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  • NASA's new heavy lift rocket, Dawn of Orion and a new era of American space exploration.

  • Together with the spacecraft Ryan, which will go on top of the rocket, humans could explore our solar system deeper than ever before.

  • There's only two of us right now in here, and you're saying this thing could fit up to six and we got an inside look at what that new spacecraft looks like.

  • We even survive 21 days in a while.

  • A Ryan will take up to six astronauts into deep space for 21 days.

  • Is there any way we can get inside these chairs where you think, Yes, how is a Ryan outfitted to get us to deep space state of the art heat shield to protect the crew on entry parachute systems?

  • A very lightweight system.

  • So Ryan is, you know, over 40% composites, which means its light one.

  • Nothing special about Orion is the size.

  • So four people in 21 days gives you a lot of capability, whether it's exploring an asteroid or on the surface of the planet, and why 21 days well, 21 days is get you really into these high orbits around the moon, which allows you to either do missions at the moon or do transfer zone toe asteroids around tomorrow.

  • So it's about the right duration.

  • For a journey to Mars, the crew would have to transfer from a Ryan to a larger habitat.

  • If you're gonna go to Mars, which is somewhere up to a year and 1/2 to 3 year mission, you need more volume.

  • You need bigger have knowledge of more food.

  • A Ryan still doesn't have an exact destination, but whether it's the moon or Mars, it's going to take a powerful rocket to get it out there.

NASA's new heavy lift rocket, Dawn of Orion and a new era of American space exploration.

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Inside The Orion Rocket

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