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  • Hello everyone, this is Wang Gang

  • In this video, I'll share the recipe of a home dish

  • Lengchi Tu ("Cold Served Rabbit")

  • First, prepare a grey rabbit (~2000g)

  • In fact, the color of the rabbit doesn't affect the taste

  • It's just that white rabbits are too cute

  • As the slaughtering process is too bloody, it's better to ask your dealer to handle it

  • Open the abdomen and remove all organs

  • Then clean up the rabbit for later use

  • Next, cutting

  • First, chop the rabbit in the middle into two halves

  • Chop it into slices, and then chop the slices into 1cm dices

  • For the best flavor, the dices should be small

  • Put the rabbit dices into a bowl

  • Next, marination

  • Add 50g raw ginger slices into the bowl

  • The ginger slices don't need to be too thin

  • Add some chives twisted into a ball

  • Add 40g Chinese cooking wine

  • Add a moderate amount of Sichuan green peppercorn

  • Add 2 tsp salt (~4g)

  • Mix up everything and marinate for 10 minutes

  • 10 minutes later, remove the ginger and chives

  • Next, prepare the side ingredients

  • Add some dried chili peppers (~50g) cut into chunks into a bowl

  • You may also change the amount depending on your own taste

  • Finally, add a handful of Sichuan green peppercorns into the bowl

  • Next, cook

  • First, heat up the wok

  • Then add some oil to lubricate the wok

  • Then pour out the hot oil

  • Add 500g cooked rapeseed oil (this is the "Xiao Kuan You" amount, or "moderately broad oil")

  • Use medium fire to heat the oil to 60% (~180C)

  • After that, add in the marinated rabbit meat to fry for about 4 minutes

  • so that the meat becomes crispy in the outside and tender in the inside

  • 4 minutes later, add in the dried chili peppers and green peppercorns to fry to 30 seconds

  • When the aroma is released, add a moderate amount of water

  • Next, "Shou Wei" (lit. "seasoning absorption")

  • Add 1tsp ground sand ginger (~1.5g)

  • Add 1tsp ground star anise (~1.g)

  • Add 5g light soy sauce

  • Then use medium to low fire to boil and thicken the sauce for 5 minutes

  • so that the flavor of all the seasonings is absorbed by the rabbit meat

  • The technical term for this step is "Shou Zhi" (lit. "seasoning absorption")

  • When the rabbit meat looks shiny, add the numbing and spicy seasoning

  • Add 3tsp chili powder (~8g)

  • You may reduce the amount if you can't handle spiciness

  • Add 1g ground Sichuan pepper

  • Add 1tsp MSG

  • Add a little white sugar

  • Add a few drops of Zhenjiang vinegar

  • Turn to low fire, and stir fry to mix up everything evenly

  • Finally, add a little peanut oil and stir fry. Then the dish is ready after cooling down

  • Now, a delicious dish of "Zigong Lengchi Tu" (Cold Served Rabbit in Zigong Style) with endless aftertaste is done!

  • Technical summary of Lengchi Tu 1. For the best taste, use freshly slaughtered rabbits 2. It's not recommended to slaughter by yourself. You may ask your dealer to handle it. 3. For the best flavor, the dish must be served after completely cooling down. 4. The remaining chili oil can be used for other cold dishes or the second Tengchi Tu serving

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Hello everyone, this is Wang Gang

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