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The family is very important for me.
And I want to,
to keep that always in my mind
- in my head.
I live in Plaisir,
a small city close to Paris.
I live with my wife, my daughter
and my son.
I'm a marketer,
and I love my job
because every day
I discover a new field.
It's an innovative job,
and I enjoy my job.
I play badminton
twice a week.
It's a new sport for me,
but I enjoy this sport.
It's not only in the competition
you know, it's just friendly atmosphere
and I like that.
Probably I will be
the next president of the club.
I want to –
to improve the thing
every day in my private life
and in my pro life.
If I could improve
the thing, I do it.
I've been studying
since seven months.
I've chosen
an MBA program because
I want to understand
the world.
The world is changing a lot.
One of my main purpose
was to have international
It was very important to
have a European organisation as well.
To find my MBA programme
I search two words:
'MBA' and 'distance learning'.
I like this
MBA program because
lots of people
come all over the world.
We are very far but very close,
thanks to distance learning,
and it's very nice to,
to chat with these people.
I'm not a native person,
English person so I say
"What about my English?" but
thanks to internet
you know you have
lots of tools, translation and so on.
It can do many many things
The main difference between
distance learning and
classroom is the price –
it's cheaper,
it's very very cheaper than
the classroom solution.
The advantage of
the distance learning,
I think it's:
I see three advantages.
First of all,
it avoids geographical distance.
Secondly, we can work autonomously
and independently:
it's very important.
And finally,
we can work
when we want,
where we want
and it's the best
thing I suppose for,
for me and for
lots of students.
Every six weeks
I have to submit
an assignment.
And I submit for example,
an essay, figures,
and finance –
it depends on the subject.
At the beginning it was
a little bit hard.
But thanks to my tutor,
I feel better.
During three years,
I'm sure I change at the end
of the MBA.
I see the world differently
than before.
In fact, it's very important
to show to my children
that you don't study
just one time,
but you study
during all your life,
and my son ask me,
"Why do you study again?"
I said "Because the world is
like that now.
If you want to
progress in your career, you
have to study again and again."
Go the distance.
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Student Life – Choosing distance learning

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 1, 2020
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