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he's a review from BBC Learning English Hello and welcome to News Review The program where we show you how to use the language from the latest news stories in your everyday English.
Hi, I'm Neil.
Joining me today is Dan.
Hi, Dan.
Hello, everybody.
So what's our story?
Our story is about ethnic inequality in the UK.
Okay, Ethnic inequality in the UK Let's hear more from this BBC News Bulletin.
Theresa May will today challenge public bodies to explain or change sweeping inequalities between different ethnic groups in areas such as education, housing and criminal justice.
She's launching the results of the government's racial disparities audit.
So the results of an audit have been published in the UK, and it shows how people of all ethnicities are treated in areas such as health, education and criminal justice.
And it shows a very unequal picture.
For example, unemployment among black, Asian and other ethnic minorities is almost double that of white British adults.
Those mawr likely to own their own home are Indian, Pakistani and white people compared with black people on those from Bangladesh.
However, white British pupils on free school meals performed the worst in the second stage of primary school.
So there are inequalities all over the system.
Okay, well, you've been looking around and, ah, finding words and expressions People need to understand to talk about this story.
What have you got?
Take action on lays bare and glaring.
Take action on lays bare hand glaring.
So the 1st 1 take action on what if you got our first headline comes from the BBC news website and says UK must take action on racial disparity.
Says Theresa may so take action on begin to do something to solve a problem Indeed.
Now, taking action on something suggests that the problem is quite a large one and needs addressing.
I wouldn't take action on an everyday problem like my daily commute.
I might deal with my daily commute or I might handle my daily commute because it's a personal problem and it's not very important.
However, the kind of problems that we take action on tend to be large and abstract, such as politics or societal problems.
So environmental issues, drug addiction, unemployment, these kind of big issues exactly.
And they often require a coordinated effort by many people together working in unity.
So again, large problems.
That's the okay, let's have a look.
Then, at your second headline, my second headline comes from the Guardian and says, Or Did it lays bare racial disparities in UK schools, courts and workplaces.
Lays bare makes something known which Waas hidden Indeed.
Now bear is a beautiful word, and it means exposed or naked at the moment.
In the Northern Hemisphere, it's autumn, which means that the leaves are getting ready to drop.
Once the leaves do drop from the trees, the trees will be bare.
They will be exposed to the northern wind, hence unprotected.
Now, when you lay something bear, you expose it for everyone to see in its riel state, much like a magician removing a cloth on.
We use it to describe negative things such as wrongdoing or injustice.
You wouldn't necessarily use it for good news.
For example, if I were to announce that my wife was pregnant, I wouldn't lay that bear for everybody because it's a good thing I would announce it quite happening.
However, if I were to find out that the baby wasn't mine, don't get Ah, then I might lay bare my wife's infidelity.
This is all fictional By the way.
It's not many.
Thanks for that example, Dan.
I think we'll move away from it.
I'm going to get into terrible trouble later.
I tell you what's another way of saying Lay bare, We can expose something or we can reveal something.
However, if you're a bit naughty and you don't want people to know, you might try to cover up or sweep under the rug.
Yeah, okay, that's if you want to hide the true nature of something.
Okay, let us now have a look at our final word, All right.
Our final word comes from an article on itv dot com.
Racial inequality to be laid bare in Disparity ordinance Now that doesn't contain our third word, but it is another nice use of laid bare I wanted to show you.
Our final word comes from within the article on that page and says a national audit of racial inequality in the UK has revealed glaring disparities between white Britons and British ethnic minorities.
Glaring, obviously bad or wrong?
I'll hang on a minute, I thought glaring with something to do with light.
You're not wrong.
It'll there, Neil.
It is something to do with light.
Glaring is an adjective, and the noun is glare.
And, ah, glare is very, very strong light, which causes pain or discomfort to our eyes, such as when you might look at the sun.
And then afterwards, when you stop looking at the sun, you can still kind of see it on your vision.
It's that little green blob that's called an after image, so it's uncomfortable to look at now.
Imagine a mistake, which is so bad or obvious that you don't want to look at it.
It's uncomfortable to look at it so bad.
That's it.
So that is a glaring mistake, and it colic.
It's very strongly with miss steak or error, and it's a wonderful expression because you can use it in everyday life.
Yeah, let's hope there are no glaring errors in this progress.
Certainly not know if there is an error that's hope.
It's subtle.
That means get away with it.
Quiet, discreet.
Nobody will notice a very small mistake.
Okay, um, we will have a vocabulary recap in a second, but of course, we've got our Facebook challenge.
First, we've heard the expression to lay something bear in this program.
There's another idiom using bear, which means to tell someone your secret thoughts or feelings.
What is that expression?
And we gave you three options.
A bare your soul.
Be bare your heart or C both of these.
What kind of response did we get?
We got a very mixed response.
I'm very pleased to say it seems that we genuinely challenged the students out there for once.
I'm very pleased about that.
So we got lots of people saying a bare your soul or make a lot of people saying Bebear your heart.
But the correct answer is C, both of them.
So my top three picks are Bedri J.
Rackley, Alina Khan, and he couldn't Choi well done to you.
You'll got the answer.
Absolutely correct.
OK, and now a recap the vocab.
So our first piece of vocabulary was take action on begin to do something to solve a problem.
Secondly, was lays bare makes something known, which was hidden and finally glaring.
Obviously bad or wrong.
If you'd like to test yourself on today's vocabulary, there's a quiz you can take on our website BBC Learning english dot com, where you can find all kinds of other videos and activities to help you improve your English.
Thanks for joining us and good bye Bye.
He's review from BBC Learning English.
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Racial inequality in the UK: BBC News Review

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 1, 2020
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