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This actually is the one largest business opportunity the globe has yet seen.
The energy disruption is going on all over the world and the main driver for
the change is climate change.
We need to move from centralized fossil fuel based system towards much more
flexible and dynamic energy system which means that when we have intermittent
renewables we need to balance then the demand somehow.
The big research question and goal of the Smart Energy Transition is to
try and analyze how and if Finland is able to benefit from this transition.
Transition is going on anyway. We need to be with it, we need to develop practices
we need to develop businesses, we need to develop possibilities that Finland
will benefit from and not get big new problems.
We've compiled a database on the experiments towards the new energy systems
that are already running in Finland.
We have developed a database on the business solutions in that area.
We have also developed new ways of deliberating and sort of preparing
the society for the changes to come.
So far I think this is...
That was super.
That's about it.
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Smart Energy Transition

64 Folder Collection
Alvin He published on July 1, 2020    Alvin He translated    Evangeline Chung reviewed
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