dog, that dog would be exempt.
Absolutely, really good.
A good reason for not following a rule.
Usually it's actually part off the rule.
The rule is for everybody, and there will be a sentence in the rule that says exemptions.
And that's the known form.
The name form is exemptions and guide dogs are included in the exemptions.
All right, well, before we recap our vocabulary, let's have a quick look at our Facebook challenge Now.
This time we said, the T charge attacks to combat air pollution has been launched in London.
The T stands for toxic meaning poisonous.
Which of these does not also mean toxic?
A benign, be noxious or see venomous?
How did they do, Katherine?
You didn't catch anybody out with this face Challenges Too easy or too clever.
I think that must be either That one of the other.
So the correct answer was a benign benign does not mean poisonous on everyone Got that right.
Including nor on where Suzanne Rico and Deborah Cole Angelo.
Thank you.
Everybody well done to everybody all right?
Can you please recap the vocabulary for us?
I can.
We had curb which means control or limit something.
A template is something copied to produce similar items on exempt means.
Excused from following a rule.
Thank you very much.
Well, if you'd like to test yourself on today's vocabulary, there is a quiz that you can take on our website BBC Learning english dot com.
You'll offer also excuse me, find videos to improve your English.
So check out our website and thank you to everybody of listening.
Thank you, Catherine.
Thank you.
And goodbye.
He's a review from BBC Learning English.
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Toxicity tax for London's polluting cars: BBC News Review

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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