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The next MotoGP race will be Misano. My home grand prix.
For me, Misano is special
Because the first time I ride a motorcycle in a track was in Misano.
And it's 10 kilometres from my house.
You start to dream to become a rider, yes.
The track is difficult because it's very physical
Because you have a lot of hard braking.
At the same time, You have the Curvone and all the fast part
That I think is the only corner during the season that you do with sixth gear.
So more than 270 kph!
So every time you arrive in that corner
You say 'difficult'!
Usually, Misano you need on the right hard part
Because you have a lot of corners on the right.
On the left a little bit less
Because Misano has always a bit of lack of grip.
We try a new softer tyre
That improves a lot the grip on the edge.
You can go a lot faster in the corner
And it's very important for our bike.
Plus here rain is very difficult
Because Misano is very, very slippery.
So you need to be very careful.
The atmosphere is special.
Because I have a lot, a lot of fans. A lot, a lot of yellow around.
The image is fantastic because it's always full of people.
So for me I was very happy to win in Misano.
It's always the same emotion.
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San Marino GP preview by Valentino Rossi - 2018 MotoGP - Michelin Motorsport

53 Folder Collection
takahiro tomonaga published on June 25, 2020
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