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I try to like A/B test the copy iterate a little.
But I have, "Feed me sushi" and "Tell me I'm pretty."
I don't know.
I don't have a bio on Tinder, I just have a bunch of modeling photos on there.
I just have pictures, and then I get mad cause everyone says "hey," and I'm not gonna answer "hey".
So, I'm sure I should have a bio, but I don't know what to put in it.
Bartender, film major, wine mom.
You'll probably like my dog more than me, but i like your mom more than you.
Swipe right if you like short dudes.
It's really all about the way you look, I think.
Especially for men.
There's just an attractive girl that might look like a model, or a bikini.
Men love skin.
Photos people like on my dating apps?
Maybe, like, a photo of me hiking.
Sexy photo and, like, the nice dress that shows a little bit of cleavage.
And they're just like, you know, heart eyes, eggplant emoji, but...
Like, no.
I used to kidnap my friends' dogs, and I would just go on like these adventures with their dogs and take pictures like they're all my dogs.
Just a lot of nature pictures with dogs that weren't mine.
I have one with two girlfriends.
Like, it's like a Polaroid from a, like, Brooklyn party we were at.
Maybe just because they want to look like a good guy they'll, like, like the group photo.
I've got the tuxedo wedding.
Have to have, you know, the homies in it, you know, making me look good on each side.
This one's a little bit too tall.
I think people react to the strong close-ups in my modeling photos 'cause there's really good lighting.
I definitely got a lot of reactions based on my bio.
It has brackets, and inside the brackets, "Say bungled punchline," and then it's an exclamation point at the end.
6' 2" and funny enough.
It worked, I mean, I got matches.
"Don't hate me if," and I put, "if I organized all of your things."
Must be funny.
The typical, "No hookups."
But I would put, like, a little fishhook, to kinda like indicate that I meant it.
Not looking for something serious or something like that.
Like, kinda honestly, mildly, (beep)boy-esque.
Just looking to talk.
Lets cook each other dinner and have a glass of wine.
AMC six-dollar Tuesdays.
Gotta go when no one's there, get that, you know, cheap ticket.
People here just cut to the chase.
They're just like, "I'm at this address, I want to bleep your bleep."
And I'm just like, "can you, like, say "hi first"?
My first photo is kind of like a very normal picture of me.
I was sweaty after hiking and I'm doing a soft smile.
A lot of people like that, and if people like that photo, I am more down with them.
Another very popular photo on my profile is me in a swimsuit kind of like beachy, wet vibes, and I get a lot of likes on that photo.
It says actor, artist, writer...
Paint on my face and like cans in my hair.
Only one percent of African American men are over 6'2" and have a college degree.
Like, you're not gonna find a lot of me on here.
No complaints in my dating life.
(What's your dating profile strategy? Tell us in the comments below.)
(Digital love.)
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How To Get More Matches Online Dating, According To Statistics | Bustle

144 Folder Collection
Seina published on June 29, 2020
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