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“Don't say you want to die
Live on without giving up!”
How foolish it is to say songs with lyrics like
that are correct.
In truth, I couldn't care a bit if I died, but I'd be pretty sad if the people around me did
I suppose it's some kind of ego; that goes:
“because I just wouldn't like it.”
Not caring if strangers live or not,
and hating someone else just seems like some kind of fashion show,
but "Live Peacefully" nevertheless?
What a wonderful thing that would be indeed...
On the other side of the screen someone dies,
lamenting that someone else sings.
Influenced by that a young boy
ran off carrying a knife.
We are hated by life itself
Pushing values and egos as always.
So very simply we broadcast songs about
wanting to kill somebody else over radio waves.
We are hated by life itself
we who thoughtlessly say we want to die.
And look at life carelessly
are hated by it...
I've got no money, and so throughout the day again, I sing songs of praise to indolence.
Still without grasping the meaning of life, I come to an epiphany that it's pointless and take a breath.
Are these wounds really OK to be expressed with words like “I'm lonely”?
Carrying nothing but such obstinacy, today again I sleep alone on my bed.
We who were but youths,
at some point start to change into young adults.
Growing old, one day we rot away like fallen leaves,
with not a soul in the world knowing of our existence...
Obtaining an immortal body,
and living our whole existence without dying…
...I'm just daydreaming about these kinds of science fiction situations.
I couldn't care a bit if I died,
but I'm wanted alive by the people around me,
living on carrying such contradictions,
I think I'll get yelled at...
“Things that are “correct” should stay “correct”."
“If you don't want to die, then live.”
If we're going to end up sad and if that's fine,
then you gotta laugh alone forever!
We are hated by life itself,
without even grasping the meaning of joy.
We just hate the hand life has dealt us,
and merely curse our pasts.
We are hated by life itself.
We who simply like the idea of the word “goodbye” a little too much,
with no knowledge of a true farewell,
are hated by life itself.
and friendship.
They're all goods that can be bought for money…
within jokes made by comical dreams.
I might just die tomorrow you know,
everything might just end up being for naught.
and nights.
and autumn.
Unchanging, someone dies somewhere.
I don't need dreams or even a tomorrow,
If you'll have lived on then that's all I need.
That's actually
what I want to sing about.
Hated by life itself.
In the end, we'll die anyway.
You will,
I will,
one day all of us will rot away like fallen leaves.
But regardless, we live on frantically;
Shouldering our lives, frantically, we live--
shouldering it all,
living, living,
living, living,
just live!
Hated By Life Itself
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143 Folder Collection
j5518 published on June 25, 2020
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