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I am telling you years from now
school children will study it
as one of the greatest first dates of all time.
It was unbelievable. We could totally be ourselves.
We didn't have to play any games.
- So have you called her yet? - Let her know I like her?
What are you insane?
Oh, guys.
It's the next day.
How needy do I wanna seem?
I'm right, right?
- Oh, yeah. - Yeah, let her dangle.
I can't believe my parents are actually pressuring me
to find one of you people.
God, come on, just do it.
Call her. Stop being so testosterone-y
Which, by the way is the real San Francisco treat
- I got her machine. - Her answering machine?
No, interestingly enough her leaf blower picked up.
So, um, why didn't you say anything?
Oh, no, no, no, last time I left a spontaneous message
I ended up using the phrase "Yes indeedy-O."
Look, look, look, it's Rachel and Barry.
No, no, no, don't, don't everybody look at once.
Okay, okay, what's going on?
Okay, they're just talking.
Yeah, well, does he look upset?
Does he look like, he was just told to shove anything?
No. No, actually, he's smiling, and..
Oh, my God! Don't do that!
What? What? What?
That man across the street
just kicked that pigeon.
And basically that's how a bill
becomes a law.
- Oh. - Right.
- Hey, Rach. - Hi, Rach.
How'd it go?
You know, it was uh, actually really great.
Took me to lunch at the Russian Tea Room.
And I had that chicken you know, where you poke it
and all the butter squirts out.
Not a good day for bird.
Then we took a walk down to Bendel's.
And I told him not to
but he got me a little bottle of Chanel.■
That's nice.
Was that before or after you told him to stop calling
stop sending you flowers
and to generally leave you alone, hmm?
Right. Well, we never actually got to that.
Oh, it was just so nice to see him again, you know?
It was, it was comfortable, and it was familiar.
- It was just nice. - That's-that's nice twice.
Rachel, wh-what's going on?
I mean, isn't this the same Barry
who you left at the alter?
Duh, where've you been?
Yeah, but it was different with him today
I mean, and he wasn't like
Orthodontist guy, you know?
I mean, we had fun.
Is there anything wrong with that?
- Why? - I have my reasons.
Okay, how about the fact that he's engaged
to another woman who just happens to be
your ex-best friend?
Alright, alright, alright, I know it's stupid.
I'll go see him this afternoon and I'll just put an end to it
I'm not crazy, right? I mean, it was never like that.
No, it wasn't.
It was so nice having this little sink here.
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Friends: Rachel Gets Back With Barry (Season 1 Clip) | TBS

29 Folder Collection
劉惠玲 published on June 29, 2020
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