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What do you think makes this good street food?
Cause I can just like walk around like doop doop.
Mm, mm.
Do you know what you're doing here today?
We're doing Kids Try, Right?
We're having Street Foods...
Don't tell me.
You don't wanna know?
Yeah, that's how I roll.
(Kare Pan.)
Is it a deep-fried potato?
That's curry.
This is Japanese curry, wrapped in dough and deep fried.
The bread's really good.
It's like soft but also crunchy at the same time.
The thing I don't really like about it how the curry's sort of a little bit spicy.
But the bread's really delicious.
This is messy.
But if you eat something messy on the street, the crumbs just go on the street, it's not your problem.
(Yakisoba Pan.)
Is this some sort of noodle hot dog?
Noodle dog.
Noodle dog?
That's what I'm calling it.
What do you see?
A hot dog, but with spaghetti inside it, with these little pink things and some noodle on it.
Is that ginger?
Like it?
Mmm! Mmm!
You ever had "yakisoba" before?
I love "yakisoba."
What do you think makes this a good street food?
It's hard to get like a salad on the go, but just grab a hot dog and get outta there.
Like this?
Cause I can just like walk around like, doop, doop.
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.
Go ahead and open your eyes.
Ooh, it's wrapped in newspaper.
That's fancy.
It's newspaper.
Whoa, it's warm, is it a burrito?
Is this a yam?
It's a sweet potato.
What is this?
Tastes like a giant fig.
So, what you're eating is called a "yakiimo."
These vendors drive these like little trucks, kind of like an ice cream truck.
But instead of ice cream, you get potatoes.
That's cool.
This is fun!
Get my food, I'm going to read the article.
Come to papa.
This looks really messy.
Mmm, I like it.
Is this mochi?
I think mochi.
It's very similar.
It still doesn't really top off the noodle dog, cause the noodle dog was high quality.
High quality food there.
Why do you think they have many street foods in Japan?
I've noticed that in Japan, like in pictures, there's always like really busy streets.
I'm like, if there's that many people, they don't have time to actually sit in a real restaurant and like wait.
And with street food, boom.
Huh, what's this?
It's a waffle fish.
So, how am I gonna open it?
I wanna rip off the head, but...
Do it.
Is this chocolate?
Mmm, so good.
It's sweet and it's really good flavor, but it's not too sweet.
Why are all these so fun to squish?
Very squishy selection today.
This is a puzzle.
See, this goes right here, and his blood goes in here.
Man, that would be nice, living in Japan with all these street foods.
Why did the fish not have any friends?
I don't know, why?
Because it was shell-fish.
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Kids Try Japanese Street Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

114 Folder Collection
Seina published on June 29, 2020
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