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Believers in the Lord Jesus think,
if their sins are forgiven once, they will gain eternal salvation,
and when the Lord comes,
they will be directly raised to the kingdom of heaven.
In the past, when I believed in the Lord, I thought that too.
But what, exactly, does it mean to believe in the Lord and be saved?
Does simply having our sins forgiven really qualify us to enter the kingdom of heaven?
Brother Xu, I admire you.
You really have the reality of truth.
You'll be allowed into the kingdom of heaven.
We only focus on how to solve other people's problems.
We supply the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit to others,
but we don't have any experience ourselves.
By serving God like this,
it's hard for us to attain salvation and be perfected.
Xu Zhiqian is not here!
He got off lucky!
Take his wife for questioning!
Why are you arresting my mom? (Xiaoxiu!)
Bad news.
Brother Xu's wife was murdered by the police! (What?)
What? Beaten to death?
All these years, we have been following You and serving You.
How could this happen to us?
When we believe in the Lord and our sins are forgiven, we are in God's presence,
and we suffer to serve God,
it doesn't mean our satanic dispositions are gone.
It's still in our nature to resist God.
Without God's judgment and chastisement, even if God forgives our sins,
we still belong to Satan and resist God.
We will never earn God's approval.
When trials, refinements come, I still complain and rebel against God.
How could I think I'd ever been saved?
Only after experiencing God's judgment, chastisement, trials, and refinement
can the sinful nature and satanic disposition rooted deep in man
be completely purified.
Only then can man earn his place in the kingdom of heaven!
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Church Life Movie Trailer "Salvation" | What Exactly Is True Salvation

31 Folder Collection
libby published on June 25, 2020
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