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- Hey. - Hey.
- How was the first day? - Hey.
Oh! Excellent.
Everyone was so, so nice!
See it pays to know then who wears my shoes.
- Me. - Oh.
No, I didn't tell anyboy that I knew you.
Why not?
Oh, because you know..
...they don't like you.
I thought you knew that.
Nuh uh..
Who doesn't like me?
Except for um... no, everyone.
What are you talking about?
Don't feel bad. You know, they used to like you a alot.
But, then you got promoted, and you know
now you're all like Mr. Boss man.
You know, Mr. Bing. Mr.. Boss man Bing.
I can't believe it.
Yeah, yeah. They even do you.
They "do" me?
You know like, um, okay, um
"Could that report be any later."
I don't sound like that.
- Oh. Oh, Chandler. - Yeah, you do.
"The hills are alive with the sound..
...of music."
"My scone!"
Both: "My scone!"
Okay. I don't sound like. That is so not true.
That is so not ...that is so not...that..
Oh, shut up!
And I think last night was great, you know
the karaoke thing. Tracy and I doing Ebony and Ivory?
- Mm-hm. - Huh?
You were great!
But they still made fun of you.
- What? - You know.
Now you're more like, you know, Mr. Caring boss.
Mister...you know, "I'm one of you" boss.
Mr. I-Want-To-Be-Your-Buddy Boss-Man Bing.
Then I don't get it.
Well, you know what, Chandler
I think you just gotta face it.
You're like the guy in the big office.
You know? You're the one that hires them and fires them
They still say you're a great boss.
- They do? - Uh-huh.
But they're not your friends anymore
[sighs] But I just want--
No but you can't.
- But I just want-- - Nuh-uh.
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Friends: Everybody Hates Chandler (Season 1 Clip) | TBS

556 Folder Collection
劉惠玲 published on June 27, 2020
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