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If the "Eastern Lightning" is the true way,
why is the CCP government so against them?
Why do religious leaders condemn them with such fervor?
This atheistic regime and most religious leaders are Satan's forces.
They hate God and hate the truth.
If the "Eastern Lightning" is the true way, how can you prove that assertion?
This does sound like God's word and God's voice.
Nobody else could speak such words.
Brother, I know your faith in God is stronger than ours.
You're unlikely to have made the wrong choice.
I'm just wondering, if the "Eastern Lightning" is the true way,
why is the CCP government so against them?
Why do religious leaders condemn them with such fervor? (Mm.)
Right, Brother Jiang. I don't see why either.
The pastors and elders receive government persecution too.
So when they tell us about the "Eastern Lightning,"
why would such servants of God
have the same opinions and attitudes as those the CCP are promoting?
What's the reason behind this?
That's right. We all really want to understand these questions.
Mm. All right.
Ping'an, sister, the Bible says,
The Lord Jesus too, said that this was an evil generation.
So to what extent has the world now become evil and dark?
In the Age of Grace, the incarnate Lord Jesus who came to redeem mankind
was nailed to the cross by the religious world and those in power then.
In the last days, when Almighty God expresses the truth,
He's also condemned by both the religious world and the CCP,
rejected by this age.
This fulfills the Lord Jesus' words,
This prophecy of the Lord Jesus has now been fulfilled.
All those who thirst for God's appearing should find it clear
the Lord has arrived and is doing the work of judgment. (Right.)
The Lord Jesus' prophecy is already fulfilled.
Are any people still unclear or in denial?
Mm. Jesus' prophecy of the Son of man's coming does seem to be fulfilled.
This way is worth investigating.
It is. When the Lord did His redemptive work,
the religious world did indeed collude with the Roman government
to crucify the Lord.
In the last days, when Almighty God comes to work,
He's condemned and persecuted by the religious world and the CCP.
Why is it each time God incarnate comes,
He's condemned and resisted by religious circles as well as the world?
It just shows us that the world is too dark and evil.
Brothers and sisters,
this atheistic regime and most religious leaders are Satan's forces.
They hate God and hate the truth.
The Lord Jesus' betrayal as well as cruel crucifixion is proof of that fact.
You see, the true way will always be rejected and condemned
by godless regimes and the religious world.
What's more, those who preach and practice the true way
will always face persecution and slander.
And it's for this reason that through all ages,
those who can accept and follow the true way and the true God,
are that small portion of humankind who love and pursue the truth.
While most people, because they follow Satan's forces or fear persecution,
dare not seek the true way,
so they lose their chance to receive God's salvation. (Right.)
That's why the Lord Jesus once warned,
What they're saying is practical and reasonable. (It is.)
If the "Eastern Lightning" is the true way, how can you prove that assertion?
Our faith in Jesus is because Jesus can redeem us all.
What proof do you have to show that the "Eastern Lightning" is the true way?
Right. (Mm.)
You're asking a very good question.
To answer it, I suggest we read two passages
and see how Almighty God phrased it. (Right.)
Page 1281.
Brothers and sisters, the true way is the work done by God.
Since that's God's own work,
there will be an expression of the truth and the Holy Spirit's work.
We testify the "Eastern Lighting" as the true way
and Almighty God as in fact the incarnate God.
This is because Almighty God has come to express various truths,
and He judges and purifies mankind, (Right.)
and accomplishes His plan of purifying and saving man in the last days.
Looking further, we should read what else Almighty God says.
Brothers and sisters,
in the last days, Almighty God expresses the truth to judge and purify all.
He has expressed all the truths for mankind to know God and to find salvation,
disclosing each and every mystery of His management plan,
like the purpose of His six thousand years of management,
His working principles, His three stages of work,
the mystery and significance of His incarnation,
how man has developed up till today, our future destination,
the truth of the Bible, and the significance of His names.
All these are mysteries that we can't fathom.
In Almighty God's words,
mankind's corrupt substance as well as roots are both thoroughly revealed.
In the severe judgment of God's words,
we have true understanding of our own corruption and ugliness,
our conceit and baseness.
Yes. That was well said. Don't you think?
Meanwhile, we understand the truth,
have true knowledge of God's righteous disposition, and know how to fear God,
which changes our life disposition to different degrees,
and gradually delivers us from the fallen cycle of sin and confession.
Yes. Right.
And this fully proves that Almighty God's work is the true way. (Amen.)
Almighty God's word is the truth, the way, and the life.
It has authority and power. It can purify man and save them. (Amen.)
If not, what then? Who can help man break away from sin?
Right. That's very true. Besides God, who else can reveal thousand-year-old mysteries?
Mm. Praise the Lord.
There's indeed truth in Almighty God's word.
No wonder so many people believe.
Right. Only God is the truth, the way, and the life;
only God can bestow the way of eternal life upon man;
only by accepting the truth expressed by Christ of the last days
can we find eternal salvation. (Right.)
Now let's read more of Almighty God's words. 1459.
Ping'an, Guifang, let's read God's word.
Sisters, you as well. (Thank the Lord.)
Today Almighty God also says
that He has "the water of life that flows from the throne"
and the way of eternal life.
The source of these words is the same one.
This does sound like God's word and God's voice.
Nobody else could speak such words. (Amen. Right.)
Exactly! If we hadn't listened, we never would have realized this.
The pastors and elders slander the "Eastern Lightning,"
but it isn't like that.
There's real truth in their preaching. These words are very good, (Yes.)
better than the pastors and elders'.
If we had not listened today, we'd still be blinded by their preaching.
Yes. (Thank God.)
That's right. This is the first time I've heard Almighty God's words too. (Right.)
And what was said is practical and very clear!
The Eastern Lightning's preaching is quite good!
We should listen to it more in the future.
It seems the pastors and elders really did blind us. (Exactly.)
Brothers and sisters,
Almighty God's word and work is salvation that God grants to mankind,
and the only path for us to be saved in the last days. (Right.)
The Bible says what's of God will increase and what's of man will decrease.
Today, twenty years after Almighty God began His work on earth,
God's kingdom gospel,
despite resistance and persecution from the CCP and the religious world,
is still as irresistible as the mighty tide. (That's right.)
Right now, it's spreading throughout Mainland China
as well as through other countries across the world.
Nowadays, it's in all nations, all places, and spreading further.
More and more who thirst for God's appearance
are making their way back to Almighty God's family. (Amen.)
Almighty God's kingdom gospel, despite oppression,
has spread to all corners of the earth.
It's proof of the Holy Spirit's work. (Amen. Mm. That's right.)
This fulfills the word "What is of God will increase"
and testifies that Almighty God is the Lord Jesus' return.
The "Eastern Lightning" is the true way.
Of course. What is of God will increase; what's of man will decrease.
If not for the Holy Spirit's work or the truth,
what else could've made the Eastern Lightning's rapid growth possible?
That's right.
All the sects grow more desolate in the last days
while the "Eastern Lightning" continues to grow.
So is Almighty God the returned Lord?
That's right. We should look into this thoroughly.
If the Lord has returned to earth and we don't accept,
won't we become the ones who resist God?
Right. Thank the Lord. Mm.
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Gospel Movie clip "Break Through the Snare" (1) - Awakening From Deception

25 Folder Collection
libby published on June 25, 2020
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